MY DIY | Minimalist Live Edge Electric Fireplace


ispydiy_fireplace6This may be my favorite projects yet!! When I was dreaming up the design for the living room in the Barnhouse renovation,  I KNEW I wanted a fireplace on the back wall because it’s the first thing you see when you walk into the house, plus I wanted to make the room feel super cozy. I am still waiting on the furniture, but wanted to snap some photos because so many followed along with the process on ISPYDIY Instagram (check out the fireplace highlight) and have already started building your own!

ispydiy_fireplace3 ispydiy_fireplace2 ispydiy_fireplace5ispydiy_fireplace1 ispydiy_fireplace7The basics: A few things before you start! The project took about 5 days to complete working on it for around 2 hours each day. The materials cost approximately $150 and the fireplace insert was $300. We went with an electric insert because we wanted a shallow profile, this insert is only 8in deep. I would not recommend this tutorial if you are using a gas insert. Our electrician installed a 3 prong outlet on the floor to plug in the electric fireplace, check the requirements on the insert you pick. We hid all the cords within the wall, and they can be accessed by pulling out the insert. And we scored The Frame 55″ TV by Samsung on Black Friday (totally worth the money it looks like art when the TV is off!), which lays flat to the wall and looks like art when it is off. There is a components box that we hid behind the TV, and we just have Netfix and Hulu so there is no cable box. Ok, here we go! (more…)



Design Dash | My Room Makeover & $15,000 Furniture Giveaway


About a month ago I headed out to HighPoint, NC with 8 other bloggers to take part in the Design Dash hosted by La-Z-boy, and it was SO MUCH FUN!  What’s the Design Dash, you ask?! Well, they gave us 30 min to run through their HUUUUGE showroom tagging everything that we thought we would need to design a room. It was so crazy! We were handed a picture of the room as the 30 minutes began, and I totally lucked out because my space was STUNNING, look at those ceilings! I had no idea how 30 minutes was going to be enough time, but honestly everything I picked in the first 10 min went into my room and the rest got cut, shows that you should listen to your first instincts in design! The next day we had about 4 hours to style our room, and LOVE how mine turned out. EVERY thing in this room is from La-Z-boy, can you believe it?!? I want to transport this room to my Barnhouse renovation.

Ok, now the best news, if you vote for my room design HERE, you are entered for a chance to win $15,000 in furniture from La-Z-Boy, so you can have your room look like this, AAAAAHHHH!!!! Go vote now! It only takes a few minutes!!!

Check out more about my room in this cute video!
This mirror was a SHOWSTOPPER! The scale was amazing with the tall ceilings and the gold brought the right amount of warmth to the room.

I am in love with the fabric on the Bellevue High Swivel chairs! I am getting this same pattern put on a Chair and a half for my latest renovation.
This charred root coffee table was stunning and was perfect to ground the center of the room. They also had it in natural wood, which I loved and if I had to do it all over again, I might have picked.
I loved how this little faux leather ottoman was stylish and multi-functional  as a side table or could be swung around to put your feet up on.Design_Dash_2018_IMG_0801
This solid wood desk had a antique feel that fit the room perfectly. I styled it up with old letters and can picture this in the office of the Barnhouse!
For all the shopping details and the voting head HERE!! The contest ends TODAY so make sure you get your vote in for the chance to win $15,000 worth of furniture from La-Z-Boy!!! Which is amazing because everything in my room can be found at their stores!!! Now if only the vaulted ceilings came with the furniture! Thanks to La-z-Boy for including me in this year’s Design Dash, it was an absolute blast!



HOLIDAY DIY | Monogram Tile Ornament 


I had so much fun making the DIY Braided Rope Wreaths with Brother last year, when they asked me to partner up again this year, I said ” Yes! Let’s keep the tradition going!” For this years ornament, I challenged myself to use a material I have not used for holiday decorating in the past, and since I am fresh off the Barnhouse renovation, I thought tile would be a fun way to decorate our first Christmas tree in this home! If you don’t have any extra tile at home, no worries, a sheet like these only cost $10-$20 dollars at the hardware store and can create up to 60 ornaments! ISPYDIY_MonogramTileOrnament10
This is my first time using gold foil letters, and they are SO EASY, and look incredible, I am obsessed! I guarantee anyone you give these to will be wowed it’s a super quick DIY, less than 90 seconds each. And then to top it off, print out a sweet message on the Brother P-touch Embellish Ribbon & Tape Printer to create a super personalized present or mark each year’s ornament.

I marked our first year as The Yolos, and one for each of our pups (complete with a little puppy symbol on each of their ribbons 🙂 I am SO excited with how these turned out, and to make new one every year out of tile from each of our renovations! All the step and supplies are after the break. (more…)




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  • We love this bedside table! The neutral colour palette used throughout the rest of the room allows the darker colour of the unit to work in the space.
  • We love this bedside table! The neutral colour palette used throughout the rest of the room allows the darker colour of the unit to work in the space.


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