BayView Bungalow | Kitchen Renovation Reveal!!


The newly named “Bayview Bungalow” kitchen is done!! And I am in LOVE!!! I asked Mr. Yolo if we could move back into this house, because this kitchen makes me SO DARN HAPPY! The DIY pot rail? The painted floors (DIY coming tomorrow)! That sink! The fridge!! Sadly we won’t be living in here anytime soon because it’s a short-term rental and guests will be on their way soon. But let me show you around this kitchen renovation that started with just installing a backsplash, and evolved into a whole kitchen refresh!

This is the WAY before of this kitchen! Mr. Yolo bought this 1898-built house when he moved back to Wisconsin from Las Vegas 5 years ago. He and his parents gutted it, opened up the house to be more open concept, and totally redid the kitchen.

Here is how it looked a couple of months ago! He did an amazing job on the kitchen. The white cabinets from HOBO (sadly no longer in business) brightened up the kitchen, and Mr. Yolo loves blue, so stayed in that color palette. He lived here for a few years before we got married and moved into the Barnhouse. And there was a couple things he still had to finish, like a backsplash…and then I started to kick around some other ideas…and one thing lead to another…

…and this is where we ended up!!! It honestly feels like you stepped into the countryside, even though the house is right in the city! Before we get too far, let me say that the first renovation that my hub did on this kitchen was wonderful, and I am so thankful that he trusted me to undo some of his work (bye bye upper cabinets!) and add the “I SPY DIY” touch to the space. We do these upgrades for a few reasons 1) It’s fun for us to create beautiful spaces! 2) We get to try out new product (like wood floor paint), show you the steps and troubleshoot so you don’t have to, and 3) We like to invest in our properties so they stand out on the short-term rental market.

I also want to say thank you to the sponsors that brought this place to life, and stuck with us through the pandemic. I will have info-packed posts coming up with ALL the details on the painted wood floors with Rust-Oleum, and details on installing the Elkay sink, plus answers to all the butcherblock countertop questions. So stay tuned!!

Ok, so lets dive in! The first thing to go was the upper cabinets, and I KNOW this is not for everyone. My initial pitch to Mr. Yolo was to just remove the one free floating upper on the left and add open shelving….and then I got the idea to DIY this Brass Pot Rail (check out my steps on IGTV) and all the uppers on this wall came down! For those that are freaking out about storage, yes, there is much less, but we use this home for short–term rentals, so we are suppling all the dishes and glassware, and have no problem fitting everything for the guests. So for us, it works great!

The Elkay sink is GORGEOUS and, wait for it, the front is INTERCHANGEABLE! I have a whole post coming with the details, so stay tuned!

The backsplash that started it all! We actually had this Annie Selke Tile, from The Tile Shop left over from the DIY Duplex. It’s so beautiful, and I knew it would look great in this kitchen too. We used London Fog grout, for a soft contrast. And played around with the height. Ultimately, this just felt right in the space, high enough to hang things on the pot rail, but not too high that you couldn’t grab a glass off the shelf.

And then my sweet painted wood floors, I could go on forever talking about how happy I am with how they turned out, but I have a VERY in-depth post coming out tomorrow with all the DIY details and answers to your questions.

I had such a fun time mixing in vintage pieces I already had, because no antiquing during quarantine 🙁 The painting on the shelf was a thrifted one hanging in our bathroom, and it caught my eye when I was getting ready one day. I knew the colors would be perfect for this kitchen. The owner of a local shop Curated Home Decor dropped off the little art piece on the counter and the copper rimmed bowls because she knew they would fit perfectly! The picnic basket on top the fridge is from another local vintage shop Millhouse Goods. And all the containers and wood boards were thrifted finds I had stashed away for a rainy day .

All the details on the changes we made, and shopping info after the break!




BARNHOUSE | Backyard Dining Area Reveal!!


I am SO EXCITED to share our backyard dining area at the Barnhouse! It seems unbelievable that the picture below is how this space looked last year at this time. This backyard has been such a labor of DIY love (and exhaustion, ha!). Last Summer we cleared out garbage, leveled, built the fence, laid the pavers and rolled out sod...then we needed a break (Check the BACKYARD highlights on @ISPYDIY IG for more info.) This Summer it’s time to really amp up the backyard and make it the space our family can enjoy for the few nice weather months we get here in Wisconsin. The first area I tackled was the dining area!

The gazebo was the game-changer in the backyard! It really defined a space for the dining area, and provides the right amount of shade for us to hang out with the babe on hot days. The Wood & Steel Gazebo by Sunjoy was delivered in a compact box and we were SUPER impressed on how concise the directions and organized the parts were. They even included a bag of extra parts that were labeled EXTRA PARTS (so we didn’t freak out when there were loose nuts and bolts after it was done!!). They recommend having a few people do the assembly together, but quarantine… so Mr. Yolo assembled it by himself over the course of 3 days. He said with a couple helping hands it would have taken about 5 -6 hours. My favorite features? It’s real wood! The metal roof is so slick, it’s translucent at the top to let in a little light. AND we could hang a chandelier, which makes it the most cozy place to hang in the evening. It just feels SO magical!!! I am so happy with it, and would highly recommend!

I really wanted to mix the old and the new back here. The table and the outdoor rug is from World Market (link at the end), and the chairs and bench are vintage. The mix felt perfectly eclectic!

I came out of retirement to make a charcuterie board, ha! Preparing them before parties was stressing me out, so I took a hiatus. But this one felt right. I am excited to make more this Summer!

World Market reached out about shooting a video campaign in the space, so you might see it popping up in their marketing! The video was to promote their outdoor products, so everything on the table (and the table) is from World Market. Links are at the end of the post!

For the video shoot, my neighbor (and wonderful friend) created this insanely beautiful (and yummy!) burger bar and homemade focaccia! The Yolo residence is definitely still working on the whole cooking dinner thing, but Mr. Yolo has grilling down! So we can’t want to create more burger bars for family dinners 🙂

Shopping links after the break!




I SPY ABODE | Bathroom Refresh & Paint Reveal!!


SURPRISE!! It’s Modern Mocha!!! Who guessed it?! For the last week we have been giving the bathroom at I Spy Abode a paint refresh on @ISPYDIY Instagram stories, but hiding the color from you all. I have to admit this color is out of my comfort zone, and midway through I was definitely questioning it, but the final result is exactly what I was hoping for. With the walls painted with Behr’s Modern Mocha, it feels WAY more dynamic than the white walls, and there is a cozy warmth in the space that is perfection.

Ok, so when I picked the color Modern Mocha , I was sold on the fact that it was pink. Then, as we started painting it was looking a lot more brown…which was not what I was going for in a bathroom…yikes. But then as I started to decorate, and with the light streaming in, it looked like the color I imagined. I did not tweak the color in the photos at all, so this is true to how it looks in my bathroom. But let me repeat, in MY bathroom. This is definitely a color you should test on your wall, with your light. And if you have a room without natural light, I would anticipate it would look a lot more brown.

This whole refresh started because the old vanity in here was a temporary install. When I was renovating years ago, I *ahem* ran out of money for this room, so just used left-over butcherblock for the vanity top, which was a temporary fix that lasted three years. We had this Kohler vanity leftover from the Duplex renovation and it fit perfectly in this bathroom. Since we were changing out the vanity, why not repaint and decorate the whole bathroom (logical, right?!?)

I have a feeling I am going to get some questions on why I painted the ceiling. Honestly, Mr. Yolo started rolling on the color, and looked at me and said “ceiling too”, and I said “Sure!” Go with your gut! I love how dramatic it looks, and the contrast of the color against the graphic tile is so pretty once you step in the door.

I switched out the old mirror with a brass one from Amazon, and am in love! The brass on brass is a little unexpected, but feels right to me.

This refresh was all about using items I already had in the house, so I pulled this art from the bedroom. They are from Juniper Print Shop, and I had Shutterfly print it on canvas with a walnut frame a couple years back.

A few more details! The stool is an old Target purchase. And the shower curtain is just a linen window curtain. The rug is one of my favorite printed ones from Loloi. I added the rug, curtain, curtain rod, and towel to my Amazon shop.

More art from Juniper Print Shop; Flight, printed and framed in a gold frame I found at Goodwill. And some Magnolia branches I clipped from my bush at home 🙂






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  • BARNHOUSE | Eggplant Paint Bathroom Refresh!
  • BARNHOUSE | Eggplant Paint Bathroom Refresh!
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