Makeover By Monday | Bedroom Oasis with DIY Scallop Bed

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The most recent makeover on Makeover by Monday was for my friends, Liz and Bekah’s bedroom and walk-in closet. This particular project holds a really special place in my heart because Liz and I were pregnant at the same time. She was carrying twins, and since filming they have become a family with three kids under two! So having a cozy, comfortable space they could enjoy together was SO important. When I saw their bedroom, I was immediately drawn to its tall ceilings and blank canvas. This room had not been touched,  and I immediately had some fun ideas!

Blending Styles

The challenge with decorating Liz and Bekah’s space is they have two completely different styles. Liz leans towards mid-century modern minimalism, while Bekah adores florals, wicker, and a granny coastal aesthetic. My job was to create a new design ascetic, blending mid-century modern with granny coastal in a Spanish revival home, it was quite the creative challenge!

Scalloped Bed

I personally lean towards Bekah’s style a bit more, but wanted to make sure Liz’s was represented in the room too. The standout feature here was the custom-built bed by Mr. Yolo, Alan, and Michael. Inspired by scallops on a closet valance, they crafted a stunning four-poster bed. The intricate details evolved throughout the makeover, resulting in a beautiful, personalized piece I know they will love for years to come!

Wallpapered Ceiling

I like to factor in the 5th wall in a room: the ceiling, and have some fun! The birds are a custom print I created with Liz and Bekah’s love for nature and hiking in mind. Putting the wallpaper on the ceiling draws the eye up, while still making the room feel cozy. The earthy terra-cotta wall color Potters Clay, complemented the chickadee print wallpaper on the ceiling and feels like a warm hug. To add depth, we used two different paint finishes—a matte base with a glossy chair rail—a subtle yet impactful design element.

Stenciled Rug

Our DIY project was a block print rug crafted by stenciling and fabric spraying a jute rug, creating a pretty floral pattern. Tutorial coming soon!

They also wanted to convert their walk-in closet into an office due to the twins taking over the last bedroom, and Liz’s need for a workspace. Liz wanted a serene space and suggested green walls. Incorporating this, we painted the walls green, adding a stripe featuring matte and gloss finishes. Above that, we installed a new version of my Lace wallpaper in Sage. Additionally, we repurposed Liz’s old louver doors, adding cane detailing and a black finish, transforming them into beautiful, functional pieces!

I am sure I missed some details from this makeover. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below. Shopping information can be found below this post.


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Wallpapering by Peck’s Wallpapering Inc.

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