Makeover By Monday | 3-Day Coach House Makeover – Living room & Kitchen!

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Season Two Finale!

It’s the last episode of season two of ‘Makeover by Monday’! I can’t believe the season is over already. It feels like it went by so fast, but we definitely went out big! The coach house we made over was quite the project. We renovated the living room, kitchen, and entryway in this guesthouse in just 3 days. We even took on some DIY projects for the first time on this renovation, like trying a German Schmear on the fireplace and crafting concrete countertops. It was an epic episode packed with some really fun projects!

Let’s start with the space before. This coach house, a small guest house off the back of the main house, was used by the family for hosting and entertaining—poker nights, gals’ nights, birthday parties. It needed to be a space that worked for everyone. While some aspects looked good from a distance, like the beadboard, up close, it needed a lot of help. The trim work was also quite bad. My goal was to paint and update everything, creating a family-friendly space with a cohesive design.

Sky and Sea Inspiration

Now, onto the after! My concept was inspired by the sky and sea, reflecting the couple’s meeting at the airport and their flight over Lake Michigan, where their love story began. I aimed to incorporate hints of aviation and nautical elements, without making it look overly themed.

Living Room Transformation

The first space I tackled was the living room. The fireplace had potential but looked outdated. I experimented with the German Schmear technique, filling deep joints with grout and smearing it on the rock, giving it an aged cottage appearance rather than the stark ’70s look. The result was stunning! It was my first time trying this technique, and I fell in love with the final result. The fireplace instantly became a beautiful focal point.

And then our carpenter, Michael, created custom-built in’s that perfectly aligned with the stone, creating a huge impact with floor-to-ceiling wood storage. Everything turned out even better than I had hoped! We repaired all the trim and bead board, and then painted it in a statement blue, to tie into the nautical theme. We also updated other parts of the living room with a new couch and a vintage rug, which really brought the space together, along with my DIY vintage fishing basket light fixture!

Entryway Upgrade

The entryway received new lighting, better space allocation with a trunk, and a vintage table for poker nights, elevating the entire space.

Kitchen Overhaul

But we didn’t stop there—we tackled the kitchen next. Despite its size, the refresh involved a lot—new flooring, fixing drywall, tiling, and those beautiful concrete countertops. Alan really spearheaded the DIY countertop project. I was definitely sweating throughout the entire process, but he pulled it off! I love that it’s an affordable DIY project. The concrete alongside the brass sink was really pretty, and softer elements like the vintage rug and curtain to conceal storage made the kitchen feel much homier.

New slate flooring, a faux plaster treatment on the walls, statement tiles, and floating shelves…the list goes on with projects we did over the 3 days to transformed the kitchen completely! 

The blue tones tied all the spaces together, creating a cohesive design throughout the guest house. I love to think through every little detail of these makeovers, from the aviation touches to the nautical hints, there are so many sweet moments and intricate details throughout the space. I filled the built-ins with fun treasures and antique items, really making the room feel special. I am SO happy with how it all came together and really proud of this finale! This episode was packed with details, I’ll be sharing more this week on my Instagram, plus details about the fireplace DIY.

Thank you SO much for watching and supporting us all season. We hope to be back for another!


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