The Yolo Girls’ Sister Suite

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The Yolo Girls’ Sister Suite is complete!! And this has been one of the most special spaces I have ever redone! I got all the feels working on this with my Big Girl. She got to put so much input into turning her bedroom into a shared space for her and her Sister. The Yolo Girls now have a room for themselves, and I can’t wait to see how they enjoy this space together! Let’s dive into the design…

Inspired by Cosmos

The whole room refresh idea started when a Lil’ Yolo and I grew cosmos flowers last Summer in the backyard. We had some pink ones that sprouted and she declared that she wanted pink cosmos wallpaper in her bedroom, and from there my design wheels were set in motion! It’s extra special because the day I came home from the hospital with Baby Girl Yolo, two pink cosmos had sprouted, one for each girl. I just love that that was the beginning of the story of my two daughters in this home!

Picking a Paint (That’s not Cinnamon Diamonds…)

After we were set on the pink cosmos wallpaper, I found this rug from Cori Elizabeth Vintage and HOW PERFECT is it with the flowers?!? I love this rug so much, and the mix of the two patterns sparked so much joy. Next was finding a pink paint color that worked with both, and gave some separation between the patterns, but still tied them together, and so began my search for the perfect dark pink to put in this room. If you were following along on stories you saw that I tried a couple colors, one called Barndoor, (which I thought was fitting in the Barnhouse), and one called Cinnamon Diamonds….which I liked but couldn’t deal with the name…am I the only one who needs to like the paint name?!? So I drove the extra 10 min to Ace Hardware to get Ben Moore Tea Room Pink, which is the color I suggested in this post here where I pair my wallpaper with paint colors. I did not even test it, I just had a feeling it would be perfect…spoiler alert, it was absolutely the most perfect!

Statement Light Fixture

OK let’s talk about the light fixture. This thing is massive! It’s AMAZING! I love it so much! I have to credit local interior designer Sam Smith for the purchase, she posted about how this light fixture was on a crazy flash sale, and was 70% off!! I got it for a ridiculously good price! I would usually never get something as expensive for a kids room, but I couldn’t pass it up. I wasn’t sure where it was going to go when I bought it, and then I tried it out in this room and LOVED IT! Some bystanders (Mr. Yolo) though it was gonna be too big, but we have tall ceilings and it is just the statement this room needs!

Thrifted Finds & Personal Touches

I piled on texture in the little room with the light, blinds and hamper material. The fun pink hamper was an Elkhorn Flea Market score from years ago, and now holds all of little Yolo’s stuffed animals. I am so glad it found a home! I didn’t want this refresh to be a huge cost so I tried to stick with things I already owned, like the lamp and shade, and the little DIY stump side table. Most of the other decor is thrifted items I pulled out of the workshop.

A Special Gallery Wall

Out of all my art walls, this one is the most special. Lil’ Yolo really wanted a gallery wall #proudmommoment, so we took some of the artwork she has made, including a gel print she created with her Nana, and the first piece of art she ever made at 1-year-old. The unicorn was something we thrifted together. I had pressed a few of the Cosmos from the garden, so I framed those for Lil’ Yolo and Baby Yolo, which feels just so special. We hung this vintage mirror we got in Door County and some hooks for all of my Girl’s accessories. The finishing touch was this floral stool that we found together at Goodland Antiques!

Making Use of Space

The footprint of the room is really small… It’s only about 9‘ x 11‘, so I had to get creative with how to fit both girls in the room. We kept the crib Lil’ Yolo had (it converts into a bed, so she was still using it), but we raised it back up to create a crib for Baby Yolo, and then got a matching toddler bed. I wanted to tie the beds together with the bedding, so I got muslin crib sheets and a little muslin comforter for the toddler bed. Then used sweet floral patterned blankets, and a pillow to bring all the colors together.

The room is pure magic! It makes me so happy, and most importantly, Lil’ Yolo absolutely loves it!! (And she definitely re-styled after I showed it to her, ha!) The fact I could do this with my Girl, and that she’s so excited for her little Sister to start sleeping in her room is the best feeling in the world. I’m a happy Mama!

All the shopping information is below, and if you have any other questions, please let me know in the comments!

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