MY DIY | Polka Dot Kite

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Today was hot hot hot! One of those Summer days where an ice cream cone and short jean shorts are mandatory. The life saver of the day was a breeze off the water that not only broke the heat, but was the perfect amount of gusto for a little kite flying! My little nephews are coming into town this weekend, and I was looking for the perfect craft to keep up “Cool Aunt Jenni” status, so I pull together some items in my studio to create my own kite. Then, I of course had to take it for a spin in my ridiculously cute new UGG wedges.  I was stoked that my plastic tablecloth and washi tape creation took flight (until an unfortunate rock collision), and looked super fly while doing so. I opted for polkadots, but the cool thing is you can customize your kite with super cheap plastic table clothes from your local dollar or party store. Now fingers crossed that my nephew’s kite take flight! Check out steps after the break…






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INSPIRATION | Pretty Pastels






I hit a bit of a block last week and was seriously lacking in creativity. A couple of the projects I started were not quite giving me the results I was hoping for, so I decided not to share them, and a lot of the new projects I wanted to post are being made into DIY kits, so there is a little lag time on those (waiting is the worst for this girl whose has no patience). I was in a bit of a wheels spinning moment, not quite sure what to make next. So I took a breather to find some inspiration. Sometimes, Pinterest can have a negative affect on me, I get overwhelmed and a bit discouraged after perusing thorough a million perfect pins. This week, instead of getting sucked down an online rabbit hole, I sat down with a friend and follow DIYer at a coffee shop and share some of our favorite crafty ideas and inspiration. It was nice to bounce ideas off each other, and brainstorm new ways to recreate the on-trend fashion and home items we were coveting. We shared some pins we were loving, and it somehow became less intimidating when you could chat about each, instead of falling into a downward click spiral. The great thing is that I left our little Pinterest tete-e-tete with ideas and inspired to DIY, so stay tuned! In the meantime, a few images that gave the creative brain waves the electric jolt it need!

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DIY INSPIRATION | Letter Pillows



I am feeling pretty good because my apt and I Spy DIY studio are, what I would consider, officially decorated. Granted, I am in a constant state of moving things around and hanging new art, I finally feel like all the big purchases are out of the way and the space is fully functional. One of my favorite things about the studio is that most everything in the space is a DIY project; from the shelves to the tables, to the desks, to the decorations. And I love that new personal touches are constantly being added. My awesome Mom knitted me some pillows for the seating area and I was brainstorming ideas for stitching a little something personal on to each. I found a bunch of rad options that I had to share. I am thinking a giant “J” might look quite nice. Stay tuned to see how they turn out!

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UPDATE | DIY Kits & Classes



A brief lull in post while I am working some super exciting things! First up, so stoked to be partner up with the amazing Darby Smart to bring you all more DIY kits each month! I get a lot of question on where to get supplies, and now we will be able to send everything you need, bundled in box, straight to your door. I would LOVE to hear what kind of projects and supplies you all want more of: bracelets? Statement necklaces? Home projects? Jewelry storage? Let me know! Also classes are starting up in I SPY DIY Studio this week, wooot! More to come soon!

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INSPIRATION | Off-the-shoulder Top



Not too long ago I chopped 5 inches off my hair, and it’s been much easier to manage, so I’ve been contemplating going shorter…and maybe redder. Of course, I googled Taylor Tomasi Hill for hours for the perfect inspiration photo, which led to the top picture of a her in a shoulder baring top. I obviously need the perfect clavicle baring top to go with my new imaginary shorter haircut,  right?!?  Cue to my next search spiral. I had to share a few of my favorite exaggerated versions that were the stars of past fashion weeks. Even though they are a little over-the-top, I think a tamer version could be just perfect with a pair of cutoffs. Now comes the question, do I DIY or buy??


MY DIY | Painted Succulent Pot







I  did a little experimenting yesterday (and made a huge mess) with a couple painted pot techniques. I found a bunch of cheap pots at Ikea, and used them for my guinea pigs before moving on to my one-of-a-kind thrifted items. The pot with the vertical grooves worked perfectly for dripping because it provided a track for the paint. The dotted one was a happy accident that came about after attempting to wipe off a pattern I started. The dried edges go paint remained, and I loved the result so much, I decided to finish off the pot in the same style!

As a side note: Succulent shopping makes me the happiest. Check out my past posts for a how-to on planting succulents, and a DIY chalkboard flower pot. Also, thanks Mom for the Home Depot recommendation, they have great succulents! Steps for this project are after the break….


5 MIN DIY | Ombre Bottle Vase

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Thanks for chiming in on your faves from yesterday’s painted pot inspiration! I tested out some of the techniques today will share the results soon. In the meantime,  I gave a couple leftover wine bottles a spray paint makeover after pinning inspiration from The Crafted Life.. I sprayed the bottom of the bottle solid and then held the spray paint can at further distance to get the ombre effect. Also, spray paint is magic because it takes minute to dry! Getting the label off was a little longer process, but Goo-Gone does wonders!





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I am a regular at all the thrift shops and second hand stores in town, and have an addiction when it comes to purchasing plain pots and vases. I always buy with the intention to make them over, but did not have a game plan yet. I took to Pinterest to find some painting inspiration, and was overwhelmed with all the cool ideas. I, of course, love the black & white ones. Which idea do you all like best?

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DIY DRINKS | 4th of July Cocktails



Somehow June seemed to fly by! But the good news is that it is almost July 4th, one of my favorite holidays, because it’s in summer, and you get to hang out with friends, BBQ and watch fireworks…perfect. I was excited when SMIRNOFF® asked me to play mixologist with some of their flavored vodkas for the holiday. Now I can wow everyone with festive fruit & beverages for the fourth! Pairing each vodka with it’s fruit made for some deliciously flavored drinks (I had a great time taste testing them!) to make the 4th celebration even more awesome. Hope you enjoy!


Sparkler Strawberry Martini 

1.25 fl oz SMIRNOFF Strawberry Flavored Vodka
0.25 fl oz Triple Sec
0.25 fl oz Strawberry Simple Syrup
Squeeze of lemon

Combine SMIRNOFF Strawberry Flavored Vodka, Triple Sec and squeeze a lemon in an ice filled shaker. Shake well. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Pour syrup down the center.



Patriotic Watermelon Cooler

1.5fl oz SMIRNOFF Watermelon Flavored Vodka
3 fl oz Lemon-Lime soda
Watermelon stars (use a cookie cutter)

Pour in soda and SMIRNOFF Watermelon Flavored Vodka. Stir. Add blueberries, then ice, then watermelon stars.



Red & Blue Raspberry Refresher 

1.5fl oz SMIRNOFF Raspberry Flavored Vodka
0.5fl oz grenadine
4 fl oz Cranberry juice

Shake and pour into a large glass of ice in a mason jar. Add blueberries and strawberries.


If you are digging these recipes check out Smirnoff on Facebook for more and click here for a discount on your next purchase! Be sure to follow @smirnoffus on Instagram where I’ll be taking over the handle on July 5th to share more of the party fun! (more…)

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