MY DIY | Chalkboard Tape Wall Calendar






At I Spy DIY Studio, I have been looking for a stylish way to stay organized when planning photoshoots, posts, trips, etc…I have not found a calendar that fits the look of my space, so decided to DIY one for my wall. The original idea was to paint a section of the wall with chalkboard paint, but I was a little hesitant to cover a chunk of my white wall with black. Then, I discovered Scotch™ Chalkboard Tape! I was super stoked to test it out, and after some math (blech) and measuring on the wall, we plotted out a monthly calendar to chalk with the important dates for each month. There is also a dry erase version of the tape, and couple strips are lining my desk for my daily to-do list. Cool, right? Step and supplies after the break!

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Ispydiy_wall calendar

We are nearing the end of the month which means I am going to do my usual attempt to organize my life starting on the 1st…I am really going to do it….I promise! And so begins the song and dance I do every month. Buuuuuut, October is the month I get uber organized, I really really do promise! Step one is finding a really cool and big way to plot out my months. A wall calendar is the obvious DIY answer. After poking around the internet for some inspiration, I came up with a handy way to create my own. Stay tuned for the DIY!

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MY DIY | Black & White Poufs







When I was home last weekend I scored these originally brown (pic after the jump) poufs both for $24! You can find them on sale here, but they were on super clearance at the store. I have been dying to try out vinyl spray paint, so immediately decided to give these a black and white makeover for the studio. I was beyond amazed at how easy the vinyl spray paint covered and how well it sticks to the original “leather”. You can sit on them or put your feet up without worrying that it will rub off. My advice would be to paint outside though because I started hallucinating unicorns after spraying the first coat in the studio.  After painting a pattern on each, I had two new pouf for I Spy DIY Studio, plus some bonus storage.  Next up, getting a new couch with a little more color! Steps and supplies after the break…



Ispydiy_whitepouf 2


Last weekend yielded a major score while shopping, I found two “leather” poufs marked down from $150 each to $12…crazy find, right?! So I scooped up two. The only problem was that they were a pretty unpleasant shade of brown. So I went online a bought some black and white vinyl spray paint, then searched Pinterest for little inspiration to give my poufs a makeover. I am currently debating between studding or creating a graphic pattern, what’s your vote? Stay tuned for the DIY!

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MY DIY | Triangle Studded Jeans





It’s after Labor Day and I am still wearing white…TAKE THAT fashion rules! I am currently in the anything goes state of mind, wearing my mini skirts with oversized sweaters or head-to-toe white with a light jacket to adjust to the changing temps.  I have been seeing studding popping up on some of the Fall denim, so decided to deck out my jeans in some silver triangles.  Steps and supplies after the break… (more…)

MY DIY | Gold Leaf Notebooks





Once I get started painting gold accents, I can’t stop! Yesterday, it was tiny succulent pots and today it’s notebooks. I love how a little gold leaf paint can give your office supplies a whole new look.  Use some tape to create shapes or make dots with a pencil eraser.
BONUS: Get a DIY KIT with all these supplies from Darby Smart right HERE including a Poppin’ notebook and aqua scissor! More after the break…


MY DIY | Tiny Neon Pots








I saw the cutest little pots at the craft store and I could not help but scoop up a few…miniature things are just too hard to resist! I had to give them a colorful makeover to match the decor of I SPY DIY Studio, so with a little paint they got an instant upgrade. HOW CUTE , right?! I proudly displayed them on top of a couple new books I added to my library: A Beautiful Mess’s Happy Handmade Home and Will Taylor’s Bright BazaarBoth are so colorful and happy, I highly recommend! More after the break…




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I have to admit, after seeing my LA friends on Instagram talking about 100 degree days, I fell into a cold weather funk. I am currently in jeans and a sweater in 52 degrees, and the realization that Summer is over in my part of the country is starting to sink in. In an attempt to remain cheerful, and not let the looming Winter stress me out, I gathered up some of the happiest images I could find on Pinterest. I mean honestly, how could they not make you smile! I think we should keep the bright going… show me some of your colorful photos! Tag them on instagram with #ispycolor, and I will make sure to repost my faves!

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NAIL ART | Black & Neon Accent Stripe





Whenever I get a fresh white gel manicure, the first thing I aways want to do it try out a new nail art technique, it’s the perfect blank canvas. Also, with gel mani’s you can just wipe away your mistakes with nail polish remover and the white stays, like a dry erase board! I saw some delicate stripe nails pop up on my instagram during Fashion Week, and was dying to try to emulate. I scoured my studio for striping tape, but came up empty handed. Plan B: I tried electrical tape (my favorite for nail art) to tape off super thin lines, and used a nail art brush to get a perfect(ish) thin stripe. Then I added a barely-there neon accent. I am SUPER stoked with how straight and clean looking it turned out! Supplies after the break…

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DIY INSPIRATION | White Studio Floors



As I type, the last coat of white paint is drying on my brand new white floor at I Spy DIY Studio!! When I first moved in, I got convinced to paint it grey to hide dirt, but I always dreamed of a all white workspace, so yesterday I bought the paint and went to town repainting the walls and half the studio floor white, creating a designated photo shoot area.  I am currently covered head-to-toe in white paint, but it was so worth it! I love love love the final result, it is truly a blank canvas.  Now I think I just need to implement a slipper rule to keep it from scuffing and getting dirty!

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