MY DIY | Tissue Paper Watercolor Mug










You guys, I am in love with my new mugs. After finding out about dishwasher safe ModPodge, I knew I wanted to try to create a mug with tissue paper, hoping it would create a watercolor effect. I could not be more stoked with how they turned out! I love how layering the paper created  interesting color and texture, while the pop of polka dots made it truly unique. This kind of project is my favorite, because  there are a million and one ways to make it your own. Different colors and patterned tissue paper combinations will make a unquie mug everytime…the perfect customized gift! If you make one, make sure to snap a pic and tag #ispydiy on Instagram so I can see how yours turned out.  Added bonus if you sport it with a super cute pair of heart gloves :)  Step and supplies after the break… (more…)




Drinking coffee is one of my all time favorite pastimes…since I have officially switched from ice coffee to the hot stuff I thought it was only fitting that I DIY a cup to celebrate the change of seasons. But first, I poked around Esty and Pinterest to scout some of my favorite handmade mugs. It amazes me how creatively  people can makeover everyday items, what it your favorite? Stay tuned for my DIY!

1. BUY: You Got This 2. BUY: Rainy Days 3. DIY: Ampersand Mug  4. BUY: Asleep from Day  5. BUY: Pastel Polkadot Mug 6. DIY: Spray Painted Mug 7. BUY: State Mug  8. DIY:. Pattern mug 9:  BUY. Horizon Mug DIY: His & her Mug  11. DIY:  Polka dog mug 12. DIY: Bear Mug  

HOLIDAY DIY | Fave Friendsgiving Cookies


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I have the DIY decorations set, now on to the important part of the holiday…cookies! Since my little Sister and I are in charge of Friendsgiving this year, we wanted to share our cookie baking and decorating tradition with our guests, while showing how thankful we are for each one of them. So, the plan is to whip up a batch of letters cookies to spell out how appreciate we are for everyone in the sweetest way possible. We, of course, had to do a test batch using the secret ingredients, COFFEE-MATE Snickerdoodle Flavored Creamer and COFFEE-MATE Butter Toffee Flavored Creamer, to ensure deliciousness (mission complete). Then, on Thanksgiving the plan is to have everyone pick a person and bake/decorate a word to express how grateful they are for that friend. Awwwww, right?!? The warm and fuzzy feelings combined with a sugar high will no doubt make for a memorable evening! Get the cookie cutter set here, then keep reading for ingredients and recipes!


DIY HOLIDAY | Thanks Centerpiece







Somehow November is flying by, which means that the holiday season is quickly approaching! This year my little sista and I are Thanksgiving orphans, fending for ourselves in the cold while our siblings are traveling, and parents are enjoying the sun in Florida (We will not forget this Mom and Dad….)  I am officially getting into the spirit, and am inviting some people over for my first Friendsgiving, which means I’ve already made some DIY decorations to kick off my first holiday hosting attempt! I am leaving the cooking to my sis, and sticking to things I can handle…like creating a centerpiece. I have become a bit obsessed with these paper mache letters (check out my marquee sign) so figured why not stuff them with Fall flowers and set them out to remind us to be thankful. Don’t worry, it won’t wilt…this time I stuck with faux flowers to lengthen my thief life. Steps and supplies after the break…  (more…)










I am back with the second installment of One Material, Two DIYs! This time my challenge was to come up with a couple of projects using Cotton rope. The ideas are endless considering the versatility of the material. So I got to brainstorming…. I liked the idea of dying the cotton different colors, because I knew it would hold the dye well, and create a bright fashion piece. Then for my second project, I wanted to play off the durability of the material by pairing with some copper tubing I found at the hardware store. I was digging the look of the copper combined with rope, so added the hardware elements to my necklaces. I love that both projects give the strong material a feminine touch. What would you create?! Read on for steps and supplies…


MY DIY | Patchwork Denim







We have officially entered Fall weather, so I have been bundling up everyday with this ginormous plaid blanket scarf. I think I love it more then any scarf I’ve ever owned! To balance out the oversized colorful piece, the rest of my outfit is mostly black and white, including my new DIY patchwork denim jeans.  As I mentioned yesterday, I wanted a no-sew way to create the patchwork look. After cutting squares out of the denim and distressing, I used fabric glue to attach the plaid and leather patches to the inside. I love the mix of textures using just black and white, giving my jeans a cool look with out being an overwhelming look.  Steps and supplies after the break…
Photos by | Jessica Kaminski 


DIY HOME | Thrift Store Finds





On my way to the studio in the morning, I pass a second-hand furniture store, and I can’t help but take a quick lap a least once a week. Lately every trip has been a big success: 2 leather office chairs for $7 each, midcentury end table for $13 and this super rad couch for $90.  Score!  I am in love with all these pieces, so want to make sure I have a game plan before giving them a makeover. A few of my initial ideas are above, but I would love to hear what you would do with each piece. Maybe vinyl spray the office chairs pink? Don’t paint the wood on the couch? Reupholster the back? What kind of geometric pattern on the table! Help please :)

DIY INSPIRATION | Found Glass Flower Arrangement



Every time I go into a secondhand store, I can’t help but walk out with a new glass vase or bottle.  They are the perfect plus to a photoshoot, or can cheer up a desk with a few sunny flowers. Last week, when I was rearranging the shelves, we gathered  a bunch of the  clear glass around the studio, arranged them on the top of my DIYing shelving, then added gerber daisies. I love how chearful it looks, so made the declaration that every week I am going to replenish.  I started to snoop around the internet to look for other arrangements, and found a ton of fun ways to mix and match flowers and random vases. I know as the winter rolls in, pickings will be slim…tropical ferns and wild flowers will have to wait…but I am up for the challenge of keeping it fresh!   I also think another trip to the thrift store is a must considering there is a second top shelf currently looking quite bare… What’s your favorite arrangement?

IMAGES VIA: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11

MY DIY | Marquee Letter Sign






Remember a while back when I was ogling over marquee letters? Well, I finally checked it off my craft to-do list, and I am stoked with the results! We hung them up on the wall for a little gathering at the studio, and since then, I moved things around a little on my craft shelves to make space for the sign. I have to say, now that it gets dark at 4:30 everyday, it is quite lovely to have “DIY” light up this side of the studio. Check out the steps and supplies after the break…

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