MY DIY | Patched Sweatshirt






My patches finally found a home! After your input (thank you!), I ended up adding them to an oversized sweatshirt. I found a crazy comfortable Men’s size small, and chopping off the arms and rolled up the sleeves. Next, I arranged my patches in place and ironed ‘em on, done! I am pretty jazzed about how it adds some flare to my daily outfit of a black skirt and sneakers. Time to started collecting your patched now! (more…)




Patches popped up on the runway a couple season back, and it was a trend I thought was super cool, but was not sure it would stick around.  Cut to current day, and we are seeing everything from varsity jackets to mini skirts to clutches decked out in a plethora of patches. I am officially ready to jump on the trend and have been preparing my collection to find a home on an article of clothing. The question is…which one? I am torn between a skirt or an oversized sweatshirt…what do you think?!

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MY DIY | B&W Graphic Door






Remember a while back when I was debating what to do with the door in my studio? Here is the final result! One of my fave DIY websites, A Beautiful Mess, decked out a fridge with electrical tape in their newest book, so I thought I would give it try. For this DIY , the main thing you need a whole lotta patience. We used electricians tape for the straight lines, measuring and marking to get the even spacing. The triangles and circle were made by using a shape punch on black contact paper, and the yellow edge was created with ducttape. Finally we sprayed frosted spray paint over vinyl letters spelling “HELLO!” and then peeled off the stickers. I have been super impressed with the staying power, so far everything has remained in place. Tip: make sure you do not stretch the electrical tape because it will recoil.  Alright all, you have your weekend project! Have fun!

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Now that I have a place to set my food, it’s time to attempt to make something in my mostly untouched kitchen! Cooking is not really a skill I possess, and baking is absolutely foreign to me…I blame it small New York kitchens. But recently, I have found myself pinning some ridiculously good looking eats, and I couldn’t help but share some of my favorite food styling. I just maaaaaay give some simple recipes a try, but seeing ingredients arranged neatly, makes me want to play with my food more then cook it!

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I am super excited about a new series here on I SPY DIY. Cotton has challenged me to pick a material and create two different DIY projects. First up: Cotton Canvas. The possibilities are endless with this super versatile material. I regularly buy pre-stretched canvases to DIY artwork for my walls. This time, I wanted to take a step back, start with the raw materials, and stretch the canvas myself. The second project using canvas is new Fall placemats for my dinner table. The cotton canvas is perfect for this project because it will not unravel after cutting, and it’s durable and washable for reuse. I based the design off my new plates and my slight obsession for yellow, but feel free to match to the decor in your own home. At only $4.00/yd, you will have enough canvas to make placemats for every season! Steps and supplies after the break… (more…)

NAIL ART I Half Matte Chevron





Every time I go to get a mani, I stick with white because I like a blank canvas for nail art, but after seeing this pin, I was dying to try my own version! I opted for a clear coat gel manicure for the negative space, and then started playing around with my favorite nail art tool, electricians tape. To create a chevron pattern, I painted with black matte nail polish, but added a top coat to the bottom triangle to give it some shine. For a little added interest, I inverted the ring finger, and added some white!

Check out these DIY Jewelry Trays here. Rings by Hannah Naomi. DIY Name Bracelet here.


HOLIDAY DIY | Pumpkin Decorating







I forgot how fun it is to go an pick out pumpkins to decorate, and apparently things have changed a bit because there are so many more options! Back in the day, I remember orange being your only option. Now we have Casper Pumpkins, Baby Boo pumpkins…so many fun choices! I bought a bunch and brought them back to the studio for a little decorating party. Using a some upholstering tacks and mirror spray paint, we gave a few a studded makeover. Next up, neon spray paint created colorful ombre pumpkins. I must say the bright colors are a happy distraction from the chilly temps, making me very happy! Have a great weekend!

DIY KIT | Suger Skull Napkins






We are getting into the Fall holiday spirit around here! Ever since my trip to Mexico I have a slight obsession with the culture, and  instead of celebrating Halloween with the traditional black and orange (my least favorite color), I am celebrating with the colorful sugar skulls used to honor the deceased during Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead).  Using a stencil and these super rad stained fabric markers (beyond impressed with how well they work, no bleeding and they don’t fade in the wash) I create a few festive napkins! Also stay tuned for some colorful pumpkin decorating ideas. Now just to figure out my costume…what are you going as?!?

BONUS: You can get all the supplies, including the Stencil1 Sugar Skull Stencil, Sharpie Stained Markers, pack of napkins, washi tape and embroidery floss for $10 in a DIY KIT right HERE! (more…)

DIY INSPIRATION | Marquee Letters



Creating a marquee sign may be the DIY that has been on my to-do for the longest, and I am finally going to check it off! I love the look of one oversized letter on a wall, or a bunch set on a shelf. As cool as the metal ones are, they can be quite pricey. Good news is, I have seen some really rad ones made out of much less expensive materials. The plan is to come up with something that looks like metal, without breaking the bank. And I Spy DIY Studio will finally get the crafty light-up letters it deserves!  Stay tuned for my DIY!

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My Monday Must-haves

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ispydiy_ musthave_flower

Must-have Flower:  I am currently obsessed with Billy Balls (or Craspedia). The yellow is oh-so-sunny and they are perfect alone in a vase or an accent in a bouquet.

ispydiy_ musthave_book

Must-have Book: If you love washi tape as much as I do, you will heart the book, Washi Tape: 101+ Ideas for Paper Crafts, Book Arts, Fashion, Decorating, Entertaining, and Party Fun!.  There are a ton of crazy creative ways to use the colorful tape!

ispydiy_ musthave_Color2

Must-have Colors:  Mixing Pink and Red was once a huge fashion faux pas, now it is one of my favorite color combinations. I created a little DIY art piece by photographing pink squares of paper on a red background.

ispydiy_ musthave_supplies

Must-have Supplies: I picked up this pack of ribbons in the dollar aisle at Target because I could not resist the black and white patterns. Make sure to buy more then one, because each roll has a pretty skimpy amount of ribbon!  

ispydiy_ musthave_drink

Must-have Drink: If your are ever in my homestate of Wisconsin, and visit Milwaukee, you need to stop in at Collectivo Coffee. Their cafes around the city are beautiful designed, the coffee is delicious, and how can you resist these cups!

PHOTOS BY | Jenni Radosevich 

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