MY DIY | Neon Ombre Chairs








I bought these Ikea chairs without a real plan on how and where to use them.  They are patio chairs, but I don’t currently have a patio, so they have been living in I Spy DIY Studio, being used as extra seating during classes. My goal is to move into an apt with a balcony that would fit a patio set…a girl can dream… In the meantime, I am armed with neon and ready to spray, so decided to give them my signature ombre treatment (seen here, here and here).  It’s as simple as laying the chair on it’s side and spraying moving the nozzle further away as you work your way up the leg. Flip chair and repeat, let dry, Done!

DIY INSPIRATION | Colorful Chairs

Ispydiy_inspiration_colorfulchairs2 12.51.10 PM


I just got some new neon spray paint and I am itching to use it on everything (it’s an addiction, I know)! Last week I added a little color to my walls, and now I am thinking of giving a few chairs an upgrade. I bought a set of 4 white chairs from Ikea that are just waaaaaaiting for a makeover. Now the question is, do I spray them solid colors? Ombre? Colorblocked? What do you think??

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MY OUTFIT | Shredded & Stripes








August is somehow flying by! Even though the Summer is wrapping up, I am refusing to give up my distressed denim shorts. My favorite way to keep shorts in my outfit rotation into the Fall is dressing them up with a blazer and heels. I dig the contrast of the shredded shorts and the tailored blazer…a comfortable, yet put-together look. Last week, I wore Converse with this outfit to hop on a plane, and then threw on heels to go right to a dinner. As it gets a little colder, I pair of distressed BF jeans would be the perfect replacement, so time to start shredding!

MY OUTFIT | Distressed Denim Shorts, AEO Tank top, Vintage Blazer, Rayban Sunglasses.
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MY DIY | Shredded Distressed Denim





I’ll admit, I have been wearing these jean shorts non-stop after distressing them. I bought them I size up, to get the oversized boyfriend jean style,  and then took a razor to them to do some serious shredding. The final result was pretty rad looking and super comfortable. I can only imagine much better they will get after a couple more washes. I just wish it would stay Summer forever so I don’t have to pack them away! So now I have a super distressed denim jacket and shorts, what next? Jeans? Denim Skirt?  Stay tuned for head-to-toe outfit details, and click below for supplies and steps!  (more…)

DIY KIT | Clearly Gem Necklace

ispydiy_gemnecklace4_slider copy

ispydiy_gemnecklace4_slider copy

After making my neon earrings, I started playing around with some of my gems to make a statement necklace. I loved the idea of creating a floating gem look, so I glued all my goodies to an acrylic sheet and attached clear chain. The result was a statement necklace perfect to wear with a loose white linen shirt on a summer day…you can visualize it, right?  The best news is that you can purchase everything you need for this necklace in a DIY KIT right HERE. And my challenge to you: create your own arrangement, snap at pic and tag it with #ispydiy on instagram. I would love to see what you create! Steps and supplies after the break!


MY DIY | Marble Vanity Tray








On the vanity in my bedroom, I wanted to create a little space for my morning essentials. A place to hold my everyday jewelry in one place and my current scent, DKNY MYNY, so I could spritz as I walked out the door. One of my favorite things to do is wander around dollar stores and hardware stores looking for ways to repurpose items, especially the ones in New York, you find the most random stuff! So off I went to walk the aisles looking for supplies. I spotted some marble tiles, and thought it would be the perfect surface for my favorite items. Next up, was finding something to elevate the slab, and handles to add to the top for a little decorative flare. Total for all the supplies was less then $10! Nothing beats that. Step and supplies after the break…

Whether you’re in NYC or not, head to beginning August 19th to share your MYNY story.  And if you are in New York, make sure to come out and say hi to me at the DKNY MYNY event this Tuesday, August 19th 11-3pm at Madison Square Park. See you soon!  (more…)

MY DIY | Graphic Desk Chair

ispydiy_ chair_slider

ispydiy_ chair

I was at I SPY DIY Studio today, painting my door, and between waiting for the coats of paint to dry, I decide to give my desk chair a makeover. I thrifted it forever ago, and can’t even remember the original color because I’ve spray painted it so many times… Today it was white with silver legs, which is a little boring, so I took out my leftover contact paper and paper punch from this project and gave it a 5 min graphic makeover. Now, I have a worthy chair for my DIY desk, with my DIYed succulent pot and fancy new computer!

DIY INSPIRATION | Decorated Door



What started with a color direction, turned into a pretty serious theme at I SPY DIY studio: Black & White with pops of yellow.  It took on a life of its own, and now all the wood is white washed, and almost all the details are yellow. I realized it was getting out of control when I muttered the words, “I would prefer no natural wood or brown items in the space.” Rightly so, the person I said this to laughed at me (am may have called me slightly crazy).  So you can only imagine how much it  bothers me that the interior door to my  studio is tan wood. It has got to go, and got to go soon. Now the question is, do I paint it white with a pattern or a bight color? What to you think?

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NAIL ART | Polka Dots

ispydiy_dottednails_slider copy

ispydiy_dottednails_slider copy


Over the last couple months, multiple gel manicures have taken a toll on my nails, so I decided to give them a breather. White is always my go-to nail color, but I have been having a bit of a polkadot obsession, so decided to test out some of my new nail art tools and give my basic mani a spotted makeover. I am also OBSESSED with the Foil Nail polish, so gave a couple of my digits a metallic touch. Steps and supplies after the break!  (more…)

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