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Thank you for all the social media love on my guest bathroom makeover! So many of you were surprised to hear the tile is adhesive! It was perfect for this project because I did not want to take the one million pound iron sink off the wall. And it’s perfect for you all who are renting and need a removable tile option.  I was super excited when Smart Tile asked me to try out their product, because when we were originally renovating my bathroom, I wanted to add tile behind the sink, but since we were under a time crunch for the HGTV pilot we had to scrap it.  Smart Tile’s hexagon pattern worked so well with the design of the bathroom, I really like the size of the hexagons against the oversized greenery on the wallpaper pattern and the large hexagon tile on the floor. And the best news is that I could install it in less then 2 hours without removing the sink, my kinda weekend project! Stop by Home Depot’s blog for more details!

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DIY HOME | Guest Bathroom Makeover with Removable Wallpaper + Tile


Yay!! I am so excited to finally be sharing pictures of my guest bathroom! I have been doing bits and pieces since we renovated last year, and I am excited to be DONE, well…for now, ha!  I went bold, super bold, and decided to wallpaper the whole darn thing. I FINALLY tried out removable wallpaper (so good!) and removable adhesive tile (crazy, right?). So it’s perfect for the person who loves to switch up their space often, and renters looking for a temporary change! And stay tuned, because tomorrow I am going to be posting a full tutorial on the tile backspash.

I fell in loooooove with this wallpaper, I was going back and forth about just doing one wall or everything, and I ended up just going for it!  The process was easy with two people, and took 4ish hours to do my whole bathroom, and the only problem we ran into were my crocked walls. But with some finesse and strategically placed plants, we made it work! I just think it pairs perfectly with the tile, and even though it’s bold, the white space kept it from being overwhelming. And since it’s removable, the commitment level is low…perfect! The best thing is that Chasing Paper is printed in Milwaukee!!! I grabbed drinks with the founder, Elizabeth, and she is my new favorite person, I CAN NOT WAIT to keep on covering my walls with their beautiful product!

ispydiy_bathroom_makeoverafterI Spy DIY_Smart Tiles 10
I never did a post on this bathroom after the HTGV pilot aired, because it was a little boring, and I knew I wanted to do something fun at some point. I remember the picking of the tile to be so stressful because I wanted a bold cement one, but the quick timing for the flip and budget left me with slim pickings. I found the oversized hexagon at the local Tile Shop, and got it for an insanely cheap deal, so I went with that and a subway tile with darker grout for the shower. Keeping it a simple base for bolder design choices down the road. Sidenote: White grout on a bathroom floor = bad idea!

SHOPPING INFO || Kohler Brockway Sink | Vintage Mirror | IKEA Step Stool (paint with Chalkboard Paint- Devine Dollar) | Target Garbage Can | Hexagon Smart Tile Blacksplash | Wayfair Barn Light | Chasing Paper Wallpaper – Spring Leaves | 10″ Silver Hexagon Tile 
Does anyone else have a song lyric that plays in their head over and over when they go in a room? This one was stuck in mine, so made it’s way onto the shelf, with all the other bathroom goodies…including the little containers I acquired from my last hotel stay 😉

SHOPPING INFO || DIY Hanging Planter (tutorial coming) | Hobby Lobby Message Board | World Market Hand Soap | Target Storage Basket | Target Floating Shelves | DIY Cedar Mat | Lowes Ceramic Planter | Kohler Cimarron Toilet | Hobby Lobby Cement Candle Holder | Kohler Levity Shower door

SHOPPING INFO ||  Ikea Towel Table (old) | Target Corner Floating Shelves | World Market Jewelry Box/Planter (old)
I know some people don’t looooove a bathroom off the kitchen, but I love this little view. The little pop of greenery works perfectly with the rest of the space, and it makes me so happy to look in this direction when the sun is beaming in 🙂 I would love to hear what you all think about the makeover!! And if you have any other sourcing questions leave a question in the comments and I wall make sure to answer!



DIY MAKEOVER | Front Porch Curb Appeal


I am finally upping the curb appeal on my house! When we renovated last Summer, there ended up being so much unexpected work on the inside, we had to cut the budget on the exterior, so we did not do much to the front or back. You saw that I finished the backyard earlier this Summer, and now it’s time to shine up the front porch with the help of Krylon® Brand.

The cedar grayed over the last year, and I was missing that rich wood tone that breaks up the white siding, so started by staining the porch with an Acorn Brown that gave a new life to the wood!ISPYDIY_frontporch2
Next up was the welcome mat, I did not really want a saying on mine, and instead liked the idea of a multicolored one that tied together the colors I was using, so I found this pretty patterned one, and used Krylon ColorMaster™ Paint + Primer in Matte Deep Gray and Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer in Metallic Rose Gold to spray the different sections. You can tape off the rubber to avoid getting any paint outside of the lines.ISPYDIY_frontporch4ISPYDIY_frontporch3
Then the most important part: flowers and greenery. I bought these plastic pots, but was nervous that they would look too much like plastic, so I decided to cover one with a creamy color,  Krylon ColorMaster™ Paint + Primer in Satin Almond , and paired with a smaller pot filled with pretty accent color flowers. Last up, was painting the bench with Krylon ColorMaster in Matte Deep Gray so it would pop off the black window frame.  The magical thing about Krylon spray paint is that you can change things up quickly and inexpensively. And each project took less than one can of spray paint and 15 minutes each to paint (plus 10 minutes of dry time before it is dry to the touch). Maybe I’ll go for a bright color in the spring!

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