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I am so happy to see the Lace print from my collection with Chasing Paper in a space…even if it was only on the wall for about an hour, ha! Let me explain… We were working at the Charcoal Bungalow all week making some updates before our new tenants arrived, and I had been looking for an spot to see the Evergreen version of this print in action. I grabbed a few sample panels and temporarily transformed the little area above the sink for a photoshoot. Since I only had a few panels, I took it down after I snapped these pics, but the walls look so bare now. What do you think, should we make it a permanent change?!?

Fit for a Queen

Lace was inspired by the fields of Queen Anne’s Lace that bloom in the heat of the late Wisconsin summer. This print sparks such joyful memories for me of walking with Baby Girl to our favorite hidden beach. We love soaking in those last warm days and dipping our toes in the water. Last Summer was the first time my eyes were open to when the flowers bloomed, and how each blossom has it’s time to shine. Even though it was a Summer filled with unknowns, that moment of carrying my daughter through the fields of lace will forever be one of joy. I am so glad I have this print to remind me of that time.

Bold + Sweet

These dainty flowers create a delicate pattern that is just oh so sweet. The flowers on green would be so pretty in a smaller space like a powder room or a pantry. The lighter Cream colorway would look beautiful in a larger space like a living room or sunroom. The contrasting dark green adds a whole new depth to this kitchen space! Are you ready to sample Lace in your own space? Order your sample kit with swatches of the whole collection at Chasing Paper by clicking here.

Kitchen Reno + Painted Floors

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been trying to find an exterior shot of the charcoal bungalow, any links? Thanks!

    1. Jenni says:

      We just finished it, so still need to photograph!

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