My NEW DIY Workshop Reveal!!

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Welcome to the new I SPY DIY Workshop! As many of you know, we recently bought a new property to renovate. It’s working name is The Loft. When Mr. Yolo and I toured the property for the first time, we were blown away by this garage space. Can you believe pictures of it were not even included in the listing?! My imagination quickly took over and claimed this as my new DIY studio. I knew right away I wanted to paint it white and move in a bunch of my antique finds that I have been squirreling away in our basement for years. It’s still a new space for me, but the potential has me literally jumping for joy.

The before! We got lucky that the shelves were already in place. Many of you over at the Jenni Yolo’s Home School Instagram community saw my frantic search for a workbench for this space, and after a few ups and downs I was able to source this one on Facebook Marketplace.

The After! Two coats of primer and a coat of white paint made a huge difference, don’t you agree? The fresh paint created a blank canvas for me to display all of the DIY supplies, thrifted art (basically all the ship art that was too big for the gallery wall in the bungalow), and some antique furniture the was too good to pass up. I had a hard time picking which color to spray the workbench, but I found this Cranberry color in my stash and it adds the perfect pop to the space. Definitely on the hunt for some vintage looking fans to add to this space, because hanging the art in here was sweltering!

First Impressions Count

You know I can’t resist the opportunity to make a statement door moment! I went with a beautiful green color from the Better Homes & Gardens Interior Paint line called Forest Fern. The coverage is great and it’s such a pretty color. I am already thinking of spots in future makeovers to use it again!

Everything Has A Place

Have you seen our Playroom Reveal post for Lil’ Yolo? Well, this space is my playroom and I set it up in a very similar way. I first analyzed categories of items I needed to store, which determined how much storage I’d need. I wanted a mix of bins that I could see what’s inside, and ones that I could hide supplies in so the space would not feel too cluttered. I partner with Better Home & Gardens product line for all the storage! I got these big lined bins, and a bunch of small Stacking Baskets ones, plus a set of Rattan Storage Baskets for styling. (See the links section at the end of the post for all the storage bins)

I love these medium-sized lined and unlined metal bins on the shelves to add interesting texture and for holding paint and supplies. When making over a work space, find storage solutions that are both practical and stylish. I especially love that the unlined bins mix metals. It ties all of the thrifted items in this workshop together.

The Workbench Search

The saga of the workbench… One of my #1 tips for thrifting is if you see it, and you love it, don’t walk away from it. I saw a workbench at one of my favorite thrift shops that was being used as display. We hadn’t yet fully developed the plan for this space, so I was on the fence about buying it and… you guessed it. When I went back it was gone. I had the Homeschoolers over at Jenni Yolo’s Home School keep an eye out for a workbench that could fit this space and thankfully one found this on Facebook Marketplace. I almost lost hope again after the seller was over an hour late delivering it, but I am SO HAPPY it worked out. It fits the space so well and it’s a great place for me to do projects. I sanded the top and applied a clear coat, because I don’t mind it getting marked up as I work on future DIYs!

Gallery Wall

This art may migrate into the Loft once we are further along in the renovation, but for now I love having it displayed somewhere. It’s actually inspired me to pick up more of the art that I sometimes pass on at Goodwill. Maybe we’ll build an art storage cart for this space in the future. I’d love to eventually host vintage sales for local readers from this space. Would you be interested? Stay tuned for more updates from the Loft and projects from the workshop!

Shopping Links

Better Homes & Gardens Interior Paint and Primer, Forest Fern / Green, 1 Gallon, Satin
Stacking Basket Pantry
Antique Gray Wire Clothes Hamper with Liner
Peperomia Faux Plant in Water Hyacinth Basket
Antique Gray Wire Laundry Basket with Removable Liner
Wire Storage Basket with Chalkboard, 2-Piece
Rattan Storage Basket Set with Handles, 2-Piece
Water Hyacinth Gallon Wastebasket 
Large Rectangle Wire Mixed Metal Baskets, Set of 3

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  1. Patty says:

    I so love the workshop! Jealous! And happy to live vicariously!

  2. Jessica says:

    Jenni! This space is just stunning! You’re one of the few people I know who can make a utilitarian workshop look both beautiful and functional. I love love love it. Well done!

  3. AJ says:

    Hi there I’m new to your blog/IG and love it all! Very inspired by this post to paint my garage in the same way. What primer and white did you use?

  4. Pamela says:

    You must really enjoy having all your lovelies organized and displayed in this manner. What a dreamy workspace.

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