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After posting this room makeover at the DIY Duplex, I received a bunch of questions about the carpet I picked for this room. So, I’ll answer everything in one post so you all can reference! 

What kind of carpet is in the bedrooms?
The carpet in the bedrooms at the DIY Duplex is LifeProof PetProof Cantor in the color Twine from The Home Depot. 

Why did you pick carpet for the bedrooms? 
This is actually the first time I have put carpet in one of my home renovations, and a few factors played into the decision. First, I really thought about how this house would be used. The plan for the Duplex was to rent for a bit and then turn into an Airbnb (More about why here). After I started decorating each room, we decided to Airbnb it right away. Either way, it was super important to have durable flooring throughout the house (we are actually seeing some chips and other wear and tear on our non-LifeProof laminate flooring in our other Airbnb…). If you missed the post about the LifeProof Vinyl Flooring we installed in the rest of the Duplex, check it out here! I decided to transition from vinyl flooring to carpet in the bedrooms for a couple reasons: 1) Since the upper and lower units in the Duplex will often be rented to different groups of people, I wanted carpet to muffle footsteps on the second floor when guests are in their bedroom at night. 2) The basement under the Duplex is unfinished and not heated, so the floors on the first floor can get chilly in the winter, so I wanted to make sure guests’ feet were warm at bedtime!  

Why that color carpet?
I went back and forth A LOT on the carpet color. The rooms are not that big so I did not want a dark color that would feel heavy. And I also wanted the transition from the lighter Beacon Oak LifeProof flooring to carpet not to be too stark. The Twine color was soft and worked well with the flooring and the wall color (Behr Swiss Coffee and NYPD). And my thought process on the lighter color is that guests will be more cautious of walking on it with shoes seeing that it’s a little lighter, which will help keep it looking great! 

Why did you pick PetProof Carpet?
Keeping in mind that there would be a lot of foot traffic in the house, I needed something durable! Plus, we allow pups at our other Airbnbs, so wanted to make sure that if we do the same at this one, the carpet would be able to withstand pet stains and smells. PetProof Carpet checked all the boxes because it has a lifetime pet stain warranty, superior softness and exceptional durability! Plus, it has a spill shield technology for built-in stain protection that will never wash off or wear off, and is easy to clean, making it great for guests with children and pets. 

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What is the cost for a room this size?
This carpet typically costs a little over $3 a square foot, and this room is 12×11. Please note that this is the cost for the carpet only and prices are subject to change. See current pricing information on The Home Depot website.

How often do you clean it? 
We have a deep clean scheduled once the renovation is done this month, then the cleaning crew will vacuum and spot clean for maintenance between guest stays. A professional cleaning is required every 12-18 months for coverage of limited warranties. 

Did you do a DIY install? 
Nope! We installed all the LifeProof Luxury Rigid Vinyl flooring (steps here!), but had the carpet installed for us. If you’d like to hire an installer, you can schedule a measurement with The Home Depot, and a professional will come to your home to evaluate your site, verify measurements and determine any special requirements. They will give you a quote for the carpet, carpet pad and any additional installation materials and the install price is included! (Installation costs and inclusions my vary.) When my hub heard that, he wanted to carpet every room in the house including the kitchen and bathrooms to cut down on work, haha!!  And honestly after watching the process, I was happy that we did not have to attempt it, they cut the carpet on site, so they would have the least amount of seams possible, and matched up the pattern so perfectly, I could not even see the few seams they did! 

Overall, I am SUPER happy with the carpet! We had Big Papi come over and test it out, and even chew a bone on the carpet and he definitely approves 🙂 Check back next year and I will do an update on how it’s holding up! 

This post was made in partnership with PetProof Carpet, but all opinions are my own!

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  1. Paige Flamm says:

    Oh man! We need this in our house so bad!


  2. Emie says:

    Having had dogs in the past and planning to have more in the future this is a great info. This info has me thinking to use this in our bedroom which is the only floor we have left to replace. I’m wondering which of your Airbnb’s had the non-LifeProof laminate flooring? We just installed laminate flooring 3/2019. We’re seasonal here Oct-April. We recently noticed a couple of chips in our laminate and it’s concerning (it’s had less than 6 months wear, no pets). We had laminate in our last house for 22 years and when we sold it still looked as good as the day it was installed. I’d like to read about the brand of laminate that’s not holding up well for you. TNX, Emie

  3. Abby Fields says:

    Wow, the contrast of dark blue with the lighter carpet turned out so good! I have found that my neighborhood chem-dry carpet cleaner handles pet stains so well!

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