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ispydiy_duplex_twodaymakeover12This post was made in partnership with the Behr Paint Company, Thank you for supporting my amazing sponsors!

ROOM MAKEOVER TIME! I’m super excited about this makeover for two reasons: 1) I partnered up with Behr to try their new online paint shop BEHR® Express, where you can have paint and supplies delivered RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR! 2) I challenged myself to only spend 2 days to paint, thrift the decor, and pull it all together! The most fun part was that I could not really have a design plan, because who knows what I would find at the antique stores! 

ispydiy_duplex_twodaymakeover1I am SO happy with how it came together, the room feels so darn cozy! Let me tell you a bit about the process! 

The Before: First, this WAY before photo is how it looked when we started this renovation this Summer, since then, we painted the walls, Behr Swiss Coffee 12, and the trim, Aged Beige PPU7-09. We also ripped up the floor and added carpet. ispydiy_duplex_twodaymakeover14 Picking the paint color:  I knew I wanted something bold for this room, and since we had already painted the trim, I wanted a color that would complement the Aged Beige PPU7-09, plus work well with Swiss Coffee 12 because I only planned on painting part of the wall. I checked out BEHR Express and their 55-color curated palette  (the colors they picked are SO GOOD, it would be hard to go wrong) and I narrowed it down to three colors: Riverdale N410-3, Iron Mountain N520-5 and NYPD N480-6. And if you have no idea on what color to pick, the website can help you find your perfect color, and even suggest coordinating trim colors. After I had my colors, I ordered their Peel & Stick samples, which are a game changer! Instead of buying paint samples, the Peel & Stick samples are great for testing a bunch of colors, and you can move them from wall-to-wall to see how they will look in different light. Check out my IG Highlight of the process @ISPYDIY! After opening it up to you all for a vote, the winner was BEHR NYPD N480-6, which I absolutely love because of the moody blue/gray vibes. I went back to BEHR Express to order a gallon, and in a couple clicks the paint plus all the painting supplies I needed were on their way to be delivered to my front door!
Painting the room: After the paint was delivered, it was go time! And the two day time limit to paint, shop for, and decorate this room started. If you were following along on @ISPYDIY, you saw that I played around with how high up to paint, and changed my mind 3-4 times, until I landed on painting about ¾ up the 9ft walls and adding trim and hooks to hang pictures. I just LOVE how it accentuates the high ceilings in this room! 

Decorating the room:
I challenged myself to thrift as much as possible for this room in one day. The things I ordered ahead of time where the bed, bedding and pillows, because I have not had a ton of luck getting a vintage bed that did not need repairs, and bedding is one thing I don’t buy second hand. My first antique stop was SUCH a score! It was like all the thrifting stars aligned and I got the desk, chair, rugs, stool and map art, all for about $200! I was honestly pretty set after that haul, so I ran home and shipped my own stash of thrifted items including mirror and gold lamp from Goodwill, and the little bench I found at an antique store months ago. 

The beautiful vase on the desk and bells hanging came from a local shop URSA, made by local women, so not technically thrifted, but I love supporting Milwaukee women doing amazing things! I brought back the little bowl on the side table from our recent trip to Croatia. And all the books and vases came from my thrifted collection. I will admit, the little lamp on the desk is from Target, I saw it a while back and loved the size, and when I started decorating I knew the more modern shape would keep the vintage desk from looking too dated. More after the break!

ispydiy_duplex_twodaymakeover8 ispydiy_duplex_twodaymakeover
Once I got everything back to the room, things just fell into place! I just love how the mix of antique and new decor keep the room from looking too vintage. Let me know what you think! A list of the shoppable sources are below:

Walls – Behr NYPD N480-6
Ceiling – Behr Swiss Coffee 12
Trim – Behr Aged Beige PPU7-9

Queen Bed

Good Land Antiques
Third Point of View
Goodwill on Oklahoma
Antiques on Pierce 
ReStore on 1st

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  1. Jesseca says:

    Such beautiful work as usual! Thrifting really does add so much more character than all new.

  2. Rachel says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Quick question though, what carpet did you use in this room? It’s gorgeous!

  3. Julie says:

    It kills me how easy you make pulling together a bunch of thrift store items look.

  4. Mrs Mike says:

    This is lovely!! The color pallet is cozy and inviting. Great job!

  5. Trish says:

    You made a masterpiece! And, I love this desk! To find one like it, what are the words you would use to describe it?

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