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An update from our Charcoal Bungalow! This house was open between renters for a couple weeks, so we went in and made a few updates. I had been wanting to change out the lighting since we renovated this kitchen 3.5 years ago (see the renovation here), right after our first girl was born. Just after our second girl was born seemed like the right time…or was it…new Mom Mush Brain is oh-so-real…

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen light can be tricky because you are working with multiple light sources: pendants, overhead, sconces, lamps…etc. This is were I ended up. I love all of the lights individually, but was questioning if they worked together. It was not till I pulled the room back together, and styled it up, that I was feeling pretty good about the combination. I might change out the shade on the little light over the sink to something that pops a bit more, and works better with the other lights. But for now, we keep it! And celebrate that my jumbled Mom Brain is getting back to do what she loves. Links to the new lights here and below!

Butcher block Island

This butcher block was a score from Restore! I think it was around $100, but the wood was super orange. Mr. Yolo sanded down the top, and painted the legs (he even picked his own paint color). And it looks SO good in here, just what the kitchen was missing!

Painted Floor Update

Also floor update: 7 years ago when Mr. Yolo first renovated this house, he uncovered the original hardwood floors and stained them dark. They got discolored over the years, so we painted them (the process is here). 3.5 years later, I love them even more! They have held up beautifully with big dogs and kids living here over the years. The worn in spots gives it character in the best way possible! Link to the floor paint here and below.


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    Have you had good luck with the Rustoleum floor paint? I need to paint our stairs and wanted a good paint.

    1. Jenni says:

      Yes! It has help up so great!

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