Barnhouse Renovation Before & Afters!!

Before & After
Barnhouse Exterior After

Over the last four years, we took this neglected 1875-built house and turned it into our home, we lovingly call the Bay View Barnhouse! Every space in this house has now been renovated (I would say finished, but for me nothing is truly “done”, just “done for now”) so I thought I would share all the Before and Afters in one place!

If you are looking for Barnhouse paint colors, head to this post!

Barnhouse Exterior Before

The Kitchen

From a dark, dingy, carpeted kitchen to light and bright, CLICK HERE for the full kitchen makeover.

Kitchen Before
Kitchen After

The Dining Nook

So enjoyable to sit here with coffee in the morning, CLICK HERE for the refresh.

Dining Nook Before
Dining Nook After

The Pantry

You’ve seen a lot of this space on social media, I just can’t get enough! CLICK HERE for the renovation.
I added wallpaper later on here!

Pantry Before
Pantry After

The Living Room

This living room took years to get right, this paneling/wallpaper was finally the right combination to complete the space! CLICK HERE for details!

Living Room Before
Living Room After

The Mudroom

Probably the most dramatic before + after of the whole house, CLICK HERE for more.

Mudroom Before
Mudroom After

The Office

This space had some tricky ductwork once we took out the radiators, but the built-ins and Black Evergreen paint was a perfect solution!

Office Before
Office After

The Downstairs Bathroom

I love a fun wallpaper, especially in a guest bathroom. CLICK HERE for the full renovation.

Downstairs Bathroom Before
Downstairs Bathroom After

The Stairway

Paint totally transformed this original staircase. And this gallery wall is my favorite in our home! Paint colors here.

Stairway Before
Stairway After

The Main Bedroom

There have been lots of changes to make this space truly calming, CLICK HERE.

Bedroom Before
Bedroom After

The Nursery

This house was previously a duplex, and the kitchen upstairs became a bedroom, and eventually Lil’ Yolo’s room! CLICK HERE

Nursery Before
Nursery After

The Playroom

The most fun I’ve ever had with thrifting, our girl loves to be in here! See the playroom transformation, CLICK HERE.

Playroom Before
Playroom After

The Upstairs Bathroom

We carved out some space on the landing to create this bathroom, and the most photographed nook in the house. Curious to see more? CLICK HERE

Upstairs Bathroom Before
Upstairs Bathroom After
The Landing

The Loft

Once we removed the crooked chimney from the carpeted attic, we were able to create a guest space, office and art studio. More here!

Guest Loft After

The Backyard

The backyard was truly a labor of love. Mr. Yolo built everything in the yard, laid every brick, and the sod to give our family a yard to enjoy! CLICK HERE for the backyard makeover!

Backyard Before
Backyard After

Any additional questions? Leave a comment!

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  1. Becky says:

    My goodness, what a beautiful transformation.

  2. Bev says:

    She looks like an old farm house, built way before 1984! I’m inspired!!!!

    1. Jenni says:

      OOPS! Typo 1875!!

  3. Sandy says:

    Amazing . . . your blog is really awesome and i really loved it !!!!

  4. Amy Johnson says:

    Wow! What an amazing transformation! I can’t even imagine the cost. Did you do all the work yourselves?

    1. Jenni says:

      Not on this one! I designed it, and a crew worked on it for 9 months before we moved in and did the finishing work.

  5. Wow! You took on such a huge project. The results are amazing and beautiful. Well done!

  6. Lynda Palecek says:

    What a tremendously beautiful transformation. Every room flows…

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