The Loft House Blue Tiled Bathroom Reveal

Before & After, DIY PROJECT

The first reveal of 2023, the Loft downstairs bathroom! I knew I wanted to have fun with the design in this bathroom. If you missed the upstairs bathroom transformation, click here! I wanted to push myself creatively with the color and pattern for this space. After what felt like a million and one different ideas, this is where we landed. I am super happy with how it came together!

Bathroom with walk in shower with lots of creative tile patterns on the floor and shower wall. Lots of warm blue tones.

The Loft house is such a quirky house, so I felt like this was really my opportunity to do something unique. I usually stick to fairly basic tile, and add the pizazz with paint and decor. This house gave me the permission to be creative, which is so fun….but also totally overwhelming. Where to start?! I working with some interesting features like the retrofit duct work running though the shower. Trying to keep the bathroom wheelchair-friendly is also important to us for this rental.

The Bathroom Floor Tile

We started this project with the floor tile. I was looking for something small that I could continue right into the shower. These crosses are such a wonderful take on a traditional penny tile. We have found that dark tile with dark grout holds up the best in rentals, so I went with black tile and charcoal grout….but that felt a little boring. So Mr. Yolo chiseled out some of the black tile and replaced with white to create a more visually interesting floor. I am SO HAPPY with the final look!

The Blue Bathroom

I really went all in with the blue, ha! The color is Sherwin Williams Waterloo, and definitely reads a little different depending how the light hits it. I wanted something that worked with the blue tile, and this one was perfect. I decided to paint the whole room blue to minimize everything going on architecturally with the ceiling.

When you walk in the bathroom, your eye skims over the celling, and goes directly to the bold tile. I painted the doors the same color, but in a glossy finish (the walls are eggshell) so they would catch the light differently and create more dimension. Painting a whole room a dark color may seem really overwhelming, but we made sure to add a lot of warm lighting, and it feels really luxurious when you are in the bathroom.

The Wall Tile

The Tile Shop sent me some photos of this square tile, and I thought it was just so beautiful. You might have seen on my Instagram that having to decide between blue and the green version was difficult. And I like that the blue tile has some green hues too. We were actually set to tile the shower all blue, and last minute, I felt like the room needed a fun statement moment! I picked up the white version of this tile, and created the checkerboard in the shower. I love the boldness in this space!

The Vanity

We worked with Kohler again on this bathroom, and THIS VANITY is stunning, and the handles are just so pretty, and introduced the warm wood tones to the room. The light and fun faucet are also Kohler, and I am just so enamored with the new products they have out (and I always love supporting a Wisconsin company!)


Marrakesh Blue Ceramic Wall Tile
Marrakesh Off White Ceramic Wall Tile
Cross Black Porcelain Mosaic Tile
Cross Snow White Porcelain Mosaic Tile
Black Marble Base Tile
Black Marble Pencil Tile
Harken 36″ Bathroom Vanity
Harken Cabinet Pulls
Kohler teak tray
Shower Barre
Tresham Toilet
Components Faucet & Handles
Wood Stump
Kohler Brass Sconce
Turkish Towel
Brass Door Handles
Paint color: Sherwin Williams Waterloo
Vintage: Mirror, Rug, Marble Side Table




  1. Bre says:

    Hi Jenni, I could not find Behr Waterloo in their catalog, is it actually Sherwin Williams Waterloo? Love the color either way!

  2. Lia says:

    Such a beautiful bathroom. I went looking for the paint colour and Behr doesn’t have a colour called Waterloo. Is it maybe from a different paint company?


  3. Lia says:

    Ah- never mind. I think it must be Sherwin Williams Waterloo – looks very close, anyway.

  4. Vicky says:

    Wow! I absolutely love the floor tile, and the colors combination is amazing. I wish my bathroom could look like this 🙁

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