We are in week 3 of the One Room Challenge, and the theme of this week was troubleshooting! First, let’s start with the paint color. I was debating between Behr Chimney and Midnight Blue, and leaning towards Midnight Blue…but there was a mix up and I accidentally got Midnight Show which was too bright, so the decision was made for me, and I am SO HAPPY because I am IN LOVE with how Chimney looks on the beadboard!! I was nervous it was going to be too dark, but it is the perfect deep blue. I used Behr Marquee in a Matte finish because I did not want any shine, and it looks so rich. The diffused light through the new window keeps the space from looking too dark.
Another change up: I was feeling the bathroom was missing that WOW factor, and I’ve really loved putting wallpaper in past bathrooms
like this one and this one above, so decided this room would not be complete without wallpaper! I am not sharing the wallpaper design *quite* yet, because I have something fun in mind 😉 STAY TUNED! The upper part of the walls were a mess, part of it was textured, and we had to patch a bunch of holes, so the next fix was skim coating the walls. We are actually skim coating a couple of the rooms in the duplex and are learning the best techniques for walls that we will painted and walls that will get wallpapered. Stay tuned because I will have a DIY post on that after I put up the wallpaper!!
After we got the beadboard on the back wall painted, it was time to move in the tub, this beautiful, AMAZING TUB! You are only seeing part of it in this picture, it actually come in two pieces, an inner and outer shell, which was SO nice considering this bathroom is on the second floor. The tub is new from Sterling, a Kohler brand, and it fits perfectly! I can’t wait until we get the deck mount faucet installed, yay, yay, YAY!  Once the tub was in, we tried placing the vanity…and it just was not right. I love the Tresham vanity, and it looks so sleek with the black top, but it was just blocking too much of tub, and felt heavy in the space. I picked it because I really wanted storage in the bathroom, but it just was not working, so time to troubleshoot! The plan right now is to change it to a pedestal sink or a console sink, and then come up with some DIY storage solutions. What do you all think?!
Now we are at a bit of a stand still because we need the vanity to figure out plumbing, so the rest of the beadboard wall is on hold. And before we set the tub and add the chair-rail, I need the wallpaper (we will have to move the tub to get a ladder in place to hang the wallpaper. It’s a lot of moving parts, but we have a couple more weeks to finish. Everyone cross your fingers that we can get this done with all these changes! 

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  1. Carly Dwyer says:

    As much as wallpaper would be beautiful, Think of the poor person who will eventually have to replace it. If you have to move the tub, what will they do when it will not be able to move it. Just a thought from a fan who was in this position after it was done.
    I love the idea of the pedestal sink. Much lighter and I have seen shelves under the first one. So far? Beautiful.

    1. Jenni says:

      The great thing about the wallpaper I use is that it’s a removable adhesive! Like a big sticker that you can peel right off, but holds up great! I have it in two other bathrooms!

  2. ML says:

    What about setting a giant board across the tub? Ok, this might be a little too much dabbled-in-rock-climbing laziness.

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