ONE ROOM CHALLENGE – Week 1 – Bathroom Renovation


Ahhhh! So Excited! I am participating in the One Room Challenge as a Featured Designer! For those that are new to the ORC, a handful of bloggers all completely renovate a room over 5 weeks, documenting the process with a post every Wednesday, starting NOW!  Today lets start by looking at the room we are renovating, it’s quite the doozy! This is the upstairs bathroom at the duplex that we are currently fixing up, and needs to be totally gutted, so I figured this would be the perfect room for this challenge! Not going to lie, I am *a little* nervous with the tight timeline, because anyone who has done a renovation know that SOMETHING will go wrong, but fingers crossed the the hub and I can pull it off!
I wish I could say the pea green color was the most offensive thing in the bathroom….everything has to go! But I love this space, because it’s a really good size, and has tall ceilings,  which gives me room to have some fun with the design. And I know you will ask “What is that pipe for?”, I believe it was some sort of makeshift laundry situation.
We already started on demo, and are figuring out if we can rearrange the layout to include a corner shower and a freestanding tub (I have to put a tub in every bathroom I can fit one in!) Check out the plan below!

theplan ispydiy_ORC1-mock4
These mock ups make me SOOOOO excited!!! I have big dreams of getting a huge window installed! A freestanding tub! Marble floors! And a rich paint color! I am also pushing myself to break the rules I thought I never would, like combining black and navy AND black and brown. Has anyone else totally avoided that in the past? Things may change as the process goes on, and I need you all to help me make decisions quickly. So the first one is: What paint color should I pick? I tested out the below colors. Should I stick with the deep blue? Or try one with a little more green in it? Leave a comment with your pick!
Behr Paint (left to right): Thermal, Midnight in NYC, Weathered Moss, Heritage Park, Chimney, Midnight Blue, City Rain

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  1. Kristin says:

    I like Midnight in NYC!

  2. Linda says:

    I like Thermal

  3. JK says:

    I love Thermal (definitely partial because it’s the color I used for my living room)

  4. says:

    I’m loving the two toned wall, I think that’s so fun! And those sconces are amazing. I’m about to use your sconce tap light trip for my office. No wiring, no problem! Such a smart tip

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  5. Catherine says:

    I like Midnight in NYC or City Rain

  6. Agustina Degani says:

    I’m for midnight in NYC or midnight blue

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