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It’s Wallpaper Launch Day! I’m overjoyed to share my brand-new wallpaper collection, with Chasing Paper, available today! We have 3 new patterns, each in 3 colors. And a new color of a favorite print, Lace. I put a lot of love and thought into these designs, to create something I am excited to have in my home, and hope you are too! You can now order individual samples. I can’t wait for all of you to experience them firsthand! Let me take a moment to introduce each pattern to you:

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Cosmo Block Print

Peel & Stick Cosmo Block print in Mustard/Light Tan

Cosmo Block Print:
First up, we have the Cosmo Block Print. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect floral print for some of my recent design projects, but nothing quite fit the bill. So, I decided to create my own! The Cosmo flower served as my muse for this wallpaper because I absolutely adore its wild and free nature. These flowers grow everywhere, and are my absolute favorite to make bouquets with. The print strikes a perfect balance – not too small, not too large, just a medium-scale print that I’m absolutely in love with.
But here’s the exciting part: if you opt for the peel & stick version, we’ve added a grass cloth texture to the background. This natural touch gives it texture and depth.

The textured look of this wallpaper adds depth to any space. The Cosmo Block Print comes in three color variations, with my personal favorite being the mustard version. It’s incredibly versatile and can complement both kids’ rooms and adult spaces. Imagine it above a chair rail or wainscoting paired with green, yellow, or even a deep brown paint color – the possibilities are endless.

Peel & Stick Cosmo Block print in Red/Dark Tan
Faux Grasscloth Cosmo Block print in White/Light Tan

Tulip Ticking Stripe

Faux Grasscloth Tulip Ticking Stripe in Tonal/Tan

Tulip Ticking Stripe:
Next, we have the Tulip Ticking Stripe. I knew a classic stripe was a must-have in this collection. To infuse a touch of playfulness, I added a row of tulips. This pattern comes in three colors. The navy version, which I added to my bathroom, exudes richness and drama. Pair it with a mushroom paint color for a more neutral look or use it to create a timeless office or entry. Just like the other prints, it features a grass cloth background for that natural and textured look.
The charcoal stripe with a darker tan backdrop offers a bolder take on this pattern. It adds a dramatic stripe element to your space without overwhelming it. Finally, the Oat color version is perfect if you want a more neutral print. It pairs wonderfully with bold paint colors or serves as a beautiful tonal texture for your walls.

Faux Grasscloth Tulip Ticking Stripe in Grey/Navy
Peel & Stick Tulip Ticking Stripe in Charcoal/Dark Tan


Peel & Stick Chickadee in Light Tan

Our third pattern is the charming Chickadees. I have a soft spot for these resilient songbirds that call Wisconsin home year round. It felt like a fun idea to create wallpaper featuring these birds in flight. The background has dynamic movement and that ever-so-desirable grass cloth texture. Personally, I adore the idea of having this wallpaper on a ceiling; I’ve done it in our loft, and it’s so sweet. If the ceiling isn’t your canvas, the pink or sky versions would be beautiful in a nursery. Honestly, all three versions of this wallpaper are versatile, and would work in kids’ rooms or grown-up spaces!

Peel & Stick Chickadee in Blush
Peel & Stick Chickadee in Sky
Peel & Stick Chickadee in Light Tan


Lace in Sage:
Last but not least, we decided to release another color variation of one of my previous collection’s most beloved prints – Lace (coming soon!) We had the white and dark green versions, but we noticed a demand for something in between. So, we introduce Lace in Sage. The sage background with Queen Anne’s Lace pattern offers a softer, more versatile option. It pairs beautifully with mushroom or cream trim, and would be beautiful in any room in your home!

I have to know, which wallpaper is your fave?!? I can’t wait to see how you incorporate these designs into your homes! xx Jenni Yolo

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    Love them all! 😍

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    They’re all stunning and yet discrete enough to complement many styles. Lovely!

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