1. kawther says:

    Great pics love it !!
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  2. Yes I have the desire:))) actually I am thinking to dip-dye my hair eheh, but I have got no courage:))

  3. Roxanne says:

    OMG so do I!! I look at people walking on the street, at their clothes and I’m like ‘that would look good if dipped in pink, and that needs a nice shade of blue’ It goes on and on!
    And I bought so many clothes so that I can dip-dye all of them! Its a trend that has really made me crazy!
    So far I haven’t thought of household objects, but now thanks to you I will!!

  4. Katharina says:

    aaaahhhh this is beautiful! i´m moving to a new apartement right now and am glad for any inspiration i get! thanks for that!



  5. Monica L. says:

    So beautiful everything! Specially the bed!

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  6. Just was talking about dip dying the other day.


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  7. Linh Chi says:


  8. Um, yes, every time i dye something i have to hold myself back from dunking the whole house in the bath. Love love LOVE the second image up from the bottom.

  9. Evson says:

    Didn’t know that dip dying can be soooo pretty!!! =) Jane http://livingwithjane.com/

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  11. i feel the same way! :))

  12. I LOVE DIP DYING! I recently dip dyed a white dress and posted about it on my blog! I Spy DIY inspired me to do it actually! See the post here!


    Thanks I SPY for the awesome ideas!

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