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When we launched our I Spy DIY x Chasing Paper collaboration this Spring I hoped the Stepping Stone peel and stick tiles would be a hit with you all! And it’s been SO FUN to see your floor, backsplash, and even countertop transformations! I’ve loved seeing viewers use the tiles in creative ways that I hadn’t even dreamed of when I designed this print.

I love the hex tile we’ve installed in this kitchen but I couldn’t resist showing you how Stepping Stone can completely transform a kitchen space. The Gray would be great in a space with lots of wood accents. I used the Sage on the floors in my Sister’s kitchen renovation. Something subtle? The Blush is what I went with for this bright + white kitchen in The Sage Home. I love how soothing it is with all of the copper accents in our home.

Now, let’s dive into your backsplash questions!

Backsplash Q&A

Does this work on floors?
Absolutely! In fact, that’s what it was designed for. These tiles are made from Chasing Paper’s high quality, self-adhesive vinyl (3.4mil) finished with a laminate overlay for durability and scratch resistance. They’re strong enough for foot traffic but pliable enough to work with easily as a backsplash or accent wall.

How do you install it? The same as Peel & Stick wallpaper! Check out my tutorial here. I think it’s even easier because it’s thicker.

Is it durable?
Yes! The tiles are printed with a high quality GreenGuard Certified Latex Inks. The Matte Finish will keep it looking fresh. As long as your tiles are installed with care and maintained properly, they will hold up to the challenge of a space like a kitchen or a mudroom!

Can you wipe it down? How does it hold up to heat and grease?
Yes, it is wipeable and fade and stain resistant. Chasing Paper does recommend using a damp cloth and a mild cleaning solution to clean your tiles. The cleaning solution should be free of bleach to avoid impacting the color of your tiles.

Can you see the old tile through it? Will it work to cover existing textured tile?
The old tile and grout are totally covered, you cannot see through it. For the most part you cannot see the outline of the tile either. If you have super textured tile, I would suggest getting a sample piece and testing it to see how visible the texture under is. A busier pattern like this one will help disguise that!

Would this work in a rental?
Yes! It’s removable when applied to existing tile or linoleum.

How about a countertop?
Good question! I actually saw a reader try it on a countertop and it looked so cool! I just would not leave standing water on it, especially near the seams.

Can I put this over tile around my fireplace?
Because of the heat, only if it’s a non-functioning or electric fireplace. 

Can you put these tiles on textured walls?
You’ll want to test the tile sample on a textured wall since there are different levels of texture. The busier prints will help to disguise certain textures.

How easy is it to take off?
It pulls right off! The adhesive has great staying power, but can also be pulled right off surfaces like tile and linoleum. Be careful if you apply it to painted walls, it may take some of the paint or drywall off when you remove it.

Have more questions? Leave a comment of join Jenni Yolo’s Home School where I answer DM’s on design, thrifting and more. It’s a super fun and loving community of DIYers that I know you’ll love.

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  1. Sara Anderson says:

    Love this backsplash! Also love the white cabinet refinishing on the cabinets as well!

  2. Leah says:

    I really want to try this over my existing backsplash which is subway tile shaped. Would it look weird to have that rectangle shape under this square shape? Also, when you remove it does it leave residue? Because my backup option would be to paint the existing tile. Thanks!!

  3. Nina C says:

    I’m really interested in the Peel & Stick tile but the links aren’t working! Help!

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