DIY DUPLEX | Thrifted Room Makeover & DIY Faux BeadBoard

Before & After, DIY PROJECT

I’m excited to share another bedroom makeover in our DIY Duplex Airbnb!! I am just so in love with how this room turned out!  I was working on a tiiiiiiight budget, so the majority of this room is thrifted or repurposed items, and the design still feels really fresh and cohesive. Plus, an experiment with a gold paint pen created a budget friendly faux beadboard! Before I dive into the makeover, if you need a refresher on the Duplex project read about the backstory HERE. Now onto a few Before & Afters!

beforeISPYDIY_thriftedbedroom_before1afterISPYDIY_thriftedbedroom8For context, this is the second bedroom in the Upper Unit of the Duplex (Check out the first room reveal HERE), This one was interesting because of the layout. I was working with the closet placement, two doors into the room, and some big windows. Guests usually prefer a queen bed over a full, so I was able to squeeze one onto this wall… with no room for side tables, and just enough clearance at the foot for the hallway door. To make the room work, I opted to leave the door off the closet so guests did not have to deal with an awkward swing, put a bench on the other wall instead of the foot of the bed, and added a little shelf for a light and place to put your cellphone. Might not be the MOST functional if you were living in the room, but works great for short term guests!

The whole design of the room really began with these antlers I found at Farm Girl Antiques. The color in the plaid fabric on the mounting is a mix of green, blue and red-pink, which I picked up in the art throughout the room. Then I decided to play with a couple different plaid blankets and sheets, and was honestly not sure how it would all mix…but after I put the room together it just worked. Oh, how I love that moment.

Let’s talk about this gallery wall, and then we will dive into the DIY faux beadboard. These gold frames from Ikea are a major score, they are only $10 a piece, but the gold looks more expensive (although the glass part is plastic). A reader sent me their Birds of America book by John James Audubon because it was collecting dust. I cut out some pages to frame, and just LOVE how the gallery wall looks! It’s the perfect amount of color for the room. If you don’t have the book, no worries, you can download the bird prints HERE!

ISPYDIY_thriftedbedroom10The faux beadboard was a fun little experiment with a gold paint pen that yielded a pretty darn cute result! One thing I LOVE about the upstairs is all the original trim work, so I painted it Behr Aged Beige so it would pop against the Swiss Coffee walls. One thing I dislike about the walls is the texture, because it means no wallpaper, unless I wanted to skim coat the whole room, which was not in the timeline. So I thought it could be fun to add chair-rail trim 3ft up, paint the lower bit the same color as the trim and then draw on a pattern. 

Steps for Faux Beadboard after the break! 

Steps for Faux Beadboard:
– Paint your wall 3 ft up from the top of the baseboard.
– Place a yard stick on the top of your baseboard and draw a vertical line with a Gold Sharpie Paint pen (make sure it is an oil based paint pen, easier to paint over than a gold sharpie).
– Continue drawing vertical lines, the space between each should be the width of the yardstick.
– It also helps to have a level to check that the lines are straight up and down as you work your way around the room.
– When you are done drawing the lines, nail the horizontal trim to the wall so it covers the ends of your lines.
– Done! Step back, squint, and it looks like beadboard, ha! Which was honestly not my intention, but am pleased with the outcome!

Can I tell you how much I LOVE this rug?  I am working with Loloi on all the rugs in the Duplex, and this is one of my favorites! I have it in the Loft at the Barnhouse, And I just love the muted pattern with a few pops of blue. Even though there are plaid patterns in the rest of the room, the design of the rug does not compete. I have this same style of rug throughout my home, and it’s SO durable with the pups, I knew it would be great for guest at the duplex. I highly recommend all they rugs from Loloi Loren Collection Vintage because the price point is great, you can order on Amazon (yes, Prime!) and I am telling you, we really test rugs at our house, and these hold up! Note: the pattern is printed on the rug, not woven, which I prefer for high traffic areas (came to this conclusion after a lot of trial and error with rugs at our homes). For a round up of all the rugs we used at the Duplex, head this way! 

The little desk came from my hub’s parents house, and I was thinking of painting it, but found this mirror and stool thrifting and decided to lean into the matching wood tones. I added a few more thrifted items to the desktop, hung some art from Minted, and I had the perfect little spot for guests to get ready (sidenote: after getting requests for more mirrors in our other Airbnbs, I quickly learned that people like to get ready in their own space, so it’s important to have a mirror in every room!)

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments!! And Shoppable sources are after the break! 
ISPYDIY_thriftedbedroom3Shoppable Sources:
Walls Paint – Behr Swiss Coffee
Trim Paint – Aged Beige
Loloi Loren Collection Vintage Printed Persian Area Rug 7′-6″ x 9′-6″ Sand/Taupe
Taupe Medallion Stonewash Queen Quilt
Ikea Gold Frames 12×16
Queen Metal Bed Frame with Headboard & Footboard
Grey Plaid Cotton Flannel Sheet Set – Queen
Threshold Accent Lamp
Trade Winds School House Lighting
All other items are thrifted or antiques! 




  1. Paige Flamm says:

    These before and afters are amazing! You did an incredible job!


  2. Melissa says:

    Room is beautiful! Quick question about the trim- what type of paint do you use (semi-gloss,flat)? 🙂

    1. Jenni says:

      It’s Behr’s scuff proof matte!

  3. Sherry says:

    So cute, Jenni. Your mind keeps working.

  4. Neeltje says:

    Love this transformation! X

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