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Room Makeovers

The Orange room is finally done!! If you remember, we painted this room at our DIY Duplex a few week back, and then I ghosted you, ha! We finally got the delivery schedule to work with our Airbnb schedule, and earlier this week the bed was delivered, so I could finish it up! The inspiration for this room came from a rock I found on the beach. Plus, I really wanted to try a paint color that is SO FAR outside of my comfort zone!

This is the rock I found on my beach walk! I loved the combination of orange, mustard, greyish-blue and charcoal. I asked on @ispydiy Instagram if you all wanted to see a room with these colors and I got a resounding YES! I set off to find an orange that felt warm and cozy for this small room.

The before! We had painted this room white and pulled up the cheap laminate, and installed carpet, when we renovated the duplex, so started with a clean slate. It’s not a big room, but it has super tall ceilings. So I played around with how high I wanted to paint the orange. Also, the former owner sprayed texture ALL over the ALL the original trim and baseboards, UGH! We tried sanding down a bit, but totally getting rid of it was a big job, so instead, I thought an earthy orange could make it feel like textured clay walls…does that work…it might be a stretch…but let’s go with it, ha! Dang texture!


I swatched a ton of oranges and ended up with Behr’s Orange Flambe, and the entire time we were painting it, I kept squinting, and second guessing it…I will say that the color look a little more pink on the paint chip, and in person it is definitely orange. I would make sure to swatch in your space, this room just has one window, so it might read darker in my space. Once I started bring all the decor in the room and it started to make more sense, and now thats it’s done, I LOVE IT! It feel so warm when you are in there…you know? We ended up painted about 3/4 the way up because I did not want the orange to swallow you. Plus, the way the color reads on my walls is super close to the orange on the rock!

Bed & Bedding

The Casper Dark Oak Repose headboard and bedframe is so beautiful in the room, I love how rich it looks against the orange wall. I picked these Fog Blue sheets and duvet, which normally I would go with a gray or white, but I consulted the inspiration rock, and rock had a blue-gray bit, so I went for it. I played around with art, and the blue sky in the landscape tied it all together.

Picture Rail

Mr. Yolo added a piece of trim on the top so I could “hook” the chain on it. It’s not actually a picture rail, it was just some discount trim I found at the hardware store. Since it’s an Airbnb, I wanted to make sure the art was secure on the wall, so I nailed the art to the wall, and then chain is just decorative. But I love the illusion it’s hanging! I was SO in love with this sconce, I thought the glass globe sconce was perfect in the room. It keeps selling out, but comes back in stock!

Side Table

The rock found its new home in the room! I used a old side table from Target, and vase I already had. I thrifted this Art book with perfectly coordinating colors. The leaves came for a tree in the backyard, and was the extra punch of yellow the room needed!

The Art

You all know how I love thrifting art, but sometime I get nervous putting my oil painting in Airbnbs. A GREAT alternative is digital prints. I downloaded these from BFF Print Shop, had them printed on matte photo paper at my local UPS. Then I framed them in Ikea frames! For the landscape, I framed without the plexiglass, and it could almost pass for a real painting! If you wanted to make sure it was protected, you could paint on some ModPodge, which would also give it a little texture like a painting!


Bed Casper Dark Oak Repose 
Sheets/Duvet Fog Blue
Pillows Original Casper Pillow
Decorative Pillows Etsy
Throw Gold Fringe Blanket
Hook Cast Iron Hooks
Rug Loloi Ehren Geometric Rug
Sconce Rivet Modern Glass Globe Sconce
Bag Weekend Traveler Bag
Digital Downloads from BBF Print Shop:
Melon Meadow
Golden Sail
Pressed Fern
Another Pressed Fern
Chain Curb Chain
Side Table Old Target
Book Thrifted
Vase Old H&M

I would LOVE to hear what you think about orange paint!! Too bold or just right!

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  1. Sarah says:

    What a gorgeous space! Your bold use of color really paid off! Did you use the same sheen of orange paint for the moulding and the wall or are they different?

    1. Jenni says:

      We used the same for both!

  2. Steph says:

    Well … CRAP! After to-ing and fro-ing for over a year, I had finally decided to go with a warm grey — until this! Dang it, Jenni!!

    Seriously though, it is gorgeous. Beyond gorgeous, and now I am back to square one! Ironically, my go-to cardigan is this colour, so it’s not really a surprise that I love it! Lol.

  3. Jenny Rae Pearson says:

    Absolutely love the orange but I’m a little biased as it’s my favorite color. I think it’s stunning and all the little details tie it together beautifully. I’m moving back to Milwaukee soon and think I just found the inspiration I needed to go bold on our slanted wall bedroom. Nice work!

  4. Milo says:

    Just right!!! I love it! Good idea to not go all the way up. And I love the illusion that the art is hanging from the picture rail!

  5. John M Mafeen says:

    Wow! The interior room looks so beautiful. I am also going to decorate my living room like this way.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. John M Mafeen says:

    Wow! The interior room looks so beautiful. I am also going to decorate my living room like this way.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. Rebecca H. says:

    I’ve been waffling on painting my dining room a similar color. My husband is against it because he thinks it will look bad beside the pale blue living room. This has convinced me that they work well together!

  8. lillydaplyn says:

    Such an amazing and attractive post! and the room looks so beautiful.

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