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After we renovated the mudroom earlier this year, you all have not seen it much because it’s usually covered in coats and boots…but I love this room SO much, I thought I would give it a little holiday refresh (before it gets filled  back up with winter gear!).  Here are just a few tips I learned along the way!

Hanging Fresh Cypress Garland – This was my first year decorating the Barnhouse for the holidays after moving in last January, and I got SUPER ambitious and bought all real greenery. Real pine wreaths, a real tree, real cypress garland, and I have to say, I understand why people go faux! It’s been quite the adventure, and after hanging it all (and making a big mess) some of it is already starting to dry out, no!! Learn from my mistakes with these quick tips:

– Hang your garland (and get it to look exactly how you want, which can take 1-27 tries) first before the rest of your decorating because you will definitely need to sweep and vacuum after.

– You can soak your garland in the tub before hanging so it will last longer, I skipped this step because handling wet garland in the house sounded like a disaster. Instead, you can mist it daily with a spray bottle and water to extend its life.

– Command hooks will be a huge help when hanging the garland. I loosely put the garland in place first, and then place the hooks in spots they will be hidden.
Keep the Mudroom Smelling Fresh – This mudroom houses a lot of wet boots, plus the pups like hanging out in here, which combined can leave *a bit* of an odor. I set my Air Wick® Pure Automatic Spray up on the high shelf, with the very fitting scent inspired by nature, Woodland Pine, to neutralize the pet and boot smells 24/7. It poofs out a little scent (you can control the frequency) to freshen up the space and provide continuous odor control. The mudroom now looks and smells like a Pine tree wonderland!

Hanging The Wreath – I love the look of the hanging wreath, but a quick tip is to use a stick-on window hook to hold the weight and then tie the ribbon on to “hang” it (without it holding any weight).
Basket to Catch-All for Hats/Gloves – I have a habit of taking off my hats and gloves and leaving them all over the house…and then forgetting where they are. I added a basket on the bench, so now whenever my hub or I find them, they go directly into the basket, and it saves me the 5 minutes of searching the entire house when I am trying to get out the door!
Thrifting Art – I have a whole post coming out about thrifting, but just wanted to say that sometimes a little black and white print can seem pretty unremarkable when surrounded by everything in an antique store, but they are so perfect for small spots like this were you just want a little visual interest without adding in another color.

There you have it!  Now please enjoy these pictures (and those baby boots, I could not help myself!!), because in about 5 minutes it will be covered in coats again!

SHOPPING: Vase, Art, Baskets are thrifted, Home Depot Rug (can’t find online, but was in the flooring section), Goorin Brother Hat, Old Scarf, Wreath from Home Depot, Garland from Costco. 

This room refresh was made in partnership with  Air Wick® Pure Automatic Spray. Thank you for supporting my amazing sponsors!

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  1. Paige Flamm says:

    This barnhouse is so cute! My husband and I dream of building a barnhouse on a nearby lake, so this is total goals for us!


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