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We shared that we have Baby Yolo #2 on the way a couple weeks ago, and it only seemed fitting to do so by continuing the tradition of family photos in the Duplex entry! (See all the pics from years past here) Besides the baby news, I also wanted to show off the newly painted trim!

2019 – The beginning of the Duplex renovation! This is where this entry started, it was pretty beat up, but it had so much potential! This house is the first project that Mr. Yolo and I work together on to do a total DIY renovation, and fun fact: I was 2 month pregnant with Lil’ Yolo in this photo.

We finished the renovation just days before Lil’ Yolo was born! We had sprayed the whole entryway with Behr Swiss Coffee, and painted the stairs Satin Black, and then it stayed this way for a couple years. But I always wanted to repaint all the trim and doors to show off the detail of this 100+ year old home!

This space FINALLY feels complete. Our buddy did a beautiful job painting the trim light blue and the details a darker blue so they would really pop! I added new nautical art to play off the blues, and feel like this is the grand entry this house deserves!

Paint colors

Light Blue: Hallman Lindsay Citadel Blue
Darker Blue: Behr Ocean Swell
Stair Paint: Behr Satin Black, with Rustoleum Floor Coating Topcoat

Paint the stairs

I always get questions about painting stairs. We painted these stairs (and the the stairs at our Barnhouse) with Behr’s Satin Black paint, I believe in a satin finish (the color is called “Satin Black”). At our Barnhouse we added a runner, so do not see much chipping, and just a few spots on the railing where the paint rubbed off from daily use over 4 years. Overall, it’s held up great! At this home, we do not have a runner, and definitely see chipping from guests dragging suitcases up the stairs. I think we used the scuff defense paint…but that’s not going to hold up to high traffic. We do touch-ups pretty frequently, and on the last round we coated it with Rustoleum’s Floor Coating Top Coat in Matte, and it’s been helping! Why don’t we put a runner here? I found that those get pretty trashed by suitcases too…and touching up paint is way easier (and cheaper) the replacing stair runners.

Art! Remember when I went on a ship art buying spree for this room? Well, all the extra art, plus a few new ones are making their way into this home.

All the other details in the entry are vintage finds.

Oh, how I love this duo!

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