Terrarium Making in the Backyard with Lil’ Yolo


The backyard at the Barnhouse is looking so magical! Mostly because the neighbors landscaping is happily spilling over our fence (we can’t seem to keep anything alive). The one plant I have had success with is succulents, so I thought it would be fun to get a terrarium kit, and let Lil’ Yolo design her own succulent garden! She is very interested in plants and flowers right now, and collecting things to put in containers, so this was a HUGE HIT!

Creating a Terrarium

I got the Metal Greenhouse Terrarium, Planter Starter Kit, Wood Tool Set, White Rocks and Planter Mister all from our sponsor Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. And the succulents from the Garden Section. I set everything out for Lil’ Yolo, and then just let her play.

The sweet little Wood Tool Set was perfect for her! She picked up rocks with the tweezers, moved things around with the tiny shovel and rake, and even brushed the stones.

This kept her entertained for a long time! Well…long for a 2.5 year old 🙂

Once she was done, she decided to dump all the rest of the rocks over the succulents, ha!

Little Yolo can tend to her garden at this SUPER sweet 3-Piece Bistro Set with Wicker Table I got for the backyard, it’s $100 off right now! And I have to say, it’s even better in person then the picture on the box. The wicker color is darker, with more variation. It looks more antiqued, it’s beautiful!

I hung a few little mirrors on the fence that I found in-store (similar here), and now we have a little spot to enjoy the flowers and the terrarium!


3-Piece Bistro Set with Wicker Table
Metal Greenhouse Terrarium
Better Homes & Gardens Planter Starter Kit
Wood and Metal Tools Set
Terrarium Planter White Rock
Clear Glass Planter Mister
Green Block Print Floral Throw Pillow
Mirror Trio in stores (similar here)




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