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This week I jetted (well trained) off to the lovely Jersey shore for a friends wedding. Head-to-toe this may be the least expensive outfit I’ve ever worn, yet I felt like a million bucks! 

To start, I carried at clutch I bought for $1 at my hometown second hand store, and covered it with feather trim from M&J Trimming (featured in this article). 
My Pretty Woman dress is also from the same second hand store, purchased on a day where from 4-6pm you can fill a grocery bag of clothes for $5…yeah you heard right…$5. Got to love the midwest. 
Lastly, I am obsessed with these wedges I bought with a gift card from Aldo. They go with everything, give you a good lift, and were comfortable enough to dance the night away!

The wedding was also decked out in DIY, all the brides friends chipped in to made the alter and the center pieces. Click for a pic after the jump. 

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  1. WobiSobi says:

    You look amazing!! Love Love everything!!

  2. Grace says:

    looking fab, lady!! heart those wedges. xo

  3. That is very pretty woman of you! Looking fab!

  4. Adiel says:

    You look gorgeous! I love how affordable this outfit is!

  5. Oh man, you stopped me in my reader. It’s totally classic but fresh with the addition of the shoes and clutch. LOVE…wedding looks gorgeous.

  6. You look super pretty:) $5 for a whole bag of stuff is an awesome deal. And those shoes are fantastic!

  7. Silsinati says:

    Lovely wedding (L)

  8. You are so PRETTY WOMAN! And I am kind of in love with these wedges. Love seeing an outfit post! xo, Kim http://www.eatsleepwear.com

  9. great 😀 xx the cookies
    share the feeling<3

  10. Anonymous says:

    An outside wedding. How perfect. The weather looks great.

    Your outfit looks sharp wfith the wedge shoes.

  11. london loves says:

    The ceremony looks beautiful! And you too! Such a good idea with the feathers, I might try that too!


  12. Anonymous says:

    Awesome outfit!

    and what is the name of this store/ where is it.

    (you said Midwest and I thought I had a chance of it being near me [crosses fingers])


  13. Lindsay says:

    So crafty of you to spruce up your clutch..love the nail polish too

    Delighted Momma

  14. Katherine says:

    The wedding looks so fab! and the polka dotted dress is so cute!

  15. Cool wedding and love those heels!! They look quite high but yet comfortable. Are they as comfy as they seem to look?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I think that it is not appropriate outfit for a wedding party.
    It is a outfit for usually morning.

  17. Love, love, love. The dress is beautiful! Maybe you want to follow each other? I’ll follow you back for sure 🙂

  18. NBA jerseys says:

    You look amazing!! Love Love your dress!!

  19. Tiffany says:

    Would u sale ur dress to me?

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