My DIY | Wire Bow Ring


 My latest wire creation, I am officially bow obsessed! Steps after the break…

Jewelry Pliers

1. Start with 6″ of wire
2. In the middle create a loop to fit your finger, I wrapped around a chapstick tube to create a rounded circle.
3. With your round pliers, grab the top
4. Bend over the top of the pliers to create the right loop of the bow
5. Next grab the bottom wire
6. Bend over the top of the pliers to create the second loop
7. Adjust so your loops are even
6. Take the end of the left loop, and wrap around the center, through the ring
7. Trim the ends of the wire
* If the ends are sharp, file down to dull edges




  1. Love this! I’ll definitely be trying this.

    Style to Stage

  2. This is too cute yet so simple! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Bookworm says:

    That’s beautiful!

  4. Nadini says:

    Oh my god… I LOVE your selfmade jewelry!!!! Thank you so much for publishing the tutorials!
    Many Greetings from Germany!

  5. Becky Bedbug says:

    Oh my goodness, that is so beautiful! I am totally in awe! If I tried this,it would just look like a big wiry mess!


  6. the bow is awesome!! you did such a great job and love how clear the steps and photos are.

  7. very very cute, thanks for posting! 🙂 xx

  8. Dominika says:

    ah, i love this!
    it’s a great DIY!


  9. Egle Ge says:

    Beautiful idea… I should make it myself! Thank you for the idea and DIY!

    With love, Egle Ge {HideInSugar}

  10. Mady says:

    love deities jewelry…


  11. Love this DIY! I adore these delicate little treasures but they can get so pricey since they’re on trend right now.. I’ll definitely be trying your home made version instead!

  12. FİGEN says:

    so simple and so cute!

  13. Naghmeh says:

    omg! this is just the cutest, sweetest DIY!
    I’m definitely going to try this 🙂

  14. Lyanne says:

    Wauw beautiful! 😀

  15. MAGS says:

    Wow, that’s so simple and cute! I’ve actually been looking for a bow ring, and I guess now I can just make one myself. Love it!!


  16. This is absolutely adorable… so sweet!

  17. Janka. says:

    I think that, I will try to do something like this ring. It’s really amazing 🙂

  18. Eep, the necklace is so sweet! Thanks so much for the tutorial, it really shows off wire wrapping in a way that makes it seem super possible for a novice. <3

  19. Magda says:

    What a great and easy DIY project. I’ll try it 🙂

    Feel free to visit also my blog with newest photo session

  20. sinead says:

    i absolutely adore this and will be trying this weekend! i find the pliers are always a bit fiddly but practise makes perfect (i hope!)

  21. Alias says:

    I love these bow rings, I wanna try making one myself! You could even try using different coloured wires 😀

  22. Cute! I’m not so great working with wire though. Mine always seems to have kinks in it! =(

    <3 Maggie

  23. Wow! cute!


  24. Miss Sultana says:

    this is so clever! i have to try this. your blog is so cute! i love diys 🙂

  25. Neru says:

    This ring is awesome love your DIY <3!!!

    lg Neru

  26. saar. ∞ says:

    Wauw, I love this one! I’m totally obsessed with your site, I follow you!

  27. Oh wauw I love it! great DIY, will be trying it myself 😀


  28. Icyvirgorox says:

    I love this! Thanks for the guide. I wonder if the heart shape ring is a DIY too? If yes then can you please make a how-to-DIY for that? I like that too. Thanks! =)


  29. Chiara says:

    I love this! Can’t wait to make one myself!

  30. Anonymous says:

    wonder if the wire gets dull over time.

  31. Hannah F says:

    Love it. Can’t wait to make my own. But can I use the 16 gauge wire that I used from your “heart beat” necklace???I still have some left.

  32. Emma says:

    This is really cute! I actually have one myself, cause I saw it at Make it & Fake a few months back. She used a thinner wire, but it is nice to know you have options 🙂

  33. Lorena says:

    I looove these! I actually just picked up two wire rings on Etsy just like these that said ‘love’ and the other a plain cross. These are great pieces to add to an outfit..

    Hugs from NYC!


  34. Dom Rozalii says:

    Fajny pierścionek! Podziwiam Twoją kreatywność Brawo:))

  35. Synnøve says:

    Omg! This is totally awesome! I am sure to try this out! 😀

  36. sinead says:

    I will 100% be trying this out at the weekend!

  37. Jessica Choy says:

    These are so adorable!! Can’t wait to make them and thanks for sharing! 🙂

  38. LoveLexy says:

    It’s so simple but it looks adorable and is a very pretty small dainty piece of jewelry! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  39. LoveLexy says:

    It’s so simple but it looks adorable and is a very pretty small dainty piece of jewelry! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  40. Shara Gomez says:

    Will definitely try this out! So cute! X

  41. This seems so simple but is SO cute! Definitely a must try.
    Love all of your DIYs… your creativity is amazing.


  42. She SAYS says:

    This is so cute

  43. Arti Arte says:

    cute….my cousin loves bows,perfect gift for her bday.thanks for the tuitorial

  44. WoW.. this is simply amnazing!
    Congratulation for you blog and for being so inspiring.
    Warm Regards from Italy

  45. Anke says:

    It turned out so well! Cute, cute, cute!

  46. Jolleen says:

    I love this added a link to this on my blog, back to your DIY.

  47. I’ll be making a few of these this weekend! Can’t wait to try this!!!!

  48. Angela says:

    Ohhh file down the ends! I was wondering how you keep from getting nicked by the sharp ends of the wires!

  49. ZADIN says:

    These rings look great. Thank you for sharing how it’s made process.

  50. ahhh love! can’t wait to try this!

  51. Fabienne says:

    I’ve been looking for bow jevelry for ages and now I found a way to do it myself on your blog! Thank you very much. I tried it now, but it turned out so ugly:( Sooo disapointing…

  52. Fabienne says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Meam Die says:

    Love it!!!

  54. bowrings says:

    Nice bow ring, thanks share this

  55. carolinesdiy says:

    I tried it today and I’m quite satisfied.
    🙂 Your blog is really inspiring, keep going!

  56. Love this & will have to try! – ARI

  57. Anonymous says:

    It is fantastic!!! I will try it 😉

  58. Anonymous says:

    it’s so cute! greetings from chile 🙂

  59. KBranscombe says:

    These are so delicate and cute – I wish I had the patience to make it myself.

  60. I really love this one, going to try it out, about now I think!


  61. Anonymous says:

    This is MUCH harder than she makes it seem.. DO NOT attempt this if you have never made jewelry before.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I definitely agree. I know my fiance will absolutely love the little bow ring and it’ll mean a lot more since I’m making it. But I’ve made 23 of the blasted little things and I can’t get them to turn out right. It all goes downhill on step 6. *sigh*

  62. Morgane says:

    It is awesomeee! I must try! I love it, it is really nice 🙂

  63. Kristina says:

    I’m a beginning DIY’er. I see that you have round nose needle pliers to form the piece, but what do you cut the excess wire with?

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  65. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the great idea. I’m getting married and I was looking for ideas for gifts for my bridesmaids to tell them “Thanks for helping me tie the knot”. I saw a Kate Spade Necklace that was in the shape of a bow for $78.oo, and with 6 bridesmaids that would add up to a lot of money and way beyond my budget. Now with your help I can make it on my own. Your creativity is such an inspiration. Keep up the amazing work!

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  67. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. My fiance and I made one for my engagement ring. It took several tries, but we finally made a perfect one. It makes me smile every time I look at it!

  68. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing your ideas. Helps a lot when I can’t find inspiration ! 🙂
    From France !

  69. SUPER cute! Definitely trying this at home ASAP!! 🙂

    xo, Victoria

  70. Barulinek says:

    It is absolutely amazing! I must try it!

  71. love it! ♥
    couldn’t find it in Switzerland. Now I don’t have to look for it anymore :))

  72. Lanie Skaggs says:

    amazing! I love making jewelry and this is so simple and classic, not to mention effortless.

  73. sophieda. says:

    how cute!

    my wire´s too thick so it looks like a prezel!

  74. Anonymous says:

    Aren’t the ends really sharp?

    1. fridaspeach says:

      You can take a small file (like a nail file) and give the sharp edges a go 🙂

  75. Kat Withers says:

    I’ve been dying for an adorable bow ring forever, so when I came across your tutorial today on Pinterest, I literally brewed a cuppa coffee, dropped what I was doing, grabbed my wire and set to work. This is the *most*precious* ring ever! I LOVE how it looks in bronze wire! Thank you so so much!!

  76. Katie says:

    Your heart ring is one of my favorites I’ve seen around… Please give us instructions on that!!

  77. Jackie says:

    Love this! Going to attempt it now 🙂
    Jackie @

  78. I’m reading this from far, far Poland and even here this article is as nice as everywhere else.

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