[My DIY] Newspaper Clutch

After stumbling across this photo, I knew I wanted to take what looks like a rolled up newspaper, and turn into a clutch. Perfect to pair with a classic outfit, I love how this becomes a newsworthy statement piece. A flat clutch works best for this project, and after spotting one at H&M for under $20, I raced home, grabbed my ModPodge and the latest headlines to create the look. 
Supplies: Newspapers, Paintbrush, Clutch from H&M,  ModPodge from BlickArt
There are a couple ways to do this DIY: 
You can measure out each side of your bag and cut out the correct size pieces to attached to the clutch. 
OR my technique: free hand cutting and patch together pieces to cover each surface.
Steps after the break…

After you cut your pieces of newspaper,  paint the ModPodge on the surface of your clutch, work in sections so the glue does not dry too quickly. 

Lay down the piece, then paint over it with ModPodge.

Cover the entire bag by layering peices of newspaper, make sure to paint the ModPodge under and on top of each piece. Cover one side and let it dry for a couple hours, then flip and cover the opposite side and let dry.

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  1. Great idea.


  2. Annie says:

    awesome DIY! This is something I need to try ASAP! too bad I can’t find modpodge in vancity yet:(

    1. Try Walmart, with the fabric paints…at least that’s where it was located in the Grandview Hwy location

    2. Anonymous says:

      I found a big thing of it at Michael’s

  3. Tara says:

    This is amazing! Never heard of modgepodge before, seems useful for future DIY projects too 🙂


  4. Sandra says:

    Great! I love your DIY ideas! X

  5. Such a great idea! Will do that this very weekend!


  6. cool idea!! will it last? would you maybe post that, after wearing it a few times?

  7. Clochet says:

    I must say that the DIY seems pretty easy and the result is cool and original. Maybe I sould try…

  8. C'est moi. says:

    looks great!

    what kind of clue is mod podge? is it like the clue you use for “napking techinque”? (sry for my bad english)

  9. Laure says:

    Such a great idea!! I need to do that urgently 🙂

  10. ali says:

    I think the role of newspaper stain your hands to take a while to heat the ink fades hands

  11. Anonymous says:

    What a great idea. What happens in the rain?

  12. ChicPoint says:

    huge! love this idea!

  13. Great idea and so simple!

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  14. Amazing idea!!! So original!!! Probably will try it one day:)

    Welcome to my NEWLY BORN blog: http://stylethisworld.blogspot.com

  15. mirari says:

    As good as in my closet!

    Love, mirari

  16. Newsworthy indeed! I love this…another great tute!


  17. crafty1 says:

    This is great-wouldn’t it be adorable to use colored comic strips??

  18. Zane says:

    gorgeous, love this idea

  19. bea says:

    I love it very pretty idea!DIY amazing!I’m following you!Check out my blog and follow me back if you want!

  20. I love this idea! Can’t wait to try it!

  21. Natalie says:

    I absolutely adore your outfits and the quality of your photographs. I also love the projects and how clever yet easy they are to make. I heard you speak today at the IFBcon and I thought you were such an inspiration! I am only 15 and someday hope to blog as well as you. Never ever stop blogging!


  22. Alice Nigo says:

    Why is it that you put the glue on that afterwards?

    Still a sick ass DIY will try for sure!

  23. Noticed this at IFBcon today and loved it!!

  24. Jordanna says:

    Oh gosh I NEED to do this <3 such a great idea


  25. Such a simple and clever idea. Ingenious! Can’t wait to try this out! x

  26. Great idea, thx for sharing! Also, for everyone else: modpodge can be found in Walmart as well, with the paints….or at least in Canada that’s where it can be found…

  27. This is cuteeee! I’m glad I found this! I have to find an old CLutch now!!

  28. um I’ll DEFINITELY be trying this!

    XO Sahra

  29. Helene says:

    love this idea! I think if you applied clear contact paper a la grade school textbooks, it would make the newspaper stronger and more damage resistant!

    Bon Vivant + a Budget

  30. JessicaCRB says:

    @crafy1 I love the idea of comic strips I was totally thinking you should do it with the colored pages of the fashion section in the Sunday paper.

  31. Noreen says:

    Love this very creative idea! You could cover almost anything this way!

  32. PeachyJane says:

    Great source of inspiration, as always! I used cardboard and durable fabric to make my own clutch, then covered with newspaper to look like an actual folded newspaper turned to the crossword.

  33. I love so much this ideia! Awesome! 😀

  34. Anonymous says:

    I love this! I have saved several newspapers with my grandson’s birth announcement in them. He is now 11. I am going to make one for myself and one for his mom making sure his announcement is prominently displayed!

  35. Seriously digging this as a journalism student!!!

  36. Lana says:

    As a journalism student, I love this!!!

  37. Absolutely love this idea; however, I would like to add a chain link to this. How would you recommend going about doing this? Looking forward to more of your ideas!

  38. Soofisticated says:

    Really like it but do you think it would work with comic book paper? I really want a clutch with the design of a comic book. xX

  39. Anonymous says:


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