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We packed up the studio! Not we just have to move everything… but the good news is, I got some time to craft today because we are working on a fun series of tassel/pom pom projects (more on that soon) and I could not help but share a sneak peek. Tassels are making a major comeback this Summer, just about every bag I see has one…or a ton…clipped on it. The best part is, it’s easy to make ones that look store bought, and super affordable. The supplies for 3 of these big tassels cost just $10 (when you work the coupons)! And you can customize the color combo to match your warm weather outfits. Perfect weekend project, right?!? Who is going to make one or five?! Steps and supplies after the break…

ispydiy_tassel_stepsWhat you need: 
Turquoise Leather
Glue glue

What to do:
Depending on the size you want your tassel cut your leather into a rectangle, mine was 8″ x 3.5″
Using the chalk, mark a line an inch from the top.
Next, draw vertical lines 1/4 an inch apart.
Cut each vertical line.
On the leather side, glue the thin ribbon to the top of your tassel, and an inch down (when the fringe starts)
Lope 3in of rope though the keychain hardware, and glue the rope on the inside end of the leather.
Next, roll up your leather, adding more glue along the way. Let Dry.
Clip onto your bag or keys. Done!






  1. Michelle says:

    I love the colour combination you used here!

  2. Neeltje | Thoughts in Style says:

    I am loving these tassels! X

  3. Lii says:

    Love this, colourful tassels definitely appeal to me this summer!! 🙂

  4. Sherry says:

    So many things you can use tassels for.
    Cute for backpacks.

  5. Laura Anne says:

    Definitely going to make these! They look awesome!

  6. vonKarin says:

    So awesome! And just what I need for my new bag. Thanks for showing!

  7. Annie Abbey says:

    This is so cute and fun and colorful! Thanks for sharing another awesome DIY! So much inspiration!
    xx Annie

  8. Monique Ceccato says:

    OMG this looks so good! You did such a great job on them… I bet mine would be a hot mess hahahaha.

  9. Anne says:


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