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 After admiring the awesomeness of Refinery 29’s DIY friendship bracelet, they asked me to come up with additional piece of jewelry to add to mine (and theirs) ever growing collection of wrist candy. I took the challenge, and mixed chain with my current knotting technique of choice, to create a pretty pastel bracelet, similar to past styles seen here and here.
Steps after the break…

2 pieces of 3 inch chain (
1 yard of suede (
Jewelry pliers
Jump Rings
Lobster Clasp
Step-by-step (picture of all the steps here)
1. Cut rope in half 
2. Thread both pieces through the bottom link of the chain
3. Next, set up your workspace by taping the top of your chain, and bottom of one of the pieces of suede rope
4. Cross the rope on the right over the middle two pieces 
5. Cross the left rope over the right one
6. Tricky step: Take the left piece and cross under the two middle pieces, and through the loop on the right side
7. Put the left and right side  
8. Create your first knot
9. Next repeat the process starting on the left side, crossing the left side over the two middle pieces
10. Cross the right rope over the left rope
11. Take the right piece and cross under the two middle pieces, and through the loop on the left side
12. Pull tight
13. Continue the process for 2 inches
14. Thread the two middle pieces through your second piece of chain
15. Knot your rope to secure to the chain. Dab a bit of super glue on the knot to hold.
16. Using your pliers connect the chain to the lobster clasp with your jump ring
17. Add 3 jump rings to the other end




  1. JENNI-FUHHH. says:

    this is soo cute! I just linked my friend to this and we’re planning to do it in addition to another DIY craft we’re planning to do (customizing/decorating shoes).

  2. BBella says:

    it’s very cute, I’m planning to do something similar so thank you for the inspiration

    xx BBella

  3. V. says:

    I made them myself a few weeks ago in black color. But now I see it looks much better in pastel 🙂


  4. Petra says:

    wow love these amazing bracelets. Looks so pretty.
    xo, Petra

  5. Dominika says:

    oh, brilliant DIY!


  6. Jurgita* says:

    Amazing!I want to try this DIY! 🙂

  7. △M†E ∞ says:

    what a chain do you use ?
    xx , amie

  8. wow, amazing DIY,thanks so much for shareing. much love.

  9. shamz says:

    I love this kind of DIYS.
    Can i ask, what size of the chain are you using?
    Thank you

  10. Amy says:

    Thanks for sharing, I will be trying this ASAP.


  11. Anonymous says:

    I love the bracelets. Must try soon.

  12. I love how you did this with suede!
    Smart n Snazzy

  13. Tia says:

    Thanks for sharing! I love this! 🙂

  14. Tasty knotted pastel colors 🙂 thanks for sharing!


  15. Anonymous says:

    I like the colors. Very snappy.

  16. @honeypeak23 says:

    Fantastic! really inspiring bracelet!

  17. Jennifer fay says:

    very pretty bracelet. I’m making bracelets too, but mine are the knitted ones and fabric.

  18. Love this! Where do you get your chain from? I looked in Michaels and they don’t have cuban chain…

  19. Love this! Where do you get your chain from? I looked in Michaels and they don’t have cuban chain…

  20. Karissa says:

    I love these! Perfect bracelets for stacking. Definitely need to try.

  21. Great idea, i’ve been meaning to do this with colored hemp!

  22. Anonymous says:

    I love friendship bracelets. These are so nice.

  23. MAGS says:

    Love it, really cute idea!


  24. Effie says:

    I love trying all your amazing ideas. Great blog!

  25. I really love them!!
    [fashion – trends – DIYs]

  26. Anonymous says:

    Great blog. I love the bracelets. You have so many great ideas.

  27. Pink Chick says:

    Love it! I get a lot of ideas from your blog!

    Xoxo from Peru


  28. Fall in Love says:

    Your blog is so inspiring! I made a charm bracelet and this is the post:


  29. aga says:

    Video please great blog !!

  30. Tavia says:

    Love these bracelets such great colors!
    Check out a new way to create your DIY’s on my new website!
    I made a DIY tutorial collage here!

    1. Ally Amazine says:

      What a great way to showcase products and DIY tutorials! I will definitely be checking out this site more! 🙂

  31. Lauren says:

    You always have the most amazing DIY bracelets! Can’t wait to do this one too!
    Lauren at

  32. Andie says:

    Love these bracelets.

  33. It's Carmen says:

    Love it! The bracelet is so adorable. DIY is awesome.

    ♥ It’s Carmen

  34. Anonymous says:

    You could probably use jump rings and attach charms to the cord part too. Or use beads and straight pins…….oh the possibilities!

  35. I love this chain ! You do so many good DIY’s! Keep doing what you’re doing! I love it!

  36. thefolia says:

    Thank you for this clever tip. I bought a bracelet from an acquaintance that broke and she would fix it for me for the same price I paid for the “overpriced piece”. I only bought it to support her and now I am stuck with a broken piece. Thanks to you I can reincarnate it!

  37. Rish says:

    Very cute! and simple 🙂

    I would really like to know what size curb chain you used as well!

  38. claire says:

    This is totally cute and such a great gift for the holidays…bracelets for EVERYONE!!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Lovelovelove! One question: did mj trimmings cut the chain down to size? I was looking at their website, and they seem to only sell it online in large quantities. If not, could you do it easily at home?

  40. Joycie Joy says:

    It’s super lovely~
    but i have tried several times, and somehow at the end the braid is twisted a little, it’s not as flat as yours.

    What have I done wrong?

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  42. carmafashion says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. carmafashion says:

    Fantastic. I realy love this DIY!

  44. Anonymous says:

    i love this idea but i didn’t have any of that suede rope so i used string and smaller chain worked just as good but small though.xxxx

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