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Hey all! Sorry for the slow week, I got back from a weekend in Philly for Labor Day and have felt a little under the weather since. The good news is that finally organized my shelves to display my growing globe collection! I went back to the antique store to get the black globe, but was beyond bummed when I found out it sold the day before…I ended up scoring a super rad floor one (so many uniques one were less then $30, it was hard not to buy them all!) and picked up a $10 dollar cheapie to give a makeover.  With a little paint and some pretty poorly freehand drawn continents (neither geography or drawing are strong skills of mine) I had a new globe that fits in perfectly on my craft wall! Supplies and steps after the break!…

What you need:
Cheap globe
Chalkboard Paint
Black acrylic paint
Gold acrylic paint
Paint brush
Painters tape (optional)




First, paint the bar around with a brighter gold.


Then, paint the base with chalkboard paint


Next, I rubbed chalk on the base to give it a more wore in look.


Then I painted the globe white, letting it dry between each of the layers.  I would suggest tracing the continents with black Sharpie after the first coat of paint, it will show through so you can paint over with a gold pen later. Easier then free-handing!



After it completely dried I drew on the continents with a my gold pen. Done!




  1. Rona says:

    I love how clean yet antique it looks!

    Rona from threepinkcats

    1. Jenni says:

      Aww Thanks! Me too! it looks great on the white shelves!

  2. Rianne says:

    This is such a good idea! Looks really nice with all the white!

  3. Ice Pandora says:

    Wowie that’s a nice globe! I love the gold and
    the chalkboard underneath it c: Xx

  4. beh1nd says:

    no worries about the black globe you missed, here is a vintage black one, and the price is perfect!
    (as i look carefully at the base, i can tell it’s the same!)

    1. Jenni says:

      OMG, you are amazing!!! I am buying asap!

      1. Beh1nd says:

        Yeay!!! Can’t wait to see it among the other globe goodies!

  5. Wow I love this idea! I’m such a big fan of globes, partly because I also LOVE to travel and looking at the different countries dreaming of where I might go next 🙂

    But that is such a fun idea and way to add a unique decorative globe to your collection. It’s also kind of fun simplifying things down to continents instead of dividing everything up by countries!

  6. Sherry says:

    Such a clever unique idea. Love the globes and plants.

  7. NadineNaomi says:

    Wauw! That’s a great idea!

    Love, Nadine

  8. Magpie says:

    love the white with gold outline! Just a couple of weeks ago I did a globe-makeover myself, but with black-board paint and gold. Have a look here:

  9. Marian says:

    I am OBSSESED with globes too!! Hadnt thought if DIY-ing one tho! So off to find me a cheapie I can experiment with…. 🙂

  10. Lauren says:

    Love this idea. It looks great and you won’t need to get a new globe everything a middle eastern or Eastern European country splits into two lol

  11. selma ribas says:

    nice tip!! love it!

  12. sherry says:

    Love the globes. Its such a super idea. Love to see more posts like this.

  13. Wow – totally loving this look! I just happened upon this fabulous project scrolling through Pinterest, such a great idea Jenni- can’t wait to give this a try! If you (or any other DIY bloggers here) ever want to sell your DIY revamped projects online (like an Etsy – but better!!) check out my new website RECOVETD!

  14. ISOSCELLΔ says:

    This is such a great idea! Pinned for the future 🙂


  15. ileana says:

    Coveting the white and green one!!! Where did you find such a beauty?!

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