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It’s Summer Summer Time! And I am gearing up to host a few get-togethers at my house, and wanted to create a seasonal centerpiece. This one is as easy as piling up a bunch of citrus fruits! When you are done, break out the juicer and make orange popsicles or mimosas for the following afternoon 😉 For a little something special, I sliced a few oranges in half, scooped out the inside, and add a wick then filled with granulated wax to create a quick candle!

ispydiy_citrus_centerpeice3 ispydiy_citrus_centerpeice2 ispydiy_citrus_centerpeice1What you need: 
Greenery – I used assorted eucalyptus in my centerpiece
Citrus fruits – Oranges, Lemons, Kumquats, Grapefruit, Tangerines, Clementines, Mandarin Oranges
Candle Wick
Granulated Wax
Table Runner (optional)

What to do: 
Use a platter or plate to ground your centerpiece. It’s easier to have a base before placing your fruits so that they don’t roll around.
Start layering up your assorted citrus fruits. The more variety of fruits you purchase, the more visually interesting the centerpiece will look. Try to alternate color tones and sizes in your layering.
Next add in the greenery. Place the greenery in and around the fruits to add contrast.
Stand back and view your creation as a whole. If you notice any holes, go back and fill them in with that extra kumquat or eucalyptus sprig.
For the candles, slice an orange in half.
Scoop out the inners with a spoon. Snack as you go, of course.
Place the wick in the middle of the orange.
Pour the granulated wax around the wick and fill up the orange half.




  1. Sherry says:

    Looks refreshing. On a hot day this would be a hit.

  2. Lorna Patrick says:

    This is such a wonderful idea!! I love, love,love!!

  3. courtney says:

    That candle sounds like it would smell really good!!

  4. Craft by Anni- DIY blog says:

    LOVE THIS! Def gonna try this myself 😀

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