[my DIY] chain and rhinestone bracelet

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I am currently obsessed with mixing metals, and wanted a bracelet to match the new gold & silver watch I bought. Weaving together two chains and rhinestones with rope created the perfect statement bracelet to stack!


Supplies: Gold and silver chain from M&J Trimming, Rhinestone, Black Suede rope, pliers, bracelet closure. Click below for the steps. 

Tie together the two pieces of chain (two chain should be the same size links so they match up when weaving rope) with a double knot.

Start by weaving together the first link of the chains. 

Place the rhinestones in between the two pieces of chain and begin weaving all three. 


Continue weaving down the chains, pulling the rope tightly between each link. 
Using your pliers, remove any extra links so all three chains line up. Double knot at the end.

Tie the closures on each end. Trim excess rope.

Fasten around your wrist and to create a great mixed metal look! 

Pin the step by step! 
Pin the step by step! 

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  1. Oh em gee. I love it! I know someone who’s birthday is on Tuesday, who would love to have that! (Yeah, I’m talking about me).

    Super cute, thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Renee says:


  3. Lia says:

    Wow soooo great!! I love this Jenni!

  4. Grace says:

    amazeballs! i love it!!!
    also, your photos are getting SO great! lovely job.

    xx grace

  5. Adaa says:

    Love it!!
    Its so simple to make and looks so gorgeous!

  6. Grace says:

    That’s stunning, I love it!

    xx Grace

  7. ACC says:

    I’m nutso for mixed metals myself…what a fantastic idea! I’m making one stat.
    a cleaner closet

  8. Nicole says:

    Love it!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  9. This is AMAZIIIING!!! You are so creative!!

  10. Aylin says:

    Hi; I love this , you are so creatives 😉

  11. This is a great bracelet! So much inspiration..


  12. Trisha[dot]J says:

    this is soo pretty.

  13. Can I tell you how much I love this?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  14. LOVE this- it looks just like a JCrew one from a prior season. adoreable.

  15. robin says:

    what a great idea!!!! love it love it love it!

  16. Anonymous says:

    You have so many clever ideas. I really like this one. So elegant.

  17. Your last two DIY’s have by far been my favorites! I am on the look out for a cute clutch to spray paint and now the findings for this awesome bracelet shall be in my hot little hands soon! Thank you for the awesome tutorials!

  18. That is brilliant and easy! I love the idea, and I will definately have to try to make one! Its gorgeous : )A true piece of art!

  19. I love this!! Im starting this right away along with your sprayed clutch!


  20. Archiex says:

    Wow, love the accessories.. All of them are gives more fashionista look! Fantastic..:)

    More hugs,

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. Yes! Mixing metals is my fav! Love this…I’ll be giving it a try. Hopefully it turns out just as cute as yours!

  23. I am sooooooooooooooo going to try this! Thanks!! Kiah

  24. This is a very good tutorial – great use of crystal chains. Okay to feature and link in a future blog post so others can come visit?

  25. jill says:

    wow, I can’t believe you made this! you make it look very simple, but I’m sure I would find a way to mess up. great bracelet collection!

    x. jill

  26. I’m so lucky I’ve found you. I love your ideas! You’re such an inspiration! 🙂

  27. Anonymous says:

    love the bracelet
    Could you let me know which size chain and rhinestones you bought?

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  29. Tina says:

    how cool is this!!! Just found your blog through Mommy Chic! Love it!! I’m your newest follower!

  30. JellieBean says:

    Wow that is gorgeous I need you to come live with me and make me pretty things lol
    I’ll definatly be following you from now on 🙂

  31. Love love love it! Will def try this *hopping over to Michaels*

  32. Cindy says:

    LOVE THIS. This is amazing beautiful!! Thanks!!! 😀


  33. Amazing. Love it so much! ♥.

    Kejmy ♥.

  34. What a fabulous tutorial and bracelet! I would be delighted if you would link this up to my Potpourri Friday Party currently in progress!

  35. What a fabulous tutorial and bracelet! I would be delighted if you would link this up to my Potpourri Friday Party currently in progress!

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  37. Love this DIY bracelet, love the mish mash of metals and the chunkiness of the bracelet. Generally just think it’s awesome!!


  38. Moushka says:

    Swooping in from The Beading Gem’s Journal. This is one of the BEST looking bracelets I’ve ever seen. Thanks for a great tutorial.

  39. matherton says:

    Great bracelet. What size chain did you use?

  40. OOHHH LOVE IT! i need to try this!!Thanks for such awesome directions!

  41. FBegumStar says:

    Lovve this soo much! gonna try it! 😀 xxx


  42. Robin says:

    I’m pinning this! Love it to pieces.

  43. sheri ann says:

    i have just started getting into DIY projects and the idea of mixed metals. looking forward to trying this out!


  44. So glad I Came accross your blog thank you! I looove mixed metals have been doing some looks like this recently on my outfit posts too.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I love this, but where did you get the rhinestone chain? And do you know if the gold and silver chains are available at Hobby Lobby?

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  50. dp says:

    I love this. I really want to try this one!! http://www.savvystayathomemom.blogspot.com

  51. Olya says:

    This is cool! Love it, and will make it:)

  52. Ordering chain from M&J Trimmings and making this as soon as I get the stuff. Love it!

    1. Adita says:

      @Veni Vidici Vici hey girl! what size of chain did u order to do this? i’ve been looking to do this project but i cant find the perfect chain 🙁

  53. Sharon H. says:

    this looks so pretty and elegant. Can’t wait to make my own 🙂 love it!

  54. i see so many diy bracelets. this one is seriously the BEST!

  55. i would love to know the size and name of the chains and rhinestones used…

  56. This is fab..I love it

  57. fashionDays says:

    This is my favourite diy bracelet ever!!!


  58. Kelli says:

    I’m going to guess that the chain is about 10mm.

  59. elisec says:

    i love this. where can i get the rhinestones?

  60. itm says:

    nice post about chain and bracelet jewellery this jewellery looks so pretty.
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  61. love it
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    I promis I follow you back

  62. Haley says:

    SO AMAZING. Hope mine is as good as yours :]

  63. Jony Gibson says:

    You gave nice post to us. Thanks for spending the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more.
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  64. Cfieser says:

    Anyone know the rhinestone chain size?
    Having difficulty finding the correct materials to make.

  65. Pat says:

    Cfieser, I am having the same problem. I Really want to make this but cant find the rhinestone chain or gold chain! Any one have ideas for orders online maybe?

  66. Susan4 says:

    Here’s info on size. From 9-28-11 ISpyDIY post “I’ve received a ton of emails about this bracelet and what chain to use. I stopped in at M&J Trimmings to find the chain: Gold Matte Gold 10mm and Matte Silver 10mm $4.95 a yard (call the store to order). Use rhinestone chain where each gem lines up with each link of the chain.”
    I bought chain and large Swarovski rhinestone at M&J; Beautiful but really dangerous around sheer fabric, like scarves. I found an online source called Hord Crystal that makes “fabric friendly” rhinestone chain. I re-made mine using the chain mentioned above and their 6.3mm rhinestone chain. Note that rhinestone chain sizes are given in the size of the crystals and does not include the space between.
    Hope this helps.

  67. begoña says:

    muy bueno este tutorial gracias

  68. sjwnana says:

    totally awesome
    thanks so much…

  69. Nathalia says:

    Hi, I would like to repost this DIY on my “portuguese” website. All credits will be given to you please let me asap.
    Website http://www.sitedanathy.com, sitedanathy@gmail.com.
    Thank You!

  70. dooleynoted says:

    This is so awesome! Fantastic tutorial and pictures. I’m going to try to make a couple this weekend 🙂

  71. Anonymous says:

    Lovely!! You know that you have your watch on upside down don’t you? LOL PJ Taylor

  72. E. Katya says:

    Looks gorgeous! I just discovered your site and I’m your newest follower 🙂


  73. Allie says:

    I am in looove with this. I’ve been looking for a tutorial like it forever. I’m a new follower to your blog and I have to say it is quickly becoming one of my faves. 🙂 I featured this bracelet on my blog yesterday. Come check it out and grab a button if you like! http://missloviecreations.blogspot.com/2012/02/my-favorite-things-thursday-not-on.html


  74. B Allen says:

    I just wanted to say you are awesome! I made your chain and rhinestone bracelet into a necklace and posted it today, you are super inspiring 🙂

    Brooke @ Monikabrooke.blogspot.com

  75. aphrodithe says:

    Where can I find those chains? flea market? pls. reply

  76. making this is a lot harder than it seems…. attempting to do it now. and it’s so not working out LOL I’ve been doing this for the past hour

  77. khess136 says:

    I bought my chains from M&j but they were out of the silver so I bought bright gold and antique gold. Still looks nice. I bought the rhinestone chain on etsy from twpmango as she has the perfect size at a great price, 1 yd of 6mm came in around $10 which included the shipping. Only curb link chain will work since it has to lay flat. I’ve made the bracelet with both split leather and small round leather. The small round leather gives a more open feeling…a little daintier. I almost gave up on this project since I couldn’t get the right materials, but once I did I’m so glad I pushed through with it!

  78. Philomenia says:

    so cool! It looks very expensive

  79. Chrystalla says:

    Oh my god!!!! I spotted your website on blog login and now I am in love with everything you do!!! Especially with this bracelet!!!!! I just love it!!!!! Can you please tell me which chains and rhinestones you used from MJTRIM.COM so I can get them and give it a humble try myself…????
    Thanks for all the inspiration and creativity you send out to the rest of us!!!!

  80. Anonymous says:

    I’ve done this and it looks absolutely UH-mazing!!!!!!!
    But I have one problem… When I wear it, the chains get misaligned… Like the chains are not straight 🙁
    Does anybody else have this problem??

  81. Anonymous says:

    I stumbled upon your Martha Stewart bib segment and now I am hooked to your DIY ISPY site. I spent the whole night going over your entire blog, my husband thought I was obsessed/crazy. I just really like your simple but funky/unique/everyday girl style. You are on trend but you don’t overdo it…hard to explain I guess 😛
    Anywhooooo, I just made your bracelet and I love love love it! Off to make my second one so I can stack them like you.
    Thanks for sharing! I’m off to buy your book today!

  82. misscitychic says:

    adorable! how do you get the white background? please let me know at misscitychicblog@gmail.com thank you!

  83. Lauren says:

    This is unreal and definitely doesn’t look like you did it yourself! Love it!
    Lauren at http://www.fashionotes.com

  84. laura kay says:

    you are so crazy awesome!! I have been wanting this bracelet, and now i can make it for a fraction of the cost!! yay! 🙂

  85. Anonymous says:

    where can i get a rhinestone bracelet like yours?

  86. i finally made one of this!! I kid you not it’s worth it! Love the gorgeous results! although I had to improvise a bit specially on the rhinestone chain and the silver chain. The one I used is for the rhinestone chain is actually a circle crystal chain and the silver chain instead of a matted one shown above the one I used is from Tori Spelling line from Michael’s it’s shinier and has a diamond pattern on it like snake skin :)Keep up the great diy ideas

    Thank you for this bracelet 😀

  87. Maria says:

    Wow, that is amazing!!! Could you please tell what size gold & silver chain you used in this one?? Thank you so much!! 🙂

  88. I’m about to make a pearl version of it! instead of using a rhinestone chain, with a black and silver chains and a different color for the suede cords! <3 so excited!

  89. Anonymous says:

    Around how much did the supplies cost at M&J?

  90. Dionne says:

    Hello, I love your detailed and comprehensive tutorial on how to make Chaine and Rhinestone bracelet. We wish to feature this tutorial on our blog if permitted and if there will be a slot available for this technique.

    Let me know your thoughts,

  91. Anonymous says:

    I instantly fell in love with this diy idea. I was bound and determined to make it, and so I set out withno experience and tried my first diy. And I’m happy to say, it worked out almost perfectly. There were a lot of trialand errors, but it eventually turned out perfectly. And to boot you can get the chain from Michael’s instead of having to but it online. Happy DI-ing!!!!! : )

  92. Charnel says:

    I love it ♥

  93. Very cool! Thanks for sharing; I must try this!

  94. Salim Reza says:

    Design and order your own custom silicone wristbands / rubber bracelets with personalized message and artwork.

  95. Zivoo says:

    Ok, just try it

  96. Lyss Arielle says:

    Made my own! http://www.blyssjustbreathe.com/images/1.jpeg – Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  97. Tascha says:

    I think this is one of the prettiest bracelets you ever made <3 You can wear it with everything and it's so pretty!!!


  98. Randy Clap says:

    This is rad. My wife always digs some cool scrap metal trinkets. In Minneapolis the punk scene really gets into it too. I sell metal things at the farmers market and punks are my biggest demographic.

  99. Liz Torres says:

    Wow, this is amazing!!!

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  101. I so love all your ideas & they are easy peasy too! THANKS FOR ALL THE DIY jewelry Ideas, I will SHARE THEM With whomever wants to DO THEM TOO! Debra in Portland OREGON USA.

  102. Angelina says:

    OMG! I so always thought that the string is done by crochet or something.
    Love Your work.

  103. Satnam says:

    Great !!!!!!!!

  104. Anonymous says:

    What size chain is that?

  105. Iconoclaste says:

    NEAT !!
    I’m so gonna try that !!


  106. msfashly.com says:

    Totally LOVE this!!! GOODNESS I am so glad I cam across your blog!!!
    Wonderful work!

  107. easy and I am going to make it!

  108. Anonymous says:

    what are the measurements for the chain :)? xx

  109. fhgfh says:

    Oh what a nice Bracelet I wanna make it. Thanks for your nice post. Definitely this post is informative.
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  110. Hi! Beautiful work. We’ve included this tutorial in our Best Rhinestone Cup Chain Tutorials on the Internet blog post!



  111. Dooree says:

    Lovely Lovely Lovely!


  112. Same here,,, so many habe asked and it seems to have been ignored.
    I would love to knoe the sizes it is an important part of the project 🙂

  113. Thanks so much the sizes of what they are using is very important. If I may ask how did you figure the sizes???

  114. Hello , where did you get the materials and what sizes do I need. The camera can be very deceiving ..I would appreciate the help. I was told to go here for materials but can’t find them.Love them so much.

  115. Hello, Where did you find the materials and what sizes…I figure if I ask enough people someone will answer. LOL.
    Thanks for your help!

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