MY DIY | Bedazzled Case

I broke down and got an iPhone 5, it’s on the way, so my cracked up 4 served as a model today.  And since I am getting a fancy new phone, why not have an over-the-top case to match it. I bought a bunch of gems and got to bedazzling! Sometimes the gaudier the better, right? And finding it in my bag just got a whole lot easier. Stay tuned, I am making more!

What you need: 
Cell phone case (hard plastic cases work best)
Gems (make sure to get small ones to fill in gaps)
Quick Grip Adhesive 
What to do: 
Pretty Simple! I started in a corner, dabbing glue onto the case and arranging the gems as I go.
After I covered the case, I went back over and layered more gems to fill in the gaps.
Let dry.




  1. Kacie Cone says:

    That looks so good, I love the colors! Your nails look awesome too!

  2. Mira says:

    So simple and stunning. I have to try this.

    xx Mira

  3. Love the color combination and the matching mani!

  4. nice combination 🙂 i like this :))

  5. amaaazing!! will try it & let you know!!


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  6. Leen Philips says:

    Very nice DIY! 🙂

    Doe mee aan de give-away voor het één jarig bestaan op mijn blog!

  7. Janelle Go says:

    I think i paid more attention to your nails than the post. Hahaha. Love it! 🙂

  8. Anne says:

    Cute! I love it even more ‘coz it’s blue! 😉

    Anne’s Scribbles and Doodles

  9. Vera says:

    It looks so cute!

  10. Hasan says:

    Really nice, Can’t wait to try on my girlfriends phone 🙂

  11. Would you believe that I recently bought my daughter a case similar to this? The only difference is that it cost an arm and a leg and isn’t nearly as cute as yours!!!

  12. Pinning it! I can’t wait to try this one.

  13. Dee Kay says:

    Very pretty Im so DIY challenged but this is one DIY I could actually have a shot at!
    Dee Of Ms Dee Kay

  14. So pretty! I want to make this!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I love this. Such a great idea. Must try it.

  16. So simple but so fun. I love this! And your nails are amazing by the way. I like how they were color coordinated with this post. Thank you for sharing!


  17. Jay says:

    OOOO. I love. Teal and bling. Nothing better.. Love Love Love.

    XOXO Jay

  18. This is amazing!! Such a great idea, dyyyying to give it a go myself!

    Ashley xo

  19. This is amazing!! Such a great idea, dyyyying to give it a go myself!

    Ashley xo

  20. Ohh, love it! I should try do to something like that, I have Nokia Lumia, and there’s not a one pretty accesories for it 🙂

  21. very cute I love the color combination will definitely give this a try

  22. It’s good!
    Also love your nails!
    abiti da sera

  23. You need to try use gems, next time, when you’ll buy next iPhone case 🙂 It is very useful tip.

  24. Lara says:

    Ooooh me encanta, yo hice un DIY muy parecido hace tiempo pero con menos pedrería, si llego a saber que quedaba tan bonito me lio a pegar pedrería a lo loco. jejeje

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