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Sorry for the pause in posts! I had a last minute PR trip so was traveling for a couple days, and when I got off the plane last night, I took my laptop into bed to finish this post…never a good idea…I was snoozing in 5 minutes flat! Speaking of a good night’s rest, (how’s that for a transition) I have started decorating my bedroom in my new apt! I showed you all the gameplan for the livingroom (final pics coming soon!) which is very black & white, lots of lines, and just a pop of color. For the bedroom I wanted to make it a bit more comfortable and colorful. If you have been following for a while, you know my obsession with Mexico, and the last time I was there, I picked up some colorful serapes with the intention of using the blanket material to make pillow cases. Now that I am in my new place, I thought it would be cool to make a super long pillow for my bed, and then add a few additional pieces to give the room a summer camp vibe. I also want add some DIY touches, making the bed frame (so much cheaper then buying one) and the triangle shelves. TBD if this will work in my industrial space,  but I will make sure to snap some photos of the outcome!

1. Minted Staredown Art
2. Leather butterfly chair or I had a frame already and got this cover in tan
3. Find similar Serape Pillows here 
4. The plan is to make the triangle shelves, but you can buy them here and here 
5. Using two of these Ikea Mogler storage stools for side bed tables
6. Side table Spotlight
7. West Elm Clothes hamper or blanket storage




  1. Beautiful collection, thanks for sharing!
    My favorites are #2, 5, 6, too bad it is not easy to DIY them hehe 🙂

    Why Buy? DIY!

  2. Kat Wachter says:

    I’ve been wanting to make a bed frame similar to that! Pretty please do a tutorial!

  3. Paige says:

    I love those triangular shelves!


  4. sherry says:

    Anxious to see outcome.

  5. Kaitlyn says:

    Love #2 and #5! Great post 🙂

    – Kaitlyn |

  6. Lindsay says:

    Love these picks! Can’t wait to see the outcome!
    Lindsay /

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