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First, thank you so much for all the advice on my “To Renovate or Not to Renovate?” post! I was blown away by the amazing advice you all took the time to share. Now I am officially going into this project expecting for it to cost way more and take way more time then I budget, haha. Here is what I have been up over the last couple weeks.
The Search for the House: I have become obsessed with the searching online the perfect fixer upper, and have looked at few, but most were under 1,000 square ft and need the entire floorplan reconfigured to create a space that would work. So I started asking around, and talked to everyone (for real, EVERYONE) about how I was looking for a home in need of a rehab. Word of mouth led me in the direction of a few forclosures in an up-and-coming neighborhood. The houses are now owned by the city and are being auctioned off for close to nothing, with the hope that someone will give the house a major facelift. Great news: I’ve found a place I love! the reason I am showing the above lovely photo is because the place is a DUMP. I could not decide what was worst…the smell or the condition of home. BUT it has potential, and that’s what you need to look for, right? It’s a complete gut job, but walking through it, I could picture how amazing it will be at the end. Oh, there was defently a critter running around during the tour. Eeeeeek! If you stop by I SPYDIY snapchat in the next 24 hours, there is a little tour of the house. Right now I am putting together a full renovation proposal to submit to the city, and should find out in about a month if I get it, stay tuned!!

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  1. Malka says:

    I’ll stay tuned for news!!Good luck!
    Kisses from Spain!

  2. Michelle says:

    Wow, I am super excited about what you will do with that house, this is so great!

  3. Kristy Jones says:

    Can’t wait for the final proposal. I am pretty sure that it will be an amazing one because you already have the skills and idea. Good luck!

  4. Patri says:

    I hope you get it! This way we all will see how it will go from creepy to awesome! 🙂

  5. sherry says:

    Anxious to see the before and after.

  6. Shehla says:

    excited for this project! Good luck!

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