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I just got back after 10 days of traveling, and could not be more ecstatic to be back in my apartment. I finished decorating and it finally feels like home! Awhile back I showed you the place when I first got the keys, then gave you a couple sneak peeks at what I was buying along the way here and here, now I am ready to reveal how it all came together!I honestly thought I would be able to decorate the place in a week, but as I starting shopping, I became obsessed with finding things I really loved. I started from scratch with this place, so needed to get everything, which was a little overwhelming. I do a lot of my shopping online, so it tends to take me a little longer to buy because I get distracted by the million options. I also wanted to make sure a lot of the pieces were thrifted so I would have one-of-a-kind items mixed with the more popular ones. I am happy I took a little longer to find the right stuff, because now so many items have a fun story. Welcome to my apt!

I LOVE the industrial style of this apartment. It’s pretty much my dream warehouse loft space. The concrete, the graphic lines of the giant warehouse windows, the lack of color, all fit perfectly with my aesthetic. I wanted to play off those characteristics, so went with a black & white color scheme, adding in patterns, and warming it up with a few natural wood pieces, a little pink and yellow, and lots of plants!

IN THIS ROOM | Threshold Round Pouf, Heart Weekender Bag, Ikea PS Locker, Shag Area Rug, Shane Power Wall Planters, Striped Angle Bookends, Wood Candle stick holder, EIVOR Blanket Thrifted: Chair, books, fan

There is an antique store down the street from me and many many hours were spent there chatting with the sellers, learning more about each piece I bought. I wanted a bunch of black and white books and found a seller who was obsessed with spy books, being I SPY DIY, I loved the idea of having a stack with the word Spy in, and lucky for me, they were all black and white!

I am obsessed with typography, so am always on the lookout for plates and containers with fun words on them for the exposed shelving in the kitchen. My favorite are the vintage liquor holders that I found on Etsy, the seller Compost This was the nicest guy and I already have more of his items in my queue.
IN THIS ROOM | Threshold Leaning Bookcase, Porcelain Hurricanes, Star Sculpture Thrifted: Watering can, and Typography Liquor Holders

My favorite DIY project is the coffee table. It started with a routine stop at my local Salvation Army, and I found out that they started selling slabs of wood at all the locations, which led me on a crazy chase around town looking for the perfect piece. Once I found it, my brother-in-law helped me cut it, then my Dad came with an array of sanders to get it smooth, and add the legs.  My Mom supervised the staining, and snapped pics of process (stay tuned for the tutorial) It was a family affair! And that makes me love it even more.

IN THIS ROOM | Cowhide Rug, Minted Visionary 2 Art, Dusen Dusen Pillow, Triangle Pillow, Herringbone Tray, Target Floor Lamp, Faceted Terrarium, DIY Coffee table (stay tuned for the tutorial) 


IN THIS ROOM | Subway Tile Print Chairs, Natural Tree Stump Side Table, Threshold Square Pouf



The kitchen was my favorite to shop for, I love the open concept shelving! I knew I wanted to start with white basics, and add graphic elements. Then sprinkle in some special items from the antique store. I have a feeling these shelves will be forever changing, but I am so happy with how they currently look!

IN THIS ROOM | Yellow Swivel Balstools, Marquee Letters, Minted Quote Print, Geometry Expresso Cups, Oil and Vinegar holder, Marble Clock, Hexagon platter, Ceramic Colander, Large White Pitcher. All other items are thrifted or old purchases. DIY White Pineapple. 


For the bedroom I knew I wanted a bit of a summer camp feel. I picked up this blanket in Mexico, and I love the pop of color it gives to the room.  If I ever go bankrupt, it will be because of my plant buying habit. I love having a TON of greenery in my space…but can never keep them alive. My Mom came over to help me plant everything because she is the plant whisperer, and has given me strict care instructions. Fingers crossed they still look like this in a couple months!

IN THIS ROOM | Grid Dot Rug, Storage Stool, Windowpane Sheet Set, Spotlight Lamp Thrifted: Fan, Blanket from Mexico 


I found these trophy shelves online, and knew I wanted to add succulent pots in each. Then the fear of them falling on my head while I slept set in, so each pot is stuck on with heavy duty double sided tape. They may be getting a paint makeover in the near future! Stay tuned for the steps to make the wink pillows!

Thanks so much for stopping by! xx j




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