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Last month my family and I took an amazing trip through Europe, starting in Paris to Oktoberfest in Munich, then Prague to visit my little Sister, and finally, the most beautiful, Strasbourg! I took so SO many photos on my iPhone along the way, and I was looking for a fun way to print and display them at home, and then I discovered the FUJIFILM instax SHARE® SP-3 SQ printer! It was SUPER easy to print out the snaps I took in each country straight from my phone or Instagram via the instax SHARE app. And they just look so darn cute in the old school format.

ispydiy_thanksframe2  ispydiy_thanksframe ispydiy_thanksframe5
Next, was figuring out how to display them. I thought it would be to fun to sandwich the photos between two inexpensive pieces of glass I bought at the hardware store. Then, I constructed a frame out of wood, so the glass could slide in and out. That way I can change out the photos often! Since it’s the Thanksgiving season, and I am beyond grateful for the experiences I had abroad with my family, I wanted to add a message of gratitude to the frame. I have ALWAYS wanted to try my hand and wood burning, and I was surprised at how easy it was to create a custom message. The hardest part is waiting for each letter stamp to heat up (patience is not a virtue of mine, ha!). All the steps and supplies after the break:

What you need:
2 pieces of Oak .5″x2.5″x36″
1 piece of Oak .25″x1.5″x36″
2 pieces of 11″x14″ glass, 3/32 thickness
FUJIFILM instax SHARE® SP-3 SQ printer
FUJIFILM instax SQUARE® film
Wood Glue
Wood Burning Tool and alphabet
Smart phone
Walnut Stain
What to do:
Cut 2 pieces of the 2.5″ and one piece of the 1.5″ wood to 14″ for the bottom of the frame
Cut 4 pieces of the 2.5″ and 2 pieces of the 1.5″ wood to 9″ for the sizes of the frame

Create a U with the 2.5″ pieces, line the outer edge with wood glue

Place the 1.5″ around the outer edge as shown in the picture to hold the sides and bottom of frame together.
Set the glass in the frame to make sure it fits snugly.

Spread glue on top of the 1.5″ pieces, and add the remaining 2.5″ pieces on top, sandwiching the glass.
Let dry.

Once dry, use the wood burning tool to burn your message into the bottom part of the frame.
Make sure to test out pressure and spacing on a scrap piece of wood.

ispydiy_thanksframe11 ispydiy_thanksframe12
After burning in your message, stain the wood using a rag or brush.

Download the Instax app and printer photos on your FUJIFILM instax SHARE® SP-3 SQ printer
Arrange your pictures between the glass, use a little piece of tape on the back to keep each in place, then slide the glass into the frame.
This post was made in partnership with  FUJIFILM instax SHARE® SP-3 SQ printer, thank you for supporting my amazing sponsors! 




  1. Linda Kernodle says:

    I like the travel photos and the arrangement. But since your blog is “I Spy DIY”, I did spy something. I love the wooden ironing board. I thought I was the only person in the world that uses an old wooden ironing boards as tables. I have, I think, seven or eight. I had more but decided to share.

  2. Michelle says:

    What a beautiful idea, I love the rustic look of the frame! Did you like Strasbourg?

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