HOLIDAY DIY | Monogram Tile Ornament 


I had so much fun making the DIY Braided Rope Wreaths with Brother last year, when they asked me to partner up again this year, I said ” Yes! Let’s keep the tradition going!” For this years ornament, I challenged myself to use a material I have not used for holiday decorating in the past, and since I am fresh off the Barnhouse renovation, I thought tile would be a fun way to decorate our first Christmas tree in this home! If you don’t have any extra tile at home, no worries, a sheet like these only cost $10-$20 dollars at the hardware store and can create up to 60 ornaments! ISPYDIY_MonogramTileOrnament10
This is my first time using gold foil letters, and they are SO EASY, and look incredible, I am obsessed! I guarantee anyone you give these to will be wowed it’s a super quick DIY, less than 90 seconds each. And then to top it off, print out a sweet message on the Brother P-touch Embellish Ribbon & Tape Printer to create a super personalized present or mark each year’s ornament.

I marked our first year as The Yolos, and one for each of our pups (complete with a little puppy symbol on each of their ribbons 🙂 I am SO excited with how these turned out, and to make new one every year out of tile from each of our renovations! All the step and supplies are after the break.


What you need:
Brother P-touch Embellish Ribbon & Tape Printer
Brother P-touch Embellish Gold on Red Satin Ribbon
Gold Foil letters
Gold paint pen
Glue gun


What to do:
Remove your tiles from the mesh backing
Start with one tile, cut out a letter from your gold foil
Peel off the backing, then place the letter in the center of your tile
Rub the top for 10 seconds, and then peel off the front to reveal the letter.
Next, use your gold paint pen to mark a dot boarder on the tile.
Type your message into the P-touch Embellish, then print on the P-touch Embellish Gold on Red Satin Ribbon.
Dab a little hot glue on the back of the tile to attach the ribbon to the top
Now hang on your tree or give as a gift!


This post was sponsored by Brother. Thank you for supporting my amazing partners!




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