HAPPY BIRTHDAY I Spy DIY | Thank you giveaway

ETC, Giveaway
Three year ago in September I started ISpyDIY.com and one year ago in November I left my full-time job to make my website my career, so I decided to meet somewhere in the middle and celebrate I Spy DIY’s birthday!  This year has been a huge learning experience, figuring out how to navigate this world of blogging, balancing coming up with new content and monetizing the site, much of it while on the road with my book.  I’ve made some good choices and some not so great ones, but with each one I have learned so much about what you are excited to see, and where the site can go in the future. To celebrate I’ve given the site a facelift, made some upgrades, and am excited to bring you more of the projects you want. Without you all, this site would not exist, so I wanted to say THANK YOU for following with me through this journey and continuing to read, create, support and inspire me. 

As a token of my appreciation, check out my updated DIY gallery and choose a project, I will pick a comment and re-make it for you! Also let me know what you would like to see more of: Jewelry DIY? Clothing projects? Inspiration photos? My outfit pics? Include your email or twitter so I can contact the winner. 
And the winner of the Carrie Hammer dress is Cindy T, sending you an email 🙂 
Photo by: Lydia Hudgens 




  1. San says:

    Happy birthday I Spy!! I love the DIY STITCHED COACH DUFFLE! I’d love to see more jewelry and inspired DIYs. My twitter name is jobicohn1329.

  2. byrachelho says:

    Happy Birthday ISpyDIY! I’m currently coveting your Triangle necklace DIY which I almost bought at Urban Outfitters myself too! I’d love to see more inspiration outfits and home DIY projects!


  3. I still love the chain + rhinestone bracelet best! Congrats on your blogs birthday and on successfully going pro! 😉

  4. Abby says:

    Happy birthday! I like the DIY envelop laptop case, and I would like to see more clothing DIYs.

    brownjohnjunior at gmail dot com

  5. Kate Jones says:

    Happy Birthday!!! I always love your jewelry DIYs, so I’d love to see more of those!!! Thanks! katfehl at gmail.com katejones.me

  6. Nitika says:

    Happy birthday!! I’m in love with the Wire Bow Ring. And I’d love to see more clothing and jewelry DIYs.



  7. LOVE this, so cute <3 Happy birth! xx

    I would love this :http://www.ISPYDIY/2012/09/my-diy-hair-chain.html

    hope i win (:

  8. yanneng says:

    happy birthday ISPYDIY <3 as a boy reader, I have to say this: http://www.ISPYDIY/2012/03/my-diy-color-wrap-bracelet.html in dark manly colors heehee <3 hoping to win~

    I like clothing projects because I can do them more often as well heehee.


  9. JW says:

    Happy birthday ISpyDIY!!! I am drooling over that rope necklace. And I’d looove to see more clothing DIY’s. Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration! 🙂


  10. Theresa says:

    I like the chevron laptop case, and I’d like to see more clothing projects!

    @Desdrata on Twitter

  11. cleartheway says:

    YAY! Happy Birthday!! Thanks for the inspiring posts.

    I love your chevron laptop case DIY as well. I want to see more jewelry DIYs.

    @clearthewaykate on Twitter =]

  12. Happy birthday! I love your blog!

    I love your criss cross bead bracelet, and more jewelry DIYs would be amazing!

    @classylinear on Twitter

  13. Haley M. says:

    I would like to see more jewelry projects! I’m sooo in love with the chain and rhinestone bracelet! So lovely :]

  14. BooBooNinja says:

    What a huge year it has been for you!
    Congratulations on all the success.
    My favourite DIY is the one that brought me to your blog — the chunky black and gold rope-wrapped chain bracelet. (However, the hair chain is also gorge!)
    hermano dot buster dot bluth at gmail dot com

  15. Bee M. says:

    I love your DIYs! Congratulations!! I would love for you to remake the heart bracelet, it is one of my favourites!
    monroybee at gmail dot com

    P.S. Please do more clothing DIYS!

  16. Miki says:

    Happy birthday! I really love your blog! And how generous of you to offer such a giveaway! 😀 I think my favorite project is the Neon Gem necklace.

    I’d like to see more of your outfit pics ;).

    hope your week’s off to a great start!


  17. Nat says:

    Happy B-day! I love your blog and I like DIY jewelery the most.



  18. Congratulations! My favourite of your projects is the wire bow ring (http://www.ISPYDIY/2012/07/my-diy-wire-bow-ring.html)! 🙂


  19. Aphrodite says:

    Oh gooodyy!!!

    I choose the http://www.ISPYDIY/2012/07/my-diy-knot-chain-bracelet.html
    I would like more home stuff I suppose! :))



  20. Alia says:


  21. Casla Twins says:

    happy bday babe! 😀

  22. martaOll says:

    Happy birthday I Spy DIY!!
    I really really love the Heart Ring, it seems to be really simple and cute!
    I would suggest u to post more jewelry diy, cause they are amazing!
    Have a nice day

  23. Ronda says:

    What an exciting career change! Congratulations all around!

    I love the chain and rhinestone bracelet…seems so practical and dressy at the same time.

    Keep those jewelry DIYs coming!


  24. Happy birthday and milion thanks for sharing your experience!! I think that’s one of the most inspiring and positive messages we get from you.
    Love people who reinvent themselves and start creating and encouraging others to do the same!! I’m on my way to monetize my DIY blog too and I like to know about your “happy end”
    My favourite DIY is your hair chain and I’d love to see more clothing stuff 🙂

    Big kisses from Barcelona


  25. congrats! please keep making more amazing DIYs! :)x


  26. Molkinaify says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Molkinaify says:

    I love love love the rope necklace, it’s been my favorite since I started following your blog and I even tried to recreate it, but my skills at DIY are ridicoulous and I gave up 🙁

    Congrats for this anniversary! Kisses from Italy 😀


  28. Katerina Kastrin says:

    Happy birthday! I wish you continue on a variety of projects, as u did so far… If i had to chose though, i would prefer more clothing diy projects!

    Among your projects, my favorite one is the neon gem necklace (http://www.ISPYDIY/2012/06/my-diy-neon-gem-necklace.html)

    XO XO from Greece!

  29. beh1nd says:

    happy birthday!
    always on a creative way, as u know best!

    one of my fav projects was the hair chain!

    for the future, would definitely love to see more DIY HOME!
    Can’t wait!


  30. Marie-Eve says:

    Love the chain and rhinestone bracelet the best http://www.ISPYDIY/2011/07/my-diy-chain-and-rhinestone-bracelet.html

    Love the jewelry and accessories the most !!!

    My Blog – A Pretty Nest

  31. Lima says:

    I love your chain and rhinestone bracelet! And more clothing projects’d be very nice, thanks!
    Happy b.day! 🙂


  32. Happy blog birthday!! I’m absolutely obsessed with your blog.

    My favorite DIY is the Triangle Necklace!

    I’d love to see more DIY home!

    Twitter: melanieleduc

  33. ellyc987 says:

    Hi, i’m a huge fan of your blog..and for Christmas i decided to gift my friends with the CHAIN AND RHINESTONE BRACELET!!=)
    So the CHAIN AND RHINESTONE BRACELET is my favourite DYI project!!!
    for the future i hope to see even more DIY jewelry!!
    XO from Italy

    my email is elly_87_@hotmail.it

  34. linnea says:

    The heart bracelet!!! I have a heart necklace that I wear often that my friend and jeweler made (elaine b jewelry), and it would be a great match!
    I love your DIY jewelry how to’s, and would love to see more home DIY projects (my personal fav)!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!


  35. Arianna says:

    Happy birthday dearest 😉 My favorite DIY is the wire bow ring, it looks so delicate *_*
    For the future, I’d like to see more DIY projects 😉

  36. Happy birthday! You’re so dedicated and focused, I love it! Congrats on the career change too, life needs a little adventure right? I love your chain and rhinestone bracelet, I’ve been really intrigued by those types. I’d love to see some more outfit pics and how you style your DIYs into your everyday outfits. Thanks


  37. Ashley Faber says:

    Happy Happy Birthday! One year stronger and more creative than ever. I choose your “Criss Cross Bead Bracelet” because I can picture it with a casual, dressy, or lazy day outfit. Multipurpose pieces are a must have.

    I would love to see more jewelry. More specifically, bracelets. Stacking is never getting old!


  38. Me says:

    I would like to see much more clothing DIY’s!!!

  39. Me says:

    Oh, and my favorite DIY proj. is TRIBAL WRAP SANDALS and NEON WRAP BRACELET!

  40. Courtney says:

    Happy happy birthday!!! 🙂 I’ve loved seeing your growth and adventures! I would love to win a mixed metal with rhinestones bracelet and overall would love more jewelry DIYs! Courtney.e.perkins07@gmail.com

  41. slaja says:

    happy blog birthday! my favorite project is NEON GEM NECKLACE. I’d like to see more jewelry projects.

  42. Alexis says:

    Happy blog-a-versary! I like the Triangle Necklace best, and would love to see more jewelry DIY’s.

  43. Julie says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire!!!! I’m so glad your adventure is going well and that you keep encouraging us to be creative!
    My favorite project is the bow ring: so simple and so versatile!
    I’d love to see more clothes projects!
    My email is jeacousin[at]gmail[dot]com!

  44. Happy Happy Happy blog birthday! So glad you are here because I love reading your posts! The DIY hear bracelet you made is perfect! I feel like if I had it, it would be one of those pieces that I wear and never take off. It’s just that cute!

  45. Melissa says:

    I love the little safety pin and chain bracelets. So easy and so delicate. I’d love to see more DIY easy jewelry projects!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday, girl. I love all the projects. I would like to see projects for men. Such as, jewelry for men.

  47. Anonymous says:


  48. Adeola Naomi says:

    Happy birthday!!!!!

  49. Kai Liis says:

    Congratulations to your blog and most definately to you! I really appreciate this blog because from here I get so many good ideas and inspiration 🙂 Thank you and keep up the good work!
    If I won I would love to get the Chain and Rhinestone Bracelet. I really adore it but I haven´t found the supplies nor the time to make it myself.
    I´m looking forward to home DIYs for small space(you know, university is coming) and definately accessories/jewelry.
    Loving the work so far 🙂

  50. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday. I love your posts but the home projects are my favorite.

  51. Vicky L. says:

    happy birthday to your blog! you have the most charming projects; my favorite is your laptop sleeve! i would love to see more accessories/jewelry DIYs! @spicyvicy

  52. chels says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Elizabeth says:

    Congratulations! What an exciting journey. I love all of your designs, especially the stitched purse (http://www.ISPYDIY/2012/09/my-diy-stitched-coach-duffle.html). My contact information is elizabeth dot k dot parisi at gmail dot com and my twitter handle is (at) lehobbylobbyist.

  54. Jessica says:

    Happy Birthday! I love your for the home DIYs the best like this vase! http://www.ISPYDIY/2012/07/my-diy-striped-painted-vase.html

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  55. Lyss Arielle says:

    More Jewelry DIY’s please, yours are absolutely fabulous!! Love the chain and rhinestone bracelet, going to make the heart wire bracelet today.

  56. Joanna Le says:

    Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway! Congrats on hitting the 1 year milestone. One project that has definitely stood out was the DIY envelope laptop case! My emails is: joanna__le@hotmail.com


  57. Caitlin says:

    Happy Birthday I SPY DIY!!!
    I would love to have the Envelope Laptop Case.
    THat is by far my fav tutorial of yours!!

    @caitycane is my twitter!!

  58. ellee says:

    I love your DIY Wire Bow Ring, I’d love to see more clothes diy!

    my twitter is @ellsterr

  59. Rory says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I think this is my fave: http://www.ISPYDIY/2011/07/my-diy-chain-and-rhinestone-bracelet.html but you have SO MUCH good stuff! 🙂
    CLICK HERE to enter the $50 Fifth and Orient Giveaway
    AND one more giveaway!! Visit my blog to enter both!

  60. Carisa says:

    awesome giveaway!! i love love your jewlery diy’s! but my favorite so far has been the Ombre Neon Dress 🙂

    twitter: @isacar5

  61. kimbercrafts says:

    Yay, happy birthday I Spy DIY! The chain and rhinestone bracelet is my favorite! I’d love to see more DIY home and clothing projects in the future.

  62. Priscilla says:

    happy birthday to your beautiful blog!
    my favorite project is the hair chain 🙂
    I’d love to keep seeing more jewelry DIY and inspiration photos 🙂
    email: sugoidesuyo(at)gmail(dot)com
    name: Priscilla P

  63. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday DIY!! The Chain & Rhinestone bracelet is definitely my favorite. I love all the jewelry DIYs you do & would love to continue to see more of those & also clothing projects.

    Email: nkmendez@yahoo.com
    Name: Nicole

  64. Kat Skull says:

    Happy birthday! My favorite is the metallic circle pillow. It’s super adorable and would look great in my home.

    katskullblog (at) gmail (dot) com

  65. Happy blog-day, wishn u a lot more success!

  66. Happy blog-day, wishn u a lot more success!

  67. Debbie says:

    Happy Birthday! My fav is [My DIY] Heart Bracelet. I would love to see more jewelry. Thanks!
    gussek at hotmail dot com

  68. L says:

    All the best for you blog birthday!
    I would like to see more jewellery DIYs as they’re the most fun to make and usually only include a few steps = don’t take too much time. and i love giving away the result, they are always much appreciated! plus the sizing is more or less universal so they make better gifts than clothes most of the time.
    My favourite from the gallery is this: http://www.ISPYDIY/2012/07/diy-collaboration-hanger-jewelry-holder.html as i live in student accomodation it would come in super handy as well, space is limited!

  69. Rachel says:

    Happy Birthday I Spy DIY! I love your creativity!! My favorite is the bleach dipped long sleeve denim shirt. SO cute! I would love to see more clothing or jewelry projects. Maybe an easy DIY of the day for every day? Just a suggestion! Thanks!!

  70. Rachel says:

    My favorite is the laptop case. SO cute! I would love to see easy jewelry projects! Happy birthday! candyfan757@gmail.com

  71. Basha says:

    Aw happy birthday! My favorite one would be Chain and rhinestone bracelet, love it!
    And I love all your jewelry DIY and want more of those! As well as your outfits 🙂

    my e-mail : bashkka@gmail.com

  72. carraoke says:

    Happy Birthday! Love the fringe scarf. I’d like to see more jewelry DIYs. Thanks!

  73. happy i spy diy bday, j! cheers to you for all your success! xo

  74. Anonymous says:

    Happy B-day or “Tillykke med fødselsdagen” as we say in Denmark.
    i’m truely a sucker for DIYs, but sadly i don’t have the patience to make every thing i want to.
    To be honest I’m in love with you rope necklace, and have been since i saw it for the first time.
    fingers crossed.
    BTW even more inspiration and DIYs for homes would be nice!

    Trine G. Mousing.

  75. I love your fashion DIY’s! You’re great at them. 🙂 My favorite is the hair chain!!

    dailydealsjc at gmail dot com

  76. Wendy says:

    Happy birthday from Canada! My fav are the jewellery DIY’s but I love your clothing DIY’s and would love to see more!


  77. Maja says:

    Happy happy birthday to your blog, it’s awesome and full of inspiration. I just loooove your DIY jewelry posts, I would be happy to see much more :):) xx

  78. Nicole says:

    Such as sweet birthday giveaway! I’ve always admired the leather detailed sweatshirt, but have not ventured into attempting to make it…

    In the future, I’d love to see more for the home!!


  79. Congrats, congrats! Love that pic of you by the way..I always admired the fringe scarf, it just looks stunning!

    xo Carlina

  80. Kirstie says:

    Happy Birthday! i love the Rope Necklace!!

  81. Marsha C says:

    Happy birthday, congrats you’re doing such a fab Job!


  82. Amanda Bode says:

    I would love your Envelope Laptop Case!
    I really enjoy your DIY jewelry stuff.

    mercedeslyne at gmail dot com


  83. It would be a dream to make my blog to career. You’re so lucky.
    xx Tanya

  84. rae says:

    happy, happy, birthday! congrats on following your dreams.

    my fave diy? the bright trim shirt!

    i love all diy-> clothes, jewelry, home…. can’t go wrong!

  85. mbgarris says:

    I am in love with your “Wire Bow Ring.” I’m not sure what it is, but the really simple projects are the ones that stand out to me.

  86. Liz says:

    The stitched Coach duffel = so cute! I’d love that! Congrats on your blog birthday! More jewelry projects would be awesome 🙂

    ~ Liz {lifeaccordingtoliz@gmail.com}

  87. Lauren says:

    I love the chain and rhinestone bracelet! Congratulations and thank you for all of the wonderful DIY projects!

  88. Mrs. L says:

    Happy birthday I Spy DIY! I will forever be thankful to Lucky Magazine because they mentioned you in an article and now I’m hooked.

    Your wire heart bracelet is awesome – simple, lovely, and girly. Actually, all of the jewelry DIY is pretty great and I hope to see even more in the future.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday. The coach bag. I love it.

  90. KBranscombe says:

    I love to see the jewelry you create, especially the wire pieces. The bracelets and rings are delicate, and the necklaces can be so personal.

    katherinebranscombe@gmail.com @KBranscombe

  91. Elyse says:

    I love love love the coach legacy duffle that you created.
    I adore all the DIYs that you do – but I particularly love the accessories.
    Happy Birthday!!

  92. Leah Yablong says:

    The wire heart bracelet is so simple, chic and stackable! I’ve been following your blog for a little over a year.

  93. Kristine says:

    Wishing you a wonderfully crafty birthday! I especially love the DIY Hanger Jewelry Holder – such a great idea and I don’t have to detangle my necklaces in the morning anymore (:
    P.S. love inspiration photos!
    – @kristinehwong [Twitter]

  94. Happy blog bday! Great giveaway! Im lovin the rhinestone and chain bracelet! @michelletweats

  95. I love the knot chain bracelets. They are so simple, but they add that extra something to any outfit.


  96. Yasemin says:

    My favorite has gotta be the hair chain!

    My twitter is @yeahyeahyasemin

  97. Taysha says:

    The fringed scarf would be perfect for fall

  98. Konni says:

    Congratulations Jenni! My favorite is your rhinestone and chain bracelet. It has been so fun to follow your blog! I love all the pictures and just seeing what you are up to, always something exciting! You do an awesome job, something to be proud of. ksyth@new.rr.com

  99. Ekk! yay!! Such an exciting landmark! I have loved every project that you have done. You were my first DIY inspiration and have held the first spot on my top sights. I hope I get the courage you have, to follow your dreams and do what I love. While I’m always learning and going through the trial and error endeavors I have been completely IN LOVE with the Envelope Laptop Case. It is such a statement and can always be turned into an oversized day bag too! @emilypfister

  100. What an adorable picture! Congratulations on all the success!!

    Xo, Rachel
    Glitzy Blues

  101. Stephanie says:

    Happy 3rd Birthday! I subscribed early this year after I saw your DIY heart ring on pinterest. Your blog has really inspired me to do more crafty projects. I’d love to see more Jewelry DIY, my favorites so far, are the wire bow ring and the chain and rhinestone bracelet. Keep up the good work!!


  102. Unknown says:

    Happy Birthday! I loved the gold bow ring that was super adorable! I hope to see more jewelry DIY’s! email: mockingjay.sato@gmail.com

  103. Happy birthday!! My favorite DIY is the wire bow ring – so cute! I love all your DIYs but the jewelry ones are my favorite since they are the ones I’m most likely to attempt myself. Email: stwatters@gmail.com

    – Sarah

  104. Michelle T. says:

    Ooh happy birthday! I love the Metallic Circle Pillow! I’d love to see more DIYs and DIY inspiration posts 🙂

  105. Mei says:

    Happy Birthday! Congrats on your achievements so far!I love the chain and rhinestone bracelets and would love to see more jewelry DIY!


  106. maymaylove says:

    Yay! Cheers to your 3 years + many more to come!

    I really loved the hair chain but had the hardest time finding the fish bone chain! So I would love to win that! <3

    I love the clothing and jewelry tutorials, so more of that would be awesome!


  107. Congratulations!
    And your birthday pic is my favorite photograph of the day. I love the colors!

  108. Nikki says:

    happy birthday!!!
    an idea is to make maybe more decor DIYs? 🙂 but the jewelery you make.. I LOVE THEM!!!! <3

  109. Jenn says:

    Happy Bday!! I love all of the jewelry and accessory DIYs. Can never get enough tutorials on bracelets 🙂


  110. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday and many more years. Just keep rolling, Jen. Love the picture.

  111. Brittani says:

    I LOVE the heart bracelet and all your DIYs ROCK!!! Happy Birthday!!! I like the Jewelry DIYs. @iamjanjones

  112. Ohbygolly says:

    Happy Birthday! I LOVE the chain and Rhinestone bracelet and would flip if I won it! I would love to see more DIY jewelry tutorials. Here’s to more creative years to come here at ISPYDIY! Cheers!

  113. Sonia says:

    Happy Birthday I Spy DIY! I love the Leather Striped Dress and the Safety Pin Bracelet 🙂 I’d love to see more DIY clothing tutorials 🙂 <|:-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! email: applepieo2g@gmail.com

  114. would love the leather striped dress!
    always love to see more outfit posts!

  115. Happy Birthday to your Blog!
    You are the DIY Queen 🙂
    greetings from France

  116. Happy Bday to your Blog! All the DIY are so useful and unique, thanks for taking time in doing all that for us!
    Love the triangle necklace + the heart bracelet! And I want more DYI jewelry!
    @Crizber or berenice339@hotmail.com

  117. Anonymous says:

    I love love love your heart bracelet, and can’t seem to make it myself despite my best efforts. Would love to get one straight from the source 🙂 Congrats on your anniversary and the book! Fabulous year!

    twitter: @gambrose

  118. Iman Natasha says:

    Selamat hari lahir I Spy DIY!! (in English it says :Happy birthday I Spy DIY!!!) I reaaaaaaaaally like Knot Chain Bracelet and Tribal Wrap Sandals! I’d love to see more home DIY project 😀
    Love from Malaysia!


    love the blog!
    Should make one of these yummy cakes to celebrate!

  120. Majbritt says:

    Happy birthday I SPY DIY.

    I simply love this blog – keep on the good work.

    Love Majbritt

  121. s says:

    I love your website for DIY inspiration! I tried to make the bow wire ring and the heart wire bangle that you had but I couldn’t get the wire to arch instead of kink where I bent it. I’d love either of these! Happy Birthday to you and keep up the good work!

    – Sarah (sweng.here@gmail.com)

  122. Lacretia says:

    I love the chain and rhinestone bracelet! Your jewelry tutorials are my favorite – keep them coming! Cheers to you on your third anniversary!


  123. Makeable says:

    Congrats!! This site is very inspiring! I love the chain and rhinestone bracelet you made, it’s chunky but chic 🙂 I would love to see more DIY’s for homedecoration and to recycle things.

    Keep up the good work!

    – Jessy ( Everythingismakeable.blogspot.nl )

  124. Ananda Rock says:

    Hi, I would like to see more of Jewelry DIY, my favorite is: http://www.ISPYDIY/2012/03/my-diy-rope-necklace_04.html
    Follow you on Bloglovin: Ananda Rock, and TW: @AnandaRock1

  125. Happy Blog Birthday to I Spy DIY! I’d love the heart bracelet!

  126. Happy dapper blog birthday! I like the updates and my favorite DIY is the hair chain.

  127. Tasha Lynn says:

    Yay! Congrats on the birthday 🙂

    I love the [MY DIY] ENVELOPE LAPTOP CASE. I would like to see more DIY accessories.


  128. Kym says:

    Happy Birthday!! You’ve got some fantastic projects that are constantly inspiring me 🙂 My favorite is the bow ring.
    Keep doing what you’re doing – I love your mix of projects just the way they are!


  129. Courtney says:

    Happy birthday 🙂
    I love the ombre trend, so that DIY Ombre dress is right up my alley!
    I love see all kinds of DIY projects, but especially the clothing DIYs!

  130. schwip says:

    I like the chain and rhinestone bracelet the best. I would like to see more bags.


  131. Melanie says:

    I love your shirt 🙂 Where is it from ?

    Love xx
    Melanie ~ http://www.mlncrd.com

  132. How cuuuute! Happy belated Bday!

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