DIY Wood Platter


I have been having so much fun playing around with Krazy Glue Wood Super Glue. There are just so many home decor projects you can make out of wood scraps. I went to the Urban Wood Lab a few weeks ago and got an off-cut of wood with the idea of turning it into a cool wood platter. I find these thrifting sometimes, and always scoop them up to put on a coffee table or a built-in, so I thought I would make my own! 


Wood slab (or you could cut down a 1×2 with a miter saw. Make sure to adjust your measurements so the groupings of 3 create a perfect square) 
Krazy Glue Wood Super Glue
Walnut Stain
Semi-gloss lacquer topcoat


– Cut wood into 1x3in pieces, I used a table saw and a miter saw.  

– Stain ⅓ of the wood pieces in a darker stain color.  

– Group your wood pieces together in 3’s, with the stained wood in the middle. 

– Use Krazy Glue Wood Super Glue to adhere the groups of three together. 

Optional: If you have clamps, you can use them to hold the three pieces together. It helps get a really tight seam between the pieces of cut wood. 

– Let dry. The glue dries in just 6min, so not a lot of wait time! 

– Then use the Krazy Glue Wood Super Glue to glue together the squares. Rotate every other square to create a cool pattern.

Tip:  Don’t worry if a little glue gets on the top of the board, that will all disappear when you laquer it. And if you have a T square, you can lay that out and use it as guide to make sure the sides of your board are straight. 

– Let all the glue completely dry. 

– Final step is to brush on a lacquer topcoat. The intention of my platter is to display decor (It’s not food safe) so I used a semi-gloss lacquer topcoat. Brush on one coat, let dry, then brush on a second coat. Let dry!

My favorite way to style these wood platters is on top of a stack of books on a coffee table, or on a built-it. Also great for a side table. You can set drinks on, like a very stylish, large coaster. Can’t wait to see yours! 

This post was created in partnership with Krazy Glue.




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