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Decorating my bathroom was one thing, updating all the day-to-day bath necessities was another. It can be easy to overlook what a simple bottle update or towel switch can do to either bring a style down or boost the aesthetic. For example, after a while I tend to collect bottles in my bathroom that are different sizes and styles. Since I want to buy shampoo for quality instead of how the packaging looks (although that’s tempting being a designer), I decided to purchase these amber bottles so I didn’t need to worry about how my favorite bath products looked with my bath decor. In the process, I was able to streamline the amount of bottles I have (it is spring cleaning season after all!) and make everything look uniform. I partnered with Brother’s P-Touch Cube to label each bottle so I don’t use body wash in my hair or anything.

More after the break! ispydiy_bathroomlabels2
What you need:
Brother P-touch Cube
Brother P-Touch Fabric Iron-On Tape
Brother P-Touch Label Tape
Big bottles
Pump bottles
Assorted Towels
Extra Piece of Cloth

For the bottles, Design the labels on the Brother Design & Print app.
Then print the label, peel off the back and stick on.

I also bought a few towels to label with the Brother P-Touch Fabric Iron-On Tape. I thought these towels would be fun to differentiate for guests: hand towel, body towel, wash towel. And I made sure to label a few darker toned towels “make-up” for myself because I am always using the less-than-ideal white or light towel when I wash the makeup off my face. These iron-on labels are just as easy to design and print as the regular label tape and stick to cotton, cotton-polyester blends and linen. They are also washable!ispydiy_bathroomlabels10
There are great detailed instructions for the fabric iron-on labels inside the packaging. Just heat an iron to 320-355 degrees, put the fabric tape onto your item and then the extra piece of cloth on top, press the iron firmly onto the fabric for 15-30 seconds, remove the extra piece of cloth.
This post was sponsored by Brother. Thank you for supporting my amazing partners!




  1. The pink pineapple says:

    I love this idea,thanks for sharing

  2. says:

    The labels are so cute!!

  3. Michelle says:

    Absolutely love those labels for the towels, what a brilliant idea!

  4. Ellen Mogensen says:

    do you have a source for your bottles?
    They are hard to find.

  5. Josephine says:

    Your bathroom looks lovely. I love the towel labels, maybe then guests will actually use the guest towels we leave out. I think they would be helpful to use on the special cloths I use with my bidet, you wouldn’t want someone grabbing one to wash their face. Yes I keep them separate, but still, people can be funny.

  6. Miri says:

    Love your bathroom! Its a very cute idea!

  7. Marliette says:

    I had it to my “perfect home” board on Pinterest! Love it Xx

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