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I am finally upping the curb appeal on my house! When we renovated last Summer, there ended up being so much unexpected work on the inside, we had to cut the budget on the exterior, so we did not do much to the front or back. You saw that I finished the backyard earlier this Summer, and now it’s time to shine up the front porch with the help of Krylon® Brand.

The cedar grayed over the last year, and I was missing that rich wood tone that breaks up the white siding, so started by staining the porch with an Acorn Brown that gave a new life to the wood!ISPYDIY_frontporch2
Next up was the welcome mat, I did not really want a saying on mine, and instead liked the idea of a multicolored one that tied together the colors I was using, so I found this pretty patterned one, and used Krylon ColorMaster™ Paint + Primer in Matte Deep Gray and Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer in Metallic Rose Gold to spray the different sections. You can tape off the rubber to avoid getting any paint outside of the lines.ISPYDIY_frontporch4ISPYDIY_frontporch3
Then the most important part: flowers and greenery. I bought these plastic pots, but was nervous that they would look too much like plastic, so I decided to cover one with a creamy color,  Krylon ColorMaster™ Paint + Primer in Satin Almond , and paired with a smaller pot filled with pretty accent color flowers. Last up, was painting the bench with Krylon ColorMaster in Matte Deep Gray so it would pop off the black window frame.  The magical thing about Krylon spray paint is that you can change things up quickly and inexpensively. And each project took less than one can of spray paint and 15 minutes each to paint (plus 10 minutes of dry time before it is dry to the touch). Maybe I’ll go for a bright color in the spring!

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Plastic Pots (one can, two coats of paint, 10 min drying time between each coat)
Decorative Mat (one can, one coat of paint, 10 min drying time)
Bench (2 cans, two coats of paint, 10 min drying time between each coat)
Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer in Matte Deep Gray Spray Paint
Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer in Metallic Rose Gold Spray Paint
Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer in Almond Spray Paint 

(Apply all spray paint as directed on the can! These products are available at Hobby Lobby.)




  1. Michelle says:

    Now it looks very homey and inviting!

  2. Courtney says:

    Everything looks so awesome! I love the plants at the front.

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