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I have seen some amazing himmeli ornaments around the internet, and could not resist trying out a few of my own! Himmeli comes from the Swedish word himmel meaning sky or heaven, and is used to describe geometric hanging mobiles. I’ve seen everything from super elaborate structures, to a simple shape holding an airplant. We decided to try out a few in-between ideas! First, I wanted to make one structurally sound to hold one of my DIY jewelry dishes, and then we got a little more intricate, creating one to hold a succulent, and finally we increased the size to make a light fixture. Honestly, it’s a bit of trial and error creating the shapes, and this is really where you can take the materials in your kit, and get SUPER creative! Steps and supplies after the break, and get the DIY KIT HERE!

Also, looking for my white globe? It was a DIY project, head right this way.


What you need: 
Brass Round tubing 1/8″, 12″ long
Tubing cutter
Suede rope

Get all the supplies (including nine 12″ tubes) HERE!

What to do:
Cut your tubing using the tube cutter. You clamp the cuter down and rotate around the tube where you want it cut. Tighten the clamp every few rotations until you cut through the tube.
Cut 4 long, 4 medium, and 4 smaller tubes. Size will depend on your pot/dish. Make the medium pieces long enough so the dish lays on top when in a square shape.
Thread your wire through the medium tubes to make a square. Then add your additional pieces by threading your wire through the tubing. Whenever you reach a joint, wrap the wire around to secure.
Secure the top by pushing the remaining wire down the opposite side tube. Or you can wrap them around each other and trim the ends.
Tie on the suede rope and hang!
Experiment with different shapes, or adding a light. Done!






  1. Nic says:

    Really luv it! 😉 In front of the globe … it’s perfect!

  2. DRAMA says:

    So beautiful!!!!

  3. sherry says:

    The lamp is gorgeous. Nice work!

  4. sharon says:

    Very cute kit. Very beautiful.

  5. Ancesse says:

    It is amazing! We can do it at home.

  6. Very original deco, we love little golden details.

  7. What great photos….come on, Spring…I know you are coming….eventually….

  8. Linda says:

    Wow, this looks amazing! Really cool kit. And amazing photos! 🙂
    Greetings Linda

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