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Creating a marquee sign may be the DIY that has been on my to-do for the longest, and I am finally going to check it off! I love the look of one oversized letter on a wall, or a bunch set on a shelf. As cool as the metal ones are, they can be quite pricey. Good news is, I have seen some really rad ones made out of much less expensive materials. The plan is to come up with something that looks like metal, without breaking the bank. And I Spy DIY Studio will finally get the crafty light-up letters it deserves!  Stay tuned for my DIY!

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  1. Theresa says:

    Love this idea! My only concern is the exposed cords to have it plugged in…I think it would really take away from the appeal. I hope your DIY has a solution!


  2. Isabel says:

    That’s really cute! I might make one for fall/winter 🙂

  3. sherry says:

    Really cool letters. How do they stay lit? Battery or plug in?

  4. Yummy – can’t wait for you to try and post this!

    Brunette in Louboutins

  5. Ana says:

    Hi! I just love your website, it has so many good ideas!
    I’ve always loved this kind of letters, but I never had the opportunity to make one 🙁
    I guess that you could use some cardboard and paint it with some kind of metallic spray and for the interior, perhaps you could use some foam and then insert a type of Christmas lights…Maybe it could work 🙂


  6. sharon says:

    I like the letter S the best.

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