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DIYers have been dipping their denim in beach since the Dries jeans hit the runway (I did this version for InStyle a while back) and now that Summer is approaching, I am dying to dunk an old pair of shorts and a chambray shirt to give it a much need update. Stay tuned for the outcome this week! 

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  1. Anna says:

    Want to have bleached denim shorts!!!!

  2. Priscilla says:

    love! inspiring! 🙂 I will have to try to half bleached shorts soon!

  3. i’ve tried bleaching but it makes the fabric tear and fall apart 🙁

  4. nikolia says:

    everything is so right .. I really like everything!
    ..I love short

  5. Güler says:

    i love bleached! its so cool:)

    and my DIYs –>

  6. I’m glad you are doing a post on this I’ve been wanting to try it!
    Brooke @ what2wear,

  7. ok … my teenage girls are waiting for this DIY from you … they LOVE the look! pippa

  8. Marina says:

    great ideas~!) i love denim!)

  9. i’m glad your post reminded me to do this!

  10. Tee hee, that’s me in the second pic! xxx

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  12. I love dip dying my clothes and am excited to try this with denim and bleach! I did it once with dye and I was hooked.

    I find it difficult though when you want the top half of your article of clothing to be white… My hands get in the dye and then I leave spots on what should be the white area.

    Anyway, you should check out how I dip dyed my spring dress on my blog Cookies with Cronkite!
    Here is the link:

    hope you like it.

    Love, Lauren

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