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Little DIY touches in this room are what make it extra special! The DIY ‘Camp Yolo” pennant was such a fun and simple way to create a custom piece for Lil’ Yolo’s playroom.  I partnered with Crate and Kids on this project, and to put the finishing touches in the playroom.  For the full playroom reveal head to the post here! Keep reading for all of the DIY steps, plus links for the Crate and Kids items we have been loving!

DIY Pennant How-To:
Sticker Felt (or Felt and Fabric Glue)
Marker or Chalk
Optional Old Pennant To begin, you can either cut your pennant out of felt or use a thrifted pennant. I sourced this yellow one which was the perfect color for the space and just flipped it over to customize the back size. If you’re totally DIYing it, just draw a long triangle shape on your felt and cut it out

Next, trace the pennant on another piece of felt. This will be the color you want for the letters. 

Draw letters between the lines, I like to use chalk so you can wipe away mistakes with a little water. 

Cut out your letters, then position them in place. You can trim them if necessary. 

Pull off the backing of the letters and stick to the pennant. If your felt isn’t adhesive use craft glue or hot glue.

Cut out and stick on trees, a tent, a sun to make it your own! 

If you’re making your own pennant from scratch, cut strips of felt to create the little ribbons on the wide end. 

Story Time

This bean bag chair is what set this partnership in motion. I knew I wanted something comfy for us to read and lounge in while Lil’ Yolo played. This chair looked like we could sink right in! I quickly fell down a rabbit hole of all the campy decor from Crate and Kids.

I just loved how the rug, bookshelf and basket were all beautifully made and would last in the space as she grows. Plus, good-looking toy storage is so hard to find! I love that her toys and books now have a spot to go, and it’s pretty to look at. Her favorites are the wooden animals, I alway find them going on different little adventures in the room!

I was just so happy with how all the Crate and Kids items so seamlessly mixed with all the vintage items! Lil’ Yolo absolutely loves her workbench where I crafted the pennant for her room. She gets such a thrill from hammering on the bench, just like her Mom & Dad.


Wooden Forest Animals
Adjustable Grey Bean Bag Chair
Canvas United States Map
Gallery Wall Clips
Maps Book
Hello Nature Draw Color Make and Grow Activity Book
Plush Campfire Set
Gold Wall Organizer
White Bracket Pendant Light
National Parks of the USA
District 2-Cube Wood Stackable Bookcase
Fringe 5×8 Rug
Green and White Coiled Rattan Basket
Wooden Toy Work Bench




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