BAYVIEW BARNHOUSE | Updating the HVAC + Smart Thermostat


One question I keep getting about the Barnhouse is “Where did the radiators go?!” The answer: They are gone! And we replaced them with forced air. I was pretty surprised when some of my readers told me they were bummed about that because they thought the radiators looked so cool! It was honestly a no brainer for me, they were HUGE, did not heat the house efficiently and made it impossible to design a room… look how big they are in the before picture below! Plus the weather is so extreme in Wisconsin, one day it’s 80 and then the next it’s 30 degrees. I wanted to be able to heat and cool the house efficiently.

The HVAC guys installed a basic thermostat, but once the house was done being painted I had my electrician come in and switch it out for slickest Smart Thermostat I have ever seen, Glas by Johnson Controls! It’s super sleek, and will absolutely cut down on the big heat/cooling bills for a large house. You can set the temperature to drop while you are sleeping and away, and then crank it back up when you are planning to be home. Plus, you can control everything from your phone, so turn it up on your way home from work so it can be super toasty when you arrive. Also I love that it tracks the air quality, just finishing the renovation, means we had a lot of construction dust in the vent, and it so nice to see that the air is circulating to remove it, and I can keep check to make sure the quality it good! It just makes me so happy that we could keep the character of a 140-year-old house, but make updates to make it a Smart home!ispydiy_glas3

I snapped these pictures right after we installed it, so the temperature was a 52, but quickly got up to 68 (my perfect temp!)

This post was made in partnership with Glas by Johnson Controls. All opinions are my own. For more details on the Glas by Johnson Controls check it out here




  1. Michelle says:

    Wow, that looks so good!

  2. NYChouse says:

    Thanks so much for the post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

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