Barnhouse Kitchen Refresh! Wallpaper & New Beams!!

Before & After, DIY PROJECT

Our Bayview Barnhouse kitchen got a makeover!!! And dang does it look goooooood!!! I have wanted to add beams to this kitchen FOREVER, and since we were wallpapering the kitchen, I figured it was time. Speaking of wallpaper, this is one of my fresh wallpapers in my NEW collection with Chasing Paper! It’s coming out mid-September, but I have no chill, so needed to share this makeover now. AND let you know that you can order a Sample Pack with the 3 new prints, each in 3 colors, right HERE!

It’s so fun to see how this kitchen has evolved in the past 6 years (here is the kitchen BW, aka Before Wallpaper). I loved it this way, but just wanted more! The pattern on the wall and the wood on the ceiling makes the kitchen feel SO much warmer and cozier, even though the ceiling is super tall.

The Wallpaper – Cosmo Block-print

This wallpaper is my Cosmo print! If you have been around here for a bit you know that Cosmos are my absolute favorite flower. They are in bloom right now, late Summer, and they just bring me so much joy. I wanted to capture that in a block-print style pattern that I could have in my home all year round. This is the most neutral version of this print, and the other two colors, mustard and crimson, are SO PRETTY! I can’t wait to share those. I will talk a ton more about the prints when they come out, but my favorite part is that the background has a grasscloth looking texture on it, which adds so much texture and warmth. Get the sample pack HERE!!

The Beams

I have always wanted beams in this kitchens, but it seemed like a bit of a daunting project… and then, we did it on the first season of our show Makeover by Monday. Remember this kitchen makeover?!? I kinda wanted to go all out and do a full wood ceiling, but I was nervous the kitchen would get too dark (and Mr. Yolo was hesitant to take on project like that 2 weeks before the baby is born, ha!). But we learned how easy it was to install the cedar wood on the ceiling in that episode, and how it could have a big impact on a space. We use 2×6 Rough Sawn Cedar from Menards, and use trim screws to anchor them into the joists. And after finding and marking the joists, Mr. Yolo and a buddy had them up in an afternoon. I do want to go back and caulk where the wood meets the ceiling to give the illusion that the beam is thicker and disappears into the drywall. We saw that in a lot of European homes, and loved the look, but that will have to wait until after baby.

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Get your sample pack of my new wallpaper
with Chasing Paper HERE!!!

Photo by Anna Spaller

Get your sample pack of my new wallpaper
with Chasing Paper HERE!!!




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