Barnhouse | Asymmetrical Christmas Mantel


This years mantel is big, bold, and made of real greenery! I just love how it pops against our new green paneling in the livingroom. All the steps after the break!

How to Create an Asymmetric Christmas Mantel

Step 1

Clear everything away from you mantel and gather your greenery.
I used all fresh greens including:
Cedar Garland – from Costco $18 for 25ft
– Incense Cedar – with the yellow tips
– Juniper – for a pop of blue
– Blue Cypress – clipping from our Christmas Tree
– Pine Tree Clippings

Step 2

I screwed two hooks into the drywall above the mantel to secure the cedar garland. (you could also use Command hooks!)

Step 3

I started by placing the cedar garland on the mantel to create the asymmetric shape and to serve as the base for the rest of the greens. With a zip-tie I secured the garland to the hooks from Step 2. Make sure it’s secure in place, because all your other greenery will be attached to this. I like to do a swoop in the front to expose space on the mantel for candles (Read FAKE candles, safety first!).

Step 4

Next, build up the garland! I started by sticking the ends of the Blue Cypress and Pine clippings into the garland, and secured with floral wire as needed.

Step 5

Once I got a shape I liked, I filled in the gaps with Juniper and Incense Cedar to add pops of blue and yellow! I strung some dried oranges and dropped them over the garland. Done!




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