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A few months back, I did a room makeover with ALDI and you all LOVED all the amazing home decor deals from the ALDI Finds section, check out that post here! I was excited when ALDI asked me if I wanted to refresh my Airbnb sustainable products that are hitting the store this week and share some ideas on how to upcycle the old bedding. The timing was perfect because the weather is getting colder here in Wisconsin, and we like to up the warmth factor in the bedrooms, but I did not just want to throw away the old bedding. So I am sharing some DIY ideas over on the ALDI blog today! I also took the opportunity to add a few more special touches to the room. I picked up a few items in the ALDI Finds section, because the prices are SO GOOD and the decor is SUPER CUTE which is exactly what you want when setting up an Airbnb. I put together a list of a few ways to make the guest’s stay extra special (while still being sustainable), some insider secrets I have learned after years of hosting, plus an affordable DIY upcycle project:

TIP 1: I always have two sets of bedding for each bed to make the turnover quicker (the bed can be made with one set, while the other is in the laundry). Plus, I will always have a backup in case there are holes, spills or stains on a set. I found that it works best if each bed has two sets that are the same color, and each bed is a different color. Store the extra set is under the bed in a container marked with the bed size. The more efficient everything is, the quicker the turnover!

TIP 2: When it’s time to refresh your bedding, replace with sheets, comforters and blankets certified to the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, this means the fabric is verified to be free from harmful levels of more than 300 substances! Almost all ALDI Finds apparel and home textile products, including items like cotton bed sheets, are certified by OEKO-TEX!

TIP 3: Guest love candles, but it definitely makes me nervous to have them burning at the house, I replaced all the real candles with no-flame candles so the guests can get the ambiance without the risk.

TIP 4: I find that all the folded up blankets get used after every stay, and since it’s getting cold in Wisconsin, I like to make sure there are extra in every room. I stocked up on a bunch of snuggle up. The light affordable ones ($12 from ALDI) that are great quality, and easy to wash, so I am not too worried about spills on them. And the heavy buffalo plaid one can be used on the bed for extra warmth.

TIP 5: A little touch that can go a long way with your guests is a supply station. I used the $10 Pembrook Wall Grid Kit from ALDI to create a little area for necessities like a phone charger, extension cord, pens, scissors, cards and a suggestion note card!
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TIP 6: No matter how many coasters I set out, I still find drink rings on side tables, so I super-sized my coasters by replacing them with cutting boards. That way you can protect your side table and replace an inexpensive board (this one was $10) instead of the side table.

TIP 7: Get creative with affordable DIY decor. Accidents happen when guests are staying at your home, and I’ve found the pillows are often spilled on, or makeup rubs off on them. My solution was to replace most of my more expensive throw pillows with DIY pillows. You can easily make one with a woven mat, simply fold it over a pillow insert and stitch up the two sides with needle and thread.
All ALDI bedding featured in this refresh can be found in the ALDI Finds section starting on October 23rd for a limited time! Other ALDI products: Side-table lamp, Wall Grid, Copper Cutting Board, No-Flame Candle, Blankets, Mat (turned in to a pillow) in ALDI stores for a limited time.

Last time I posted about ALDI Finds, I got so much feedback that you all were going to check it out! I would love to know what you are buying and how you are upcycling your old items. DM me pictures @I SPYDIY or tag with #ALDILOVE on Instagram!




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    Wow!! Those tips are so good! I’ll take them into account even if right now i’m not renting any room!
    Thanks for the tips!


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