2017 Home Design Trends


Pinterest released there 2017 Trend Report for home decor, and I was excited to see I’ve already been adding some of the top trending ideas to my designs! Plus, there are a few I have been dying to try… removable wallpaper (+355%)…yes please! I thought it would be fun to share a few of my faves, and spot them in my room makeovers.
A “No Closet” Closet (+50%) – When I madeover my friends’ nursery in their condo, we had to get creative in the small space and create a place to hang Baby Girl’s clothes with a branch and twine. Nursery makeover here!  
Off Season Storage (+160%) : I am all about finding storage that doubles as decor. For Liam’s playroom we used two shelves horizontally to display his current favorite toys, and tuck away the other in wooden storage boxes. Camp room makeover here! 
Shower Plants  (+302%) : It’s impossible to forget to water these plant! I added them to give a little life to a tiled bathroom. Hanging them gives a pop of greenery, while keeping the floor space clear. Bathroom makeover here! 
Vertical Bar Car (+303) : Ok, to be fair, this one might be cheating because the trend is actually creating a shelving unit on the wall that is used as a “bar cart” for small spaces…but I think this little one on wheels would be perfect for anyone lacking square footage. Bar cart post here! 
Round Mirrors (+35%) : Use round mirror in bedrooms and bathrooms for functional and fashionable look. Woodsy bedroom makeover here! 
Accessories as Decor (+144%) : Instead of buying expensive art, use your hats and jewelry as decor. It adds your personal style to a space and double as space saver. Woodsy room makeover here! 

For more trends on Pinterest’s home report, head this way! Which ones are you excited to see more of in 2017?





  1. Michelle says:

    Wonderful ideas, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Kate says:

    I love the idea of wallpaper. I especially love it if it’s easy to pull off!!

    K A T E L A T E L Y || Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Sharon S. (SS) says:

    These are beautiful! I might have to snag one of these for my house lol

  4. sherry says:

    Love the decor. Looks great.???️

  5. Lindy M says:

    Love the idea of shower plants

  6. jvncc says:

    Amazing post 🙂
    Dotted with hearts

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