MY DIY | Entryway Succulent Storage 


If you are anything like me, you know how hard it is to walk past the succulent section and not buy at least one…or two of those cute plants! Then, after you’ve amassed a collection you need a place to display them, right? I love the idea of using a vintage file cabinet or tool shelf, and had been search for one for a while. Then I found this one tucked away at my favorite thrift store! It was enormous, and a little beat up, but I knew with a little TLC it would make the perfect entryway piece.

The original color was a minty green, which I loved, but parts were left unpainted, so I decided to freshen it up. I was so jazzed to find Krylon® ColorMaster™ Paint + Primer – 25% More in Satin Jade because the color was similar, but brighter and more modern. The coverage was amazing and because there is so much paint in the can, I only used one can to cover the entire shelf! Also, because of the way the tip of the can functions, it was so easy to turn the can 360 and cover each of all the shelving units.

After spray painting it (I used two coats of paint to achieve this color), and letting it dry, I scuffed up some of the edges and corners with 220 grit sandpaper to give it a bit more of that vintage worn in look. While I let that dry, I started on all the succulent pots. I bought a bunch of inexpensive terracotta pots that I sprayed with three coats of fun colors: ColorMaster Paint + Primer – 25% More in Gloss Sun Yellow, Gloss Bright Idea, and Matte Aqua. After those dried, I potted the succulents and decked out the entryway piece. I LOVE how it turned out! What do you all think? Step and supplies after the break… (more…)



MY DIY | Herringbone Wood Headboard


I have been so excited to make this project for my client’s bedroom ever since spotting this wood wall. The concept of the herringbone pattern is pretty simple, but I thought there might be some challenges turning it into a headboard. I was beyond happy when this project ended up being easier and way less time consuming then I thought, and turned out even better then I hoped! The guys at the hardware store were skeptical when I showed them the inspiration pic and told them I planned on finishing it in a day, but all the cutting/staining/gluing took about 3 hours. Then, I let the glue set over night and spent around 2 hours the next day adding the frame and poly coats. I made the accent color Minwax’s Pearl Gray, but you can switch it up to match the decor in your bedroom. All the supplies cost $150 dollars, which is pretty darn good for a custom headboard!

ispydiy_chevronwoodheadboard21ispydiy_chevronwoodheadboard10 ispydiy_chevronwoodheadboard15
Steps and supplies after the break!  (more…)



I SPY DIY DESIGN | Bedroom Makeover + DIY Headboard


We are going to take a pause in home renovations, because I have been getting a bunch of requests for details on the headboard I made a few weeks back. We installed it in a room makeover I have been working on, and am so in love (I almost kept it for myself, ha!). Today we are going to take a peek at the room makeover and tomrw I will show you the step-by-step for the headboard…I promise it’s easier then it looks!

beforeunnamed-4 afterispydiy_chevronwoodheadboard
This is the second room we gave a little love to in Lori’s house (remember the playroom?). We started with a beige slate, and wanted to create a cozy room that worked for Lori and her husband. The idea for the design started with this wood wall in spotted in NYC. As soon as I saw it, I wanted to try to make a headboard with the same pattern, which set the color palette for the room.  We started by painting the room a calming gray and replacing the furniture with with lighter, more rustic pieces that matched the vibe of the rest of the home. Next we piled in a whole bunch of textiles, including vibrant blue shibori pillows, black and white mud-cloth, and a textured rug to make the room more inviting. I added a few gold accents: gold pot, light fixture (I have been dying to use this one in a room) and globe sconces.

The is a lot of wood in the room (Lori had this great ladder that we pulled into the room), but I love the finish on the dresser and night stands, and how they tied everything together.  Oh to be a horse, gallivanting in the snow…

ispydiy_chevronwoodheadboard1    ispydiy_chevronwoodheadboard7
The fabric for the bench was created from a triangle I drew, then took a photo of and send to this amazing company called WOVNS. It’s run by two sisters, and all their fabrics are woven in the USA. They can transform your designs into beautiful fabric that can be use for pillows or upholstery, I have more plans for this fabric, stay tuned!

ispydiy_chevronwoodheadboard9 ispydiy_chevronwoodheadboard2
The pillow situation might be a bit much, but we brought them all over and they looked so beautiful together, I could not bare to separate them, so Lori is the new owner of 101 pillows! Now that bed makes me want to lay down and take an epic nap! What do you all thing of the transformation? Check back tomrw for the headboard tutorial, and if you see something you like and I don’t list below, make sure to ask in the comments!

DIY Headboard (tutorial coming!)
Urban Outfitters Adelphi 12″ Planter + Kevin Russ Winter Horses Art Print
Suader Dakota Pass Nightstands + Boone Mountain Bench + Dakota Pass Dresser +
Ellis Accent Chair 
The Joinery Artisan Woven Rug
World Market Gold 8 Bulb light fixture + Glass Globe SconcesPatchword Dhurrie Lumbar Pillow + Tie Dye Pillow + Bone & wood Picture Frame + Metallic Woven Rug + Globe (in stores)
Mirror (in stores)
Konkada Mudcloth triangle pillow 




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