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I have been looking for a table to put into the entryway of the Barnhouse for a while.  I had something very specific in mind, but was not finding it anywhere for a reasonable price. After seeing this photo, I figured I would try building one that would fit the space, and I am pretty pleased with how it turned out! The total cost was about $30, and it took under 3 hours to make and stain. That’s not bad at all when you consider how long it can take to assemble ones you get in the mail, ha!

For those just starting with power tools, all you need is a drill and a miter saw. The miter saw is honestly my favorite power tools, and a great one to start with because it can cut all the angles you need (it also sits stable on a table, and has safety guards which makes it less intimidating). With a few cuts and some screws it was assembled, and staining was super simple using the Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths. I tested out the Walnut and Natural Oak, and ending up loving how the Natural Oak gave the bench a weathered barn wood look. The wipes come in a handy pack pre-soaked in stain, with a pair of gloves, so it’s easy and quick to clean up; making them perfect for a small project like this. Below are all the step and supplies!




BAYVIEW BARNHOUSE | Tips for Picking Appliances

Huge thanks to The Home Depot for partnering with me on this post!

In the past, picking appliances seemed to be based purely on function, but now there are so many good looking options, how they look/fit into your kitchen design can play a big part into what you pick. If you check out the before photo below, you can see the appliances in the Barnhouse were in rough shape, so I donated them, and started from scratch. I wanted to pick ones that could be incorporated into the design in an intentional way, still make the kitchen function efficiently, and would not break the bank. I am so excited to partner with The Home Depot on this part of the kitchen, and get a little guidance on what products would work best. There were a few must haves for me: a slide-in  range (which means there is no back piece and the controls are in the front), a counter-depth fridge (so the profile would not hang out past the counters), and a dishwasher that would look seamless next to the black cabinets. For the full thought process on picking each appliance and links, head over to the post I wrote for The Home Depot Blog! 

I splurged a bit for a slide-in range at my last renovation and I will never go back to a regular stove! I love the streamlined look, and how the back is inline with the countertops, giving that clean look. This Whirlpool Smart Contemporary Handle Slide-in Gas Range with EZ-2-LIFT Hinged Cast-iron Grates in Stainless Steel, caught my eye immediately because the knobs were on the front, and the touchscreen controls where inconspicuously on the top, which combined style and function perfectly. I kept going back and forth about leaving the hood exposed or building a cover and using an insert, and I ended up with best of both worlds! I picked a wall mount range hood, and built a cover around it, that way if I ever wanted to go coverless, I could (DIY hood cover tutorial coming soon). You just have to make sure you pick a hood like the ZLINE 30 in. Wall Mount Range Hood in Stainless Steel, that had the controls inside, instead of the front of the hood, so you could still access them after building the cover over it.
A general rule with picking appliances is that all of them have the same finish…but I decided to break that rule! My plan was to use stainless steel appliances to match the faucet and pot filler, then add in pops of brass on the cabinet hardware and lighting. But, when it came to the dishwasher, I thought the stainless steel would break up the nice flow of the black cabinets. I went with black and I am SO HAPPY with how it looks. The black finish matches the cabinets perfectly, and I love that it looks seamless with the cabinets.
I knew I wanted a Counter-depth refrigerator, so it wouldn’t stick out well past the counters, since I designed the kitchen so you would see the profile of the fridge. Since it’s not as deep, you lose some space, which might not make it the best choice for a large family, but the Whirlpool Side-By-Side Counter Depth Refrigerator in Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel fits my needs perfectly!
For more pictures and my full review, head over to the The Home Depot Blog HERE! 

This is a post made in partnership with The Home Depot.  As a part of the Program, I am receiving compensation in the form of products and services, for the purpose of promoting The Home Depot. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words. My post complies with the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable
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BAYVIEW BARNHOUSE | Kitchen Renovation Before & After


I have been a little quiet over here on the blog because I have been working on my latest renovation The BayView Barnhouse, and I’m SUPER excited to show you the amazing progress we’ve made on the kitchen!! The rest of the house is not done yet, actually if you would pan around, the reverse view is still a construction site, ha! But I wanted to photograph the kitchen so I could start showing you all the DIY projects we’ve been working on (like the hood cover! And the utility rack shelves! The pantry door!) so I sweep up the saw dust, styled it up, and snapped some photos. If you want to see the nitty gritty of the decision making, make sure to head over to the Barnhouse highlights on @ISPYDIY Instagram, where I chronical the entire process! I am sure I will make tweaks as we finish up the house, but I wanted to check in with you all, and give you sources for everything I picked out (at the end of the post) so here we go!

For those new to the renovation, the Milwaukee house was built in 1885 and had been converted into a duplex when I saw it. There had not been a ton of upkeep on the house, and let’s just say the former owners were “collectors”…but looking past all the stuff, I saw tall ceilings and a great layout, and immediately fell in love with the house, and knew it needed to my new renovation project! There is some beautiful original character in the house, but the kitchen was not one of those places, and it need to be gutted carpet…YUCK!

demo  Barnhousekitchen_during1Sadly the original hardwood did not extend to the kitchen so the floors and interior walls were all torn out, and the radiator heat was removed and upgraded. The closet wall was taken out to create an open concept kitchen. A little surprise: the original chimney was hidden in the closet, blocking the view of the kitchen. It ran through all three floors in pretty inconvienict spots, so we decided to tear it down, and keep the bricks to use for another project in the house.

I mentioned the great layout before, which was a huge selling factor because we did not have to spend a ton of money reconfiguring walls. Once all the guts of the house were upgraded (electrical/plumbing/HVAC) the walls were closed back up and I had a squared off space to design the kitchen.

When designing the kitchen, budget played a big factor. Even I would have loved all new windows (like in my dream mockup above), the ones that were already there had been replaced recently, so it did not make sense to spend money on new ones. So I had to design within those parameters. I know, I know, the layout is similar to the kitchen in my last renovation, but the peninsula set up honestly works so well for hosting, and I just worked in the space.  This original mockup was a bit more industial loft, which ended up changing as I starting finding decor items at antique shops (lights, stools, decor), and the look softened up a bit to fit the “Barnhouse” vibe.

after Barnhousekitchen_after16 And here is the after!! As I mentioned above, the vibe changed as the process moved along, lighter, softer, warmer…and I am pretty darn happy!! One big change I made was instead of doing a brick back wall, I used a porcelain brick tile on the floor, and went with handmade looking tile backspash, with a DIY shelf and pot rack, which felt different from the opening shelving I’ve done in the past.

Barnhousekitchen_after18 I am IN LOVE with this sink and faucet above and the pot filler below from Kohler. It’s been so amazing working with Wisconsin companies, and their support of me and my renovations has been so wonderful! I worked with Kohler on the bathrooms in the Barnhouse too, so stay tuned for future posts with more details. Also I’ll have a DIY post on the utility/pot rack shelf and the DIY hood cover soon!

I’ll also be posting about ALL the appliances I chose for the house, and why I picked each. The black dishwasher was a last minute switch from stainless steel, and I am so happy with how seamless it looks with the black cabinets.  Speaking of, I really love how the black cabinets look! It was a bit different for me, they were budget friendly from, and look way more luxe with the brass hardware.

This corner was reworked, and what was once was a door to a bathroom is now a door to a pantry! I asked on Instagram what people thought of a bathroom off the kitchen, and I got a strong reaction against them, so we moved it. The pantry door was vintage door that I refinished, stay tuned for the DIY! And I still need to design the pantry, so many projects to still share with you all!

Barnhousekitchen_after20In “The Plan” I went with a darker walnut stain on the butcher block, but we ended up adding a lot more wood accents then planned. My guy and I pulled some beams out of a barn that was being demoed. We secured it to the wall to separate the kitchen from the dining room, then wrapped the butcher block around it. Then I got a great deal on a wood door, AND when the original floors were sanded down and refinished, it was A LOT of the same color wood, so I am going to sit with it as is for a bit and then decide if I should stain/paint any of the wood. What do you all think?!

I am sure there is things that I missed, so if you have anymore questions, let me know in the comments. I can’t want to share more of the renovation with you! SOURCES AFTER THE BREAK!  (more…)




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